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Download Skype iPhone App : Video and Voice Calls on iPhone

iPhone users are probably the most aware users when we talk about video and voip calling. They are the ones who enjoy the most of video calling (as Facetime is available only to iOS users). However that said not all people have iPhone, so even iPhone users need to rely on other video calling apps to call their friends. The next best video calling app is Skype. And yes, Skype is available for iPhone as well.

Good thing is that you can use Skype over 3G connection on your iPhone device. Thus using your 3D data plan to make cheap international calls and free video calls.

Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G will be free until the end of 2010 (now extended), so download the app asap and enjoy. Skype-to-Skype calls over WiFi will remain free – and you can make calls to landlines and mobiles around the world at incredibly low rates. The new version features an enhanced call quality indicator, which will help you choose the best moment to call. This feature though will only be free to use until August 2010, after which a small fee.

Skype for iPhone

Skype iPhone Features (Version 2.0)

  • Call using your 3G connection. Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G are free until at least end of August 2010, after which there will be a small monthly fee (operator charges for data will still apply). 
  • Near CD-quality sound for Skype-to-Skype calls using wideband audio (SILK codec) on iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iPod touch.
  • Enhanced call quality indicator.
  • Improved start-up time.
  • Use Skype with Facebook
  • Fast access to the dial pad from iPhone home screen. 
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

System Requirements
* iOS 5 or above.
* Send and receive video using front or rear camera on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th Generation.
* Send and receive video using rear camera on iPhone 3GS.
* Receive video only on iPad 1st generation and iPod touch 3rd Generation.
* Works with any H264 compatible devices, including TVs.

Using Bluetooth Device with Skype
It’s possible to use Skype for iOS with a Bluetooth device such as a wireless headset. Before you start using Skype for iOS with your Bluetooth device, make sure that you are using the latest version of Skype for iPhone/iPod touch or Skype for iPad. Your Bluetooth device must also be paired with your iOS device properly.

Features not supported till now
The following features are not currently supported:
  • Synchronizing with iPhone Address Book
  • Showing favorite contacts

You can use Skype on your iPhone to call other Skype users (they may be using the app on their Android, Windows Mobile, computer or even iPad). It works seamlessly. The updated app is available now in the App Store – download it now.

Rebtel for Android Voip Application Review : Free Calling

Android mobiles are so popular these days. Almost all of my friends in India are using android mobiles and the good thing is that most of them use voip apps on their android phones. With mobile voip we can easily make video and voice calls on our mobile itself and not to forget the instant messaging which is also free. The only thing which seems expensive is when we have to call people who are not using the same application (or a smartphone for that matter).

That is where Rebtel Voip application can help you out. Rebtel is world's second largest voip provider (after Skype) and it is one of the best in terms of call quality and customer support. The good thing about Rebtel is their ease of use, not only it offers local access calling but offer voip apps for all devices, be it Android mobiles, iPhone or Blackberry phones. Today we will be looking at Rebtel Android Application and its features.

Download Rebtel Android Application

- Sign up with Rebtel using this special link
- Search for "Rebtel" in the android store (Google Play market)
- Simply download this application
- Install the application and login in to your account

Please note that if you are already a Rebtel customer, you can directly download the app and login to your account. But if you have not yet registered with them then it is the right time to do so. Just make use of any of Rebtel Voucher Code and register with them.

Rebtel Android App Features

- Cheap International Calls : It could intercept all your international calls that you make from your regular address book or dial pad on your Android phone, and connect them via a cheaper service, such as Rebtel, instead of your pricey carrier. Thus you will be saving a lot on your phone bills.
- Use Rebtel App on Wifi or 3G : Your calls will be placed using internet
- Use Rebtel App without internet : You can still make calls without the need of wifi or 3G. Rebtel will intercept the call, assign a local number and connect the call via this number. Your international part of call will be via Rebtel.

- Interception of Your Internationals Calls
After you downloaded the app from, the only thing you have to do to start using is flicking the green On/Off switch. Once that’s done, Rebtel for Android will run in the background and stand-by waiting for you to either dial an international number from the regular dial pad on your phone, or pick a friend with an international number from your address book.

- Seamless Rebtel Free Calls
When you select a friend to call that also happens to be a Rebtel and has the app is running, the call will automatically become a Rebtel Free Call. That means that you pay nothing for the international part of the call to Rebtel, and if you have inclusive local minutes in your monthly plan, you pay nothing to your regular carrier for the local part of the call either. Its pretty great.

- Cheaper International SMS
Text friends and family in more than 150 countries. Like regular SMS, only 60% cheaper.

- Keep Talking
During the call itself you can switch from Wi-Fi/3G to a local phone call at no cost. So even if your call is breaking up, no issues it will get resolved.

