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TruPhone Application for iPad : Make Voip Calls from iPad

The number of iPad users is so high, mainly because iPad is being rated as best tablet (by many blogs). Not only you can use it to play games, watch movies but you can even make voice and video calls from your iPad. The very famous Apple Native application for video calling 'Facetime' is almost used by every other iOS user. However what about phone calls from your iPad, that is making calls from your iPad to a normal mobile (not iPhone). Let us say, you want to make call from your iPad to an Android Mobile or a landline. Tablet was already considered as a replacement for laptops, not with phone calls from it you can call it your mobile replacement as well.

Though there are many different voip application available for iPad, but today we will be looking at TruPhone Application for iPad. You just need to install this voip application on your iPad and directly start making voice calls.

Download TruPhone on iPad

- TruPhone is available for your tablet and can be downloaded from Apple App Store. Search for "TruPhone" or check this link.
- Free to download
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
- Size is almost 25MB

TruPhone for iPad

TruPhone on iPad Features

- Free Calls: You can make free calls to other Truphone users over the Internet, including 1-800 and 0800 numbers, without paying a penny. Yup, its completely free!
- Cost Indicator : It is a really good feature. Whenever you plan to make a phone call, you will before hand know the cost of the call you are going to make.
- Cheap Calls : Call any phone number around the world, both landlines and mobiles.
- No Connection Fees and No Hidden Charges
- Secured Calling : All the calls are encrypted for an added level of security.
- Make Calls to Anywhere : Even if you are traveling, you can still make calls using this truphone application.
- Video Message (Visual Voicemail) : Send and receive a video message.
- Free Credit : We give every new user some credit so you can enjoy the great features of the Truphone service.
- When you cannot connect to Wi-Fi or 3 or 4G, you can still make low-cost international calls in your home country. The Truphone Anywhere feature connects your call to Truphone via your local network.

- TruPhone Unlimited Calls : For a flat, low-cost monthly price, make unlimited calls to 38 countries and mobile phones in 9 countries, including the US, Australia, Spain, Germany and China. Check the link below to know more about TruPhone Calling Rates:

Logging and Making Call on iPad with TruPhone

- Once the app is download, if you have never used the Truphone App before choose No Truphone Account? to create a new account. Existing Truphone App users can enter your usual username and password to sign in.
- Enter your desired Truphone username. Your username is what your contacts use to find you. Please also select your country and enter your name and email. When ready touch Create Account.
 Tip! If Truphone was recommended to you by a friend, just enter your referral code to receive free credit.

- To enable Truphone over 3G: 
a) Navigate to the iPad main menu
b) Select Settings > Truphone
c) Set ‘Enable VoIP over 3G’ to ‘On’

- To make a Truphone call simply dial a number and touch "Call button"
Tip International numbers begin with + or 00/011 followed by the country code. For example, to call the UK dial: ‘+44XXXXXXXXXX’.

Receiving Calls
Other Tru users can call you for FREE, by adding you as a ‘TruFriend’.
You will not pay to receive Tru calls. Simply ensure that you are connected to Truphone (via Wi-Fi or 3G), and that you keep the Truphone App open.
- Tru will alert you when you are receiving an inbound Truphone call with a unique Truphone ring, and by displaying the Truphone logo on the screen.

Some TruPhone Reviews

This app is brilliant! I'm English, living in Atlanta, Georgia and this app is just what I needed to keep in touch with the family in the UK. The sound quality is fabulous and I hadn't let me down! Get it and enjoy it!!!
.I am being using TruPhone App for quite a long time now and it works great for me. I have no complaints..
TruPhone is best iPad phone calling application... Cheers!

Connection - The Truphone App crashes when I open it

This problem can occur if...
- An application error has occurred
- The time/date on your iPad is incorrect
- Duplicate versions of Truphone are installed on your iPad
- You are using an old version of the App

If you are continually experiencing this problem please complete the steps below...
1. Touch the Truphone application icon until it begins to wiggle
2. Then touch the small 'x' to remove Truphone
3. Turn your iPad off and back on
4. From the iPod's Home screen select Settings, then Safari then Clear Cache then Clear Cache
5. Open the App Store, search for and

It could be possible that you are facing some issue with using TruPhone on your iPad. Please post your problems in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help you out!

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