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Airtel Calling Cards : Call Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines Cheap

You must have been using Airtel Call Home to make cheap calls to India, but have you tried it to make cheap international calls to other destination.

Airtel and Reliance India Call being India company, and Airtel Call Home offering special plan for calling India doesn't mean that it offers cheap calls only to India. AirtelCallHome has come up with special calling plans for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Philippines.

The calling rates offered by Airtel Calling cards to these destinations is very competitive and if you have been looking for a voip provider to call any of these destinations then its a good option.

Lets discuss the details of plan offered by AirtelCallHome to each of these destinations :

Airtel Calling Cards is offering a $4.99 plan for these countries and calling minutes differ depending on country you are calling. In this plan $4 is talktime with $0.99 as administration fees.

Validity of plan is 30 days. I am sure you will be easily consume these minutes in that duration.

Cheap Calls to Sri Lanka : 62 minutes talktime with effective rate of 8.04 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Bangladesh : 134 minutes talktime with effective rate of 3.72 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Pakistan : 80 minutes talktime with effective rate of 6.2 cents per minute.
Cheap Calls to Philippines: 45 minutes talktime with effective rate of 11.08 cents per minute.

Overall, a good deal offered by AirtelCallingCards to make cheap international calls.

PS: Voip Provider Rynga also offers cheap calls to these destinations.

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May 9, 2010 at 8:19 PM

Thanks for your information about free cheap international call service. I find this type of service in middle east minimal fee . is it work in middle east ? more info visit here

June 28, 2011 at 1:30 AM

Make cheaper calls to Pakistan using Pingo prepaid calling cards. It has reduced its rate from 9.5 cents to 3.5 cents per minute.

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