Some of the reviews which I found in the Google Play Store.
I strongly believe that this is the best app to keep in contact with ur friends and family around the world. Its as simple as download, buy credit ($10 or more), add international numbers you want to call, then you will be given a local number(which depends on ur area) then dial the number and speak to ur family and friends abroad. I call Senegal for about 18 cents per minute. So $10 will last me for a while. Then when you login,u can refer friends and get $10 referral fee credited to ur MAGIC
 I have other apps I'm using to make internet calls but I think this is the best so far,its Clear and affordable.

Trikon Cheap international Voip Calls

Few days back we discussed about Trikon voip calls and how you can save a lot of money on your international roaming using Trikon. As I have said in previous post that Trikon has many plans which looks good so lets discuss some of voip plans by Trikon.

Trikon voip plans are specially made for Indians to that they can make cheap international calls. Ideal for small/big business in India. Plans start at Rs140/month for unlimited calling to 5 international destinations.

5 Free Destinations Plan - Rs140 per month

* Unlimited calling to USA, Canada, UK landline, China and Hong Kong
* Ability to receive return calls after you have called someone
* Monthly rent is payable for 1, 3 or 5 years in advance
* Monthly rent reduces from Rs200 to Rs140 as you pay for more years in advance
* Registration charge of Rs1,100 one time

35 Free Destinations Plan - Rs280 per month

* Unlimited calling to 35 major destinations around the world
* Ability to receive return calls after you have called someone
* Monthly rent is payable for 1, 3 or 5 years in advance
* Monthly rent reduces from Rs400 to Rs280 as you pay for more years in advance
* Registration charge of Rs1,100 one time

Overall, Trikon looks good for businesses who presently rely on voip services like Skype or on their normal telecom provider.

10 reasons to make calls using IndiaLD : Cheap calls to India

Well, I am thinking of starting a new series of post on various voip providers. In these kinds of post I will try to point about 10 good points about that voip provider.

Today lets discuss about IndiaLD. 10 reasons why you should go with IndiaLd for making calls to India. After reading the post if you like the service then you may try, but if you don't then just wait for my next post on some other voip provider.

I will also point some negative points for which you may not opt for this voip provider. All fair !!!

Ten Reasons you should try IndiaLD.

1. IndiaLD offers a wide range of calling plans for making calls to India: Monthly plans as well as pay as you go plan. This way it gives you more flexibility to choose from various plans.

2. Calling rates are not fixed : Many options where you can call India at just 1 cent per minute, 1.3, 1.4, or even 1.5 cents per minute. Again giving you choice !!

3. Access number in 11 countries : Unlike others which offer access numbers in some countries (US only). Make Phone to Phone calls - more like a calling card.

4. Pinless dialing, no equipment required, no connection fees, no hidden charges - though this is offered by many.

5. Send free SMS to any mobile in India - this is indeed a very good plus point with IndiaLD.

6. 30 day money back guarantee : The money back guarantee only applies if you have not exceeded 50 minutes of calls.

7. A good option specially for students : A complete guide provided.

8. Good customer support. Online customer support - Its still online, when I am writing this post. Helpful it is.

9. Apart from making cheap calls to India - you can make cheap calls to a lot many other countries (27).

10. Time to time some very good promotions. A month back, IndiaLD was offering calls to India at just $0.007 (.7 cents) - cheapest calls to India that to Phone to Phone. More promotions on their way !!

Some negatives points:
1. Monthly plans have a month limit to use credit (though its obvious).
2. Pay as you go plan have 90 days limit to use your credit.
3. Looks good for calling India, but not for other countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cuba, Sri Lanka etc).

Now you decide whether to stick to your voip provider or go with IndiaLD.

Mo-Call and Skype Comparision : Mo-Call is cheaper

Few days back I received an email from Mo-Call informing about the latest developments with Mo-Call and their price reduction. For those who don't know about Mo-Call, its a mobile voip provider offering cheap international voip calls and free calls among Mo-Call users.

You can directly make Phone to Phone calls using Mo-Call with it working on most cell phones. Apart from offering cheap voip calls, it also offers cheap international SMS. Well certainly if you have been using Skype for your calling needs, then Mo-Call is a better choice. They have done comparison with Skype on their blog and Mo-Call proves to be a better option for international calls.

Let me just put forward the comparison done for calling India (taken from Mo-Call blog).

MO-Call is Cheaper Than Skype for Calls and SMS to India:

This week’s highlighted country is India. Since we get a high volume of calls to India, we wanted to do a comparison of our MO-Call rates with that of Skype’s rate to call India, and we’re proud to share that both our international calling and SMS rates to India are cheaper than Skype.

That means on just $1 of credit, MO-Call lets you call India for over 28 minutes, but only for about 8 minutes on Skype.


For more info, Visit Mo-Call.

Trikon Sim Cards : Get Paid to Roam

This is the power of voip. We have been posting for months that voip will (and has) get down your phone bills, so people should start using voip for making phone calls. But how many of us in India use voip to make calls. Do we make Pc to Phone calls, or use mobile voip to make calls ?

