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IndiaLD Calling Cards : .7 cents offer extended till 15th May

I hope you already know about IndiaLD and its promotion offering calls to India at just .7 cent ($0.007 per min). Well the offer has proved to be very successful and a lot of people have been using IndiaLD to make cheap calls to India.

This price is cheapest in the market for making calls to India. The aim about this post is that the plan promotion time is extended. Now you can still avail this plan as it is valid till until 5/15/2010. I have discussed about this plan many times on this blog, but still mentioning some details again :

Cost: $35.00 for 5000 minutes to call India. Call India land & mobile lines for 0.7¢/min. There are no fees for using our calling card.

Validity: Minutes are valid for 45 days from your most recent purchase. If you are carrying a balance when you recharge your calling card, your pre-existing balance will also be good for 45 days from the point of your most recent purchase.

For more info Visit IndiaLD.

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