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Betamax iPhone Voip Application to make calls

Though betamax does not have a very good name in voip industry still the most widely used voip provider is betamax voip providers. Simple because betamax offers a list of voip providers under its name. Cheap calling rates, and so many ways to make calls is the favored reason people try betamax.

But now as you know, the trend is shifting to Mobile voip. People more like making calls from their mobiles phones rather than making Pc to Phone calls. And if they get to make calls directly from their iPhone, what a better deal can you offer.

Yes, betamax has come up with an iPhone application. If you check any of betamax website, be it justvoip, smartvoip, actionvoip or any other you will find a banner/link on their website promotion "MV" - Mobile Voip. Betamax is planning to launch dedicated application for types of handsets/OS.

To start with Betemax service have launched their iPhone application: MobileVoip by Finarea SA.

MobileVoip websites redirects to ActionVoip, though their support page works fine : Link to support page.

1. Download MobileVoip - Betamax iPhone application.

The best part is that it will work for all the betamax services. Just download one application and use it for any of the betamax service.

Description on itunes site about MobileVoip says "MobileVoip is a mobile application that lets you make (free) voip calls direct from your iPhone. You can start saving on your Mobile Phone costs by simply installing the MobileVoip application. Select any contact from your contact list which is accessible in the app and start your call using MobileVoip anywhere, anytime."

I will try it on my phone, you try it on yours and let us know if its works for you. Your feedback is important to us.

AirtelAsia Review: Cheap Calls to India "Mobile CallBack Service"

Another voip service "AirtelAsia", a mobile callback service offering you very cheap rates to call India and other countries. Lets discuss about AirtelAsia, and I am sure many will like this service.

I am not 100% sure, but this AirtelAsia aint a official launch by India telecom major Airtel. Why would they open a new voip service when they already have a great going with Airtel Call Home. And AirtelAsia is located in France (which adds to it that it belong to Airtel).

Anyhow, AirtelAsia still looks a good one but with few points under the shadow. AirtelAsia mentions on their website:

" We, at Airtelasia, We are provide high quality Internet Calling card. It Uses in Mobile, Computer, Ip Device. Specially For Mobile Dialer. our mobile dialer works even with low bandwidth. we assures genuine billing , it will display account balance."

Lets first discuss the method to make calls using AirtelAsia. This is one of the promising part of it, which looks good (if it really works).

1. Send an SMS (acc num and pass) to SMS number mentioned in the Card (after you register, you will get it).
2. Give a miscall to the access number, and wait a few seconds. (A miss call ?? this is new ).
3. Seconds later, your phone rings, answer the call .
4. Now, dial the destination number along with a '#' also don't forget to add the code.

This was the mobile callback method.

AirtelAsia also offers a PC application (softphone) which allows you to make PC to Phone calls. AirtelAsia also offers you SIP settings to that you can make SIP calls (Phone to Phone calls). Use Fring in your mobile.

AirtelAsia SIP settings:
Realm: asterisk
Username: Airtelasia user id
Password: Airtelasia a/c password
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Lets come to the calling rate part. Now again the rates are cheap which make another reason to try it.

AirtelAsia is offering calls to India at just .9 eurocents per min (less than one eurocent) Approx 1.3 US cents per min. But the rats is not clear - is it for mobile callback method or for SIP calls or PC to Phone calls. OR is the rate common to all.

If that's the case then MobileCallback is the best option to make calls (if you are not charged for sending SMS to that number).
Another good point - 100% moneyback guarantee.

Few points going against them -
1. Clarification about Rates.
2. No proper contact method. They have not even mentioned any mail ID. Just a phone number.
3. No clarification about validity of credit. Connection fees etc.

Overall AirtelAsia looks good, I would suggest people to first contact them up, clear all your doubts then try this service. Please post your review, it will be be of great help to all.

For any other help, do post in comment section. We at Free PC to Phone calls are always there to help you.

TruPhone Application for iPad : Make Voip Calls from iPad

The number of iPad users is so high, mainly because iPad is being rated as best tablet (by many blogs). Not only you can use it to play games, watch movies but you can even make voice and video calls from your iPad. The very famous Apple Native application for video calling 'Facetime' is almost used by every other iOS user. However what about phone calls from your iPad, that is making calls from your iPad to a normal mobile (not iPhone). Let us say, you want to make call from your iPad to an Android Mobile or a landline. Tablet was already considered as a replacement for laptops, not with phone calls from it you can call it your mobile replacement as well.

