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CallArc - Free International Calling Service

The day is not far when you will be able to make absolutely free international calls. Yes free calls anywhere in the world including free calls to India.

Well, this will be provided by the latest entry in the voip market. A service yet to be completely launched named CallArc. Basically CallArc is a free international service which lets you make free calls (national and international) via their website or through your phones (Iphone/IPod/IPad/Android/Symbian and other Smart Phones). You will have to download CallArc to your mobile device. Open the CallArc application. Select from your contacts and call for free.

You will be able to make calls via access numbers just like other voip service, like any calling card (Reliance India Call etc). You can also make calls via Facebook application.

All these features, methods to make calls will be really good if they really get implemented. I am not very sure whether they will be able to meet the cost of calling destinations like Cuba, Philippines. But surely, India should be included in free calling list as now the calling rates to India are very cheap. Many many voip providers like Rynga, Jumblo etc offer cheap calls to India.

Although the CallArc service is not launched, but you can still register with them. CallArc will notify you whenever their service goes live so that you can make Free International Calls.

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April 6, 2010 at 12:21 AM

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