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AirtelAsia Review: Cheap Calls to India "Mobile CallBack Service"

Another voip service "AirtelAsia", a mobile callback service offering you very cheap rates to call India and other countries. Lets discuss about AirtelAsia, and I am sure many will like this service.

I am not 100% sure, but this AirtelAsia aint a official launch by India telecom major Airtel. Why would they open a new voip service when they already have a great going with Airtel Call Home. And AirtelAsia is located in France (which adds to it that it belong to Airtel).

Anyhow, AirtelAsia still looks a good one but with few points under the shadow. AirtelAsia mentions on their website:

" We, at Airtelasia, We are provide high quality Internet Calling card. It Uses in Mobile, Computer, Ip Device. Specially For Mobile Dialer. our mobile dialer works even with low bandwidth. we assures genuine billing , it will display account balance."

Lets first discuss the method to make calls using AirtelAsia. This is one of the promising part of it, which looks good (if it really works).

1. Send an SMS (acc num and pass) to SMS number mentioned in the Card (after you register, you will get it).
2. Give a miscall to the access number, and wait a few seconds. (A miss call ?? this is new ).
3. Seconds later, your phone rings, answer the call .
4. Now, dial the destination number along with a '#' also don't forget to add the code.

This was the mobile callback method.

AirtelAsia also offers a PC application (softphone) which allows you to make PC to Phone calls. AirtelAsia also offers you SIP settings to that you can make SIP calls (Phone to Phone calls). Use Fring in your mobile.

AirtelAsia SIP settings:
Realm: asterisk
Username: Airtelasia user id
Password: Airtelasia a/c password
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Lets come to the calling rate part. Now again the rates are cheap which make another reason to try it.

AirtelAsia is offering calls to India at just .9 eurocents per min (less than one eurocent) Approx 1.3 US cents per min. But the rats is not clear - is it for mobile callback method or for SIP calls or PC to Phone calls. OR is the rate common to all.

If that's the case then MobileCallback is the best option to make calls (if you are not charged for sending SMS to that number).
Another good point - 100% moneyback guarantee.

Few points going against them -
1. Clarification about Rates.
2. No proper contact method. They have not even mentioned any mail ID. Just a phone number.
3. No clarification about validity of credit. Connection fees etc.

Overall AirtelAsia looks good, I would suggest people to first contact them up, clear all your doubts then try this service. Please post your review, it will be be of great help to all.

For any other help, do post in comment section. We at Free PC to Phone calls are always there to help you.

madhur article :

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August 30, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Calling India is becoming very very cheap from day to day become of the heavy competition in the market.

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