Today lets talk about Trikon telecom provider. Actually there are plenty of things to be covered on Trikon but today I will only discuss Trikon WorldWide Sim Cards that actually pays you to receive calls on international roaming. This is amazing !!! Vodafone, Airtel, Idea have been charging you so heavily on your international roaming bills and Trikon is instead paying you :)

Trikon's Worldwide SIM card pays you to receive calls on some networks while traveling abroad. Incoming on other networks is free in many countries, and outgoing is cheap enough to rejoice. No rent. Free delivery any where in India. Activation refunded by way of talk time!

Some Details:

* UK number with free incoming in many countries.
* Trikon pay you US1c/minute to receive calls on many network.
* Payments you receive are added to your talk time.
* Incoming is charged in some other countries.
* Outgoing calls are via a reverse call.
* Sim card delivered free on purchase of talk time of USD50.
* Activation charges of USD10 refunded by way of talk time credit.
* Talk time usable for a year.
* Unused talk time refundable for a year.
* This is a prepaid service.
* SIM card works only in the countries listed below.
* Payment by cash-on-delivery or credit card.
* Trikon require a copy of your passport and visa.
* Cards need to be booked 3 days in advance.

Actually Trikon is paying you to receive calls in some countries and in rest of countries incoming calls are free. There is very limited list of destinations where you will be charged for receiving incoming calls. Trikon looks a great option to me.

Students Get Google Voice invites now

Google Voice made it big the day it was launched. Google Voice is one of the most favored voip provider, but the problem is for joining Google Voice you need an invite.

Some people have to wait for long to get Google Voice invitation, however its worth it. Students have liked Google voice service too much for sending free text messages (SMS), getting voicemail delivered to their mailboxes again the problem is invite.

To solve this issue, Google Voice is offering invites to all the students. All students can easily get a Google voice invitation instantly. To get google Voice invite:

1. Visit .
2. Enter your email address - you need to enter your .edu mail address. This is required to prove you are a student. Just use your school/college id.

You should get an invite within 24 hrs.

Voicemail like email
Free text messaging
One number for life

So, start using Google Voice now !!!!

Nymgo Support : Discuss your Nymgo related problems here

Nymgo is one such voip provider which has gained a lot of popularity as soon it was launched, and from that time it has been constantly growing. It came to face with the launch of monthly unlimited calling plans for India, Bangladesh and other countries. One of the best thing about Nymgo is that it promises to offer cheapest call rates (it trawls the web to look for lowest rates and offers the lower rates to its readers).

A lot of our readers use Nymgo for making PC to Phone calls to India. Nymgo offers calls to India at just 1.3 cents per minute. With increasing customer base and growing services, it is bound to happen that some people may face calling problems. In the recent past, we have received complaints about Nymgo not offering good voice quality, some calling problems, some billing problems etc. We even posted about tips to enhance the voice quality of Nymgo and these proved to really useful for many.

Discuss Nymgo Issues

So, to help our readers we have contacted Nymgo Support to directly interact with all of you right here on this blog. You can just submit your problem here (in the comment section), and Nymgo support will be most willing to help you asap.

Update :
As you can see in the comment section, Nymgo support is helping our blog readers. They are trying hard to make sure that every customer is satisfied and making cheap calls. We request our readers to just post their query in the comment and it will be heard.

We have listed some common problems and its solution below.

Q. Nymgo software fails to install or crashes once installed. What to do.
A. Make sure you are using the right software and its latest updated version. Nymgo keeps on working on its voip application and fix issues, so just install the latest version.

Q. Money not credited to your Nymgo account.
A. Just let Nymgo Support know about it. Make sure you write all the details properly and your account will show the money soon.

Q. Not able to use Pc application. 
A. Use Android app for Nymgo or iPhone application.

If you want to mail your problem, then use this direct mail id :

I am sure you will find answers to all your problems. Nymgo is a great calling service and if you have not tried it, then please go ahead. Nymgo is worth trying !!!

Reliance iCall : 1Cent per minute to Call India

Reliance is a very known Indian Company, having a good presence in telecom industry. Reliance is also very popular for making voip calls (as a calling card). We have blogged about Reliance India Call offering 1 cent per minute to India in the past.

Today we once again discuss the Reliance iCall for making cheap voip calls to India. In the recent past someone mailed me up asking cheapest voip provider to make Pc to Phone calls to India. Well there are many options available like Nymgo, mediaringtalk, Pingo but all are offering calls rates just higher than 1 cent.

RelianceiCall normally as a calling card (making calls via access number) offer calls to India at 1.99 cents per minute. But Reliance iCall offer a PC to Phone calling method (PC application/Softphone) offering a call to India at 1 cent per minute.

Well, RelianceiCall mentions that there are no annual contract, no connection fees or hidden charges, and good voice quality. Looks like a good deal to me. Probably a very good option to make Pc to Phone calls to India.

The best part is that 1 cent per minute offer is not only for India but to other countries as well. You can make 1 cent/min call to about 20 countries including USA, UK, Canada, China, Singