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FreeCallButton Review : Unlimited Free International Calls

Well, yes yesterday I posted about FreeCallbutton and asked you to not to try this service as it was not working for many. Before posting about FreeCallbutton I myself tried it number of times, but most of time I was getting a message to try again.

FreeCallbutton offered a number of access numbers -: I tried many of them, but it didn't worked with many. The reason I posted about calling procedure not clear was that because, the usual calling procedure (yellow block) on main page works with the USA access number (mentioned) only. If you try it with some other access number (I tried iNum Swedish Number), it did not worked, keeps on asking me to dial iNum number (even if I dial the PIN).

However, some of people informed me that FreeCallButton worked for them. Our regular reader Harry also informed about their good customer support (answering your problems even if they are offering free calls). Well, this made me think about the voip provider again !

Today I again tried to make free calls to India using FreeCallButton. This time I followed the exact way mentioned on their website (USA Access number).

First Call : Call get connected but hey a wrong Number !! This has happened to me for first time while making a voip phone call. The call got connected at wrong destination. Anyways I tried again !
Second Call : Asked me to try again ! (The message I got yesterday too).
Third Call : Voilla the call got connected and to the right destination. I talked about 5-6 minutes and the voice quality was also good.

Now since I am able to make free calls to India (and offcourse to other international countries), let me write some steps to follow to GET UNLIMITED FREE CALLS TO INDIA !

1. If you are living USA just dial 1-206-424-1330 from your regular phone.
What about those not living in USA and want to make calls to India free. Say calling India to India free. Get a free account with (any other betamax) and dial this USA access number.

2. You will hear a voice prompt asking you to dial PIN. Now this PIN changes daily and can be found at (todays pin - 6263). Follow this with # key.

3. On prompt, dial your destination number - 00 then the country code then the phone number then the # key.

Ideally your call should get connected within seconds.

Now what, you have ended your per hour limit of 6 minutes and want to talk more this hour. Register for one more free account with (change your IP - broadband ones just switch off and on your router). Follow the steps again to make more free calls.

Well, it may be possible that your call does not get connected at first go, so better to try again (sometimes because of load it may not work).
I too realized that we should not complain much when you are getting all these calls for free.

Guys, please post your views, let us know whether you are able to make free calls or not. I will also try to answer your problems in case you face any !

Now I can say FreeCallButton is atleast worth a try. Who knows you may find a regular unlimited free calls to India voip provider.

madhur article :

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April 12, 2010 at 7:08 PM


I think it would be counterproductive to encourage people to use devious means like using anonymous IP, etc., because:

1. That is what kills a lot of these free calling providers. Many of them are adversely affected by the abuse.
They are nice enough to allow us to phone once every hour FREE! I do not think we should expect anything more when it is free.

2. By following the rules, we can expect to use their service for a rather long time.

3. This provider doesn't beat around the bush! If they suspect foul play, they will block particular destination numbers, and rightfully so.

So, I believe we should obey their rules and enjoy the free calling. 6 minutes is much longer than what some others, such as Tuitalk, are offering. Let us not sabotage it.

4. I also believe they map it to a number, not an email address. So, those ideas may not work, anyway.

April 12, 2010 at 7:10 PM

Also, I have been able to connect the first time every time, so far.

Plus, you use the phone - not headphones! I really like that for a free service!

April 12, 2010 at 11:16 PM

i could not connecte.every time i dial a banglore number it says: this call requires calling
it is a waste of time..tuitalk is much better..

April 13, 2010 at 7:33 AM

No offense, but I don't think there is any harm in informing people about the workaround. I hope that you agree that workaround exist and if I have mentioned it on the blog, whats the harm. Some may find it themselves, for others it may help.

1. Voip providers offer free calls so that people can use it, I agree that people should not abuse the service but they off course can use it in right way to make free calls. Many voip providers themselves leave some workarounds !

2. One of the examples, which still offers free calls to India is Tuitalk (they reduced talktime to 2 mins), but still is active.

3. Sometimes it may happen that you have called for 6 minutes, but you want to talk long for some urgent work. Will you be willing to spend money and make calls or will you wait for an hour ?
Well, with this way you will make more calls and save money. And the Aim was to save money.

4. You mentioned ideas not working? I guess you are wrong somewhere. Its a tried and tested way, and its working.

Offcourse, they are checking it via a number (they dont ask you to register so how can they tract you via your email ID). Please check the post again for the steps I mentioned.

If you are calling from a VOIP softphone (any PC application / Mobile VOIP - SIP), they wont be able to track your number which will enable you to make more free calls. Offcourse, if you use your telecom plan (mobile plan) to dial their access number it wont work.

I have myself tested it and it worked !

PS: Make free calls, but please don't abuse this service. And it is working.

April 13, 2010 at 7:56 AM

Here is the page listing the numbers blocked 'For Day'.

It also mentions, that they will consider this abuse and may cut the call. REPEATED CALLS TO THE SAME NUMBER OVER 5 MINUTES PER HOUR CONSTITUTE ABUSE. Does it mean, 5 mins per call per hour ?

I tried calling the same number again and it worked for me. (though each call lasted for 3-4 mins or so).


April 13, 2010 at 12:23 PM


You have some good points. However, you contradict yourself in point 1. On the one hand, you say, "people should not abuse the service", but what is "abuse"? By definition, it is going around the rules. I am not at all sure that providers approve of "workarounds". Because if they are aware of it, they would camp down. But, having said that, I have used some of your workarounds, as you say..So, good job! LOL.

In point 3, if I had to go through all those steps, changing my IP, power cycling the router, etc., the efforts and aggravation outweigh the cost savings. Especially, because the nature of an important call is that you need to have continuity in thought, which is disrupted annoyingly after 5 minutes and 45 seconds, good enough for idle chat. :) For important calls, I will gladly use my pre-paid service because saving that 1.8 cents a minute is not going to make me rich! I speak for myself. It might be worth it for someone else.

Point 4. I was completely wrong. My apologies. Yes, I never registered using me emal address. I was not paying full attention when I wrote that. I have never used So, now I see you were referring to that.

April 27, 2010 at 6:33 AM

Hey that's a good blog very informative.That is what kills a lot of these free calling providers. Many of them are adversely affected by the abuse.They are nice enough to allow us to phone once every hour FREE! I do not think we should expect anything more when it is free.

May 7, 2010 at 6:15 PM

Well, it works in the mornings but at night (we are 12 hours behind India) it always says I don't have enough credits. I thought it was 6 minutes PER HOUR. However, 12 hours later. it gives me this error. This is happening every day!

October 10, 2010 at 11:02 AM

I m from india using this service unlimited india to india ....... and still they not blocked me .. so how much time they take to block a number ???

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