Though there are many different voip application available for iPad, but today we will be looking at TruPhone Application for iPad. You just need to install this voip application on your iPad and directly start making voice calls.

Download TruPhone on iPad

- TruPhone is available for your tablet and can be downloaded from Apple App Store. Search for "TruPhone" or check this link.
- Free to download
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
- Size is almost 25MB

TruPhone for iPad

TruPhone on iPad Features

- Free Calls: You can make free calls to other Truphone users over the Internet, including 1-800 and 0800 numbers, without paying a penny. Yup, its completely free!
- Cost Indicator : It is a really good feature. Whenever you plan to make a phone call, you will before hand know the cost of the call you are going to make.
- Cheap Calls : Call any phone number around the world, both landlines and mobiles.
- No Connection Fees and No Hidden Charges
- Secured Calling : All the calls are encrypted for an added level of security.
- Make Calls to Anywhere : Even if you are traveling, you can still make calls using this truphone application.
- Video Message (Visual Voicemail) : Send and receive a video message.
- Free Credit : We give every new user some credit so you can enjoy the great features of the Truphone service.
- When you cannot connect to Wi-Fi or 3 or 4G, you can still make low-cost international calls in your home country. The Truphone Anywhere feature connects your call to Truphone via your local network.

- TruPhone Unlimited Calls : For a flat, low-cost monthly price, make unlimited calls to 38 countries and mobile phones in 9 countries, including the US, Australia, Spain, Germany and China. Check the link below to know more about TruPhone Calling Rates:

Logging and Making Call on iPad with TruPhone

- Once the app is download, if you have never used the Truphone App before choose No Truphone Account? to create a new account. Existing Truphone App users can enter your usual username and password to sign in.
- Enter your desired Truphone username. Your username is what your contacts use to find you. Please also select your country and enter your name and email. When ready touch Create Account.
 Tip! If Truphone was recommended to you by a friend, just enter your referral code to receive free credit.

- To enable Truphone over 3G: 
a) Navigate to the iPad main menu
b) Select Settings > Truphone
c) Set ‘Enable VoIP over 3G’ to ‘On’

- To make a Truphone call simply dial a number and touch "Call button"
Tip International numbers begin with + or 00/011 followed by the country code. For example, to call the UK dial: ‘+44XXXXXXXXXX’.

Receiving Calls
Other Tru users can call you for FREE, by adding you as a ‘TruFriend’.
You will not pay to receive Tru calls. Simply ensure that you are connected to Truphone (via Wi-Fi or 3G), and that you keep the Truphone App open.
- Tru will alert you when you are receiving an inbound Truphone call with a unique Truphone ring, and by displaying the Truphone logo on the screen.

Some TruPhone Reviews

This app is brilliant! I'm English, living in Atlanta, Georgia and this app is just what I needed to keep in touch with the family in the UK. The sound quality is fabulous and I hadn't let me down! Get it and enjoy it!!!
.I am being using TruPhone App for quite a long time now and it works great for me. I have no complaints..
TruPhone is best iPad phone calling application... Cheers!

Connection - The Truphone App crashes when I open it

This problem can occur if...
- An application error has occurred
- The time/date on your iPad is incorrect
- Duplicate versions of Truphone are installed on your iPad
- You are using an old version of the App

If you are continually experiencing this problem please complete the steps below...
1. Touch the Truphone application icon until it begins to wiggle
2. Then touch the small 'x' to remove Truphone
3. Turn your iPad off and back on
4. From the iPod's Home screen select Settings, then Safari then Clear Cache then Clear Cache
5. Open the App Store, search for and

It could be possible that you are facing some issue with using TruPhone on your iPad. Please post your problems in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out!

IndiaLD Calling Cards : .7 cents offer extended till 15th May

I hope you already know about IndiaLD and its promotion offering calls to India at just .7 cent ($0.007 per min). Well the offer has proved to be very successful and a lot of people have been using IndiaLD to make cheap calls to India.

This price is cheapest in the market for making calls to India. The aim about this post is that the plan promotion time is extended. Now you can still avail this plan as it is valid till until 5/15/2010. I have discussed about this plan many times on this blog, but still mentioning some details again :

Cost: $35.00 for 5000 minutes to call India. Call India land & mobile lines for 0.7¢/min. There are no fees for using our calling card.

Validity: Minutes are valid for 45 days from your most recent purchase. If you are carrying a balance when you recharge your calling card, your pre-existing balance will also be good for 45 days from the point of your most recent purchase.

For more info Visit IndiaLD.


OneRupeeCall : Free 3 minute call to India

Here is another voip provider launched in the market (I am not sure if they have been around in the past, but OneRupeeCall has been catching up buzz now only). So today we discuss about OneRupeeCall and how to use to make cheap and free calls to India.

Well, is one of the upcoming next generation Telecom services provider on the Globe as they say so. They have launched themselves with offering calls to 30 countries for the charge of a rupee. You can make calls to Australia, USA, UK, Singapore for just one rupee.

Actually if you convert if to US cents, it comes about to 2.5 cents per minute. The calling method offered by OneRupeeCall is using a softphone (download application). So making PC to Phone calls, that to at 2.5 cents per minute aint cheap as compared to what others offer.

They have not mentioned the calling rates to other countries apart from those 30. Their calling rate to India is not clear. (I guess may be need to register first to exactly know about them and procedures).

The good thing about OneRupeeCall is that they are offering free calls to India of 3 minute talktime.

First you need to register to make a 3 Minutes FREE call to India!

How to Make a Call ?

Step : 1

Install the Dialer from our Website.

Click here to download

Step : 2

Dialing Instruction
Please do NOT use "00" or "0" in front of country code or city code

Dialing Format Example

Cochin Landline : 914842575396
India Mobile : 91988098879

I am not sure how they track, may be via email. So what if people make multiple accounts. I would suggest you to please try this service and post your reviews.

Airtel Calling Cards : Call Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines Cheap

You must have been using Airtel Call Home to make cheap calls to India, but have you tried it to make cheap international calls to other destination.

Airtel and Reliance India Call being India company, and Airtel Call Home offering special plan for calling India doesn't mean that it offers cheap calls only to India. AirtelCallHome has come up with special calling plans for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Philippines.

The calling rates offered by Airtel Calling cards to these destinations is very competitive and if you have been looking for a voip provider to call any of these destinations then its a good option.

Lets discuss the details of plan offered by AirtelCallHome to each of these destinations :

Airtel Calling Cards is offering a $4.99 plan for these countries and calling minutes differ depending on country you are calling. In this plan $4 is talktime with $0.99 as administration fees.

Validity of plan is 30 days. I am sure you will be easily consume these minutes in that duration.

Cheap Calls to Sri Lanka : 62 minutes talktime with effective rate of 8.04 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Bangladesh : 134 minutes talktime with effective rate of 3.72 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Pakistan : 80 minutes talktime with effective rate of 6.2 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Philippines: 45 minutes talktime with effective rate of 11.08 cents per minute.

Overall, a good deal offered by AirtelCallingCards to make cheap international calls.

PS: Voip Provider Rynga also offers cheap calls to these destinations.

FreeCallButton Review : Unlimited Free International Calls

Well, yes yesterday I posted about FreeCallbutton and asked you to not to try this service as it was not working for many. Before posting about FreeCallbutton I myself tried it number of times, but most of time I was getting a message to try again.

FreeCallbutton offered a number of access numbers -: I tried many of them, but it didn't worked with many. The reason I posted about calling procedure not clear was that because, the usual calling procedure (yellow block) on main page works with the USA access number (mentioned) only. If you try it with some other access number (I tried iNum Swedish Number), it did not worked, keeps on asking me to dial iNum number (even if I dial the PIN).

However, some of people informed me that FreeCallButton worked for them. Our regular reader Harry also informed about their good customer support (answering your problems even if they are offering free calls). Well, this made me think about the voip provider again !

Today I again tried to make free calls to India using FreeCallButton. This time I followed the exact way mentioned on their website (USA Access number).

First Call : Call get connected but hey a wrong Number !! This has happened to me for first time while making a voip phone call. The call got connected at wrong destination. Anyways I tried again !
Second Call : Asked me to try again ! (The message I got yesterday too).
Third Call : Voilla the call got connected and to the right destination. I talked about 5-6 minutes and the voice quality was also good.

Now since I am able to make free calls to India (and offcourse to other international countries), let me write some steps to follow to GET UNLIMITED FREE CALLS TO INDIA !

1. If you are living USA just dial 1-206-424-1330 from your regular phone.
What about those not living in USA and want to make calls to India free. Say calling India to India free. Get a free account with (any other betamax) and dial this USA access number.

2. You will hear a voice prompt asking you to dial PIN. Now this PIN changes daily and can be found at (todays pin - 6263). Follow this with # key.

3. On prompt, dial your destination number - 00 then the country code then the phone number then the # key.

Ideally your call should get connected within seconds.

Now what, you have ended your per hour limit of 6 minutes and want to talk more this hour. Register for one more free account with (change your IP - broadband ones just switch off and on your router). Follow the steps again to make more free calls.

Well, it may be possible that your call does not get connected at first go, so better to try again (sometimes because of load it may not work).
I too realized that we should not complain much when you are getting all these calls for free.

Guys, please post your views, let us know whether you are able to make free calls or not. I will also try to answer your problems in case you face any !

Now I can say FreeCallButton is atleast worth a try. Who knows you may find a regular unlimited free calls to India voip provider.

FreeCallButton Review : Not worth Trying

Well if you have been looking for Free calls to India, then it may be possible that you have wasted your time on some voip provider trying and making free calls but all in vain.

One of the recent such voip provider launched is FreeCallButton which claims to offer free international calls including free calls to India landlines and mobiles. But wait is it worth trying ?

Many such voip providers are launched and people waste a lot of their time trying them, and then end up not even making single free call. This is where we can help.

FreeCallButton claims that calls can be made TO and FROM most countries in the world. And you wont even have to register, not even have to pay anything. No credit card info, no personal information and no catch.They say that you can make 6 minutes of free calls per hour. That means, you can make 24 free calls in one day each of 6 min.

FreeCallButton also promises to offer calls via Phone to Phone, PC to Phone. But the main problem is it just does not work.

FreeCallButton website is full of ads, with all advertisement. Firstly this aint good for a voip provider. Then somehow even if you manage to know the calling procedure, PIN etc and try placing your call - Call Never gets through !!

I have tried many a times making phone calls but all in vain. Their local access numbers most of the times does not work. It does not sometimes accepts PIN, sometimes call dont get through.

Well, in my opinion it is many times better to go for a cheap provider like IndiaLD or Rebtel to make calls then wasting your time at this FreeCallButton Voip provider.

CallArc - Free International Calling Service

The day is not far when you will be able to make absolutely free international calls. Yes free calls anywhere in the world including free calls to India.

Well, this will be provided by the latest entry in the voip market. A service yet to be completely launched named CallArc. Basically CallArc is a free international service which lets you make free calls (national and international) via their website or through your phones (Iphone/IPod/IPad/Android/Symbian and other Smart Phones). You will have to download CallArc to your mobile device. Open the CallArc application. Select from your contacts and call for free.

You will be able to make calls via access numbers just like other voip service, like any calling card (Reliance India Call etc). You can also make calls via Facebook application.

All these features, methods to make calls will be really good if they really get implemented. I am not very sure whether they will be able to meet the cost of calling destinations like Cuba, Philippines. But surely, India should be included in free calling list as now the calling rates to India are very cheap. Many many voip providers like Rynga, Jumblo etc offer cheap calls to India.

Although the CallArc service is not launched, but you can still register with them. CallArc will notify you whenever their service goes live so that you can make Free International Calls. Review : Free 240 minutes of calling at 10 Euros

It has been long that Delmont Sarl (aka Betamax) has launched a new voip service in the market. This time, it has launched a new voip service, with a different kind of a deal offering some free minutes for some fixed price. is offering 240 minutes that is 4 hours of free calls to Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro for 10 Euros (in a month).

Let me first clearly explain the deal FreeVoipDeal is offering.

You pay 10 Euros and you get 4 hours of free calls. You can use these 240 minutes to make calls to above said 7 destinations. That does not mean that you cannot make calls to other destinations. You will be charged separately for making calls to other destinations based on their Pay as you go rates.

Now what if you used all your 240 minutes in 10 days, what for rest of 20 days. You will be charged additionally based on their out of minutes rates which are as follows:

Egypt (Landline) $ 0.085
Egypt (Mobile) $ 0.093
Iran (Landline) $ 0.070
Montenegro (Landline) $ 0.116
Pakistan (Mobile) $ 0.062
Serbia (Landline) $ 0.070
Sri Lanka (Landline) $ 0.078
Ukraine (Landline) $ 0.078

Now if you are somehow not able to use these 240 minutes in a month, then these minutes will not be forwarded to next month and will lapse. To make calls you can use PC2phone, Phone2phone, via local access and SIP calling.

FreeVoipDeal SIP details are ::
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Account name : your FreeVoipDeal username
Password : your FreeVoipDeal password
Stunserver (option) :

The effective calling rate comes around to 5.6 cents per minute for those 240 minutes. So the deal is good specially for those who makes less calls in a month, and make calls to Egypt, Sri Lanka etc.

I have extracted the Rates to above destination that offered by Rebtel and found that rate to Pakistan is competitive, but for other destinations freevoipdeal offers lower rates.

Pakistan Mobile - 6.4 cents per minute.
Egypt Landline and mobiles - 17.9 cents per minute.
Serbia Landline - 9.9 cents per minute.
Iran Landlines - 12.2 cents per minute.
Ukraine Landline - 11.9 cent per minute.
Sri Lanka Landline - 13.9 cents per minute.
Sri Lanka Mobile - 11.9 cents per minute.

Advantage with Rebtel (one of the best voip service, highly recommended) is better voice quality, good name in industry, good customer support. All these may lack with FreeVoipDeal. But still FreeVoipDeal looks worth trying.

Rebtel Voucher Code to call Philippines For Free

So many people have asked us for a free calling packages for Philippines. Lots and lots of people on our Facebook Fan Page have requested for a voucher code (discount coupon) for calling Philippines. I understand that the call rates to this part of world are so high that your phone bills shoot up tremendously. The telecom industry has advanced so much (and the voip industry as well), but still if you check the call rates to Philippines, you will find that rates are in range of 10-15 cents (which we consider pretty high). That's like your one phone call (which easily lasts for 10 minutes or so) will cost you more than $1.

With the aim to find our blog readers a good calling package, we mailed a few voip providers. We asked them if they can offer any special voucher code for calling Philippines. And yup, as usual Rebtel did us a favor.

We have been very thankful for Rebtel (its the second largest voip provider in the world), as they keep us offering various codes and bonus offer. Infact if you remember, sometime last year Rebtel gave us one voucher for free calls to Philippines (it was a big hit on this blog).

Once again Rebtel has come up with a promotion offering calls to Philippines absolutely free. This is a limited time promotion and will not last for long, so you need to hurry up. You are getting Free

How to use Rebtel Voucher Code
1. Sign up with this special link.
2. Click "Claim Offer"
3. On the signup page, make sure to enter the voucher Code :: philippines30
4. Fill other details.

Rebtel Voucher Code for Philippines

Please note that this offer is valid until April 30, 2010.

If you like the Rebtel service (which I am sure you will), you may continue using Rebtel as they offer cheap rates to Philippines. You can call Philippines at just 10.9 cents per minute.

Finally the question comes why you should choose Rebtel's service over other.
- Credit never expires
- Time to time new promotion for old and new customers
- Your money is secure
- Call Quality is excellent
- Cheap Calls to other countries
- Good Customer support
- The list is long!

This promotion is no longer valid and we understand that you still need to make calls to Philippines. You may end up paying huge phone bills. We found another offer which allows you to call Philippines from Mobiles for free. This is an offer by Air4.
If you are looking for any cheap monthly unlimited calling plans for Philippines, then you can consider LocalPhone Package. They offer unlimited calls to landlines at about $40 per month. I won't say its the cheapest and best offer for you, but you can still consider it (as the Rebtel offer is no longer valid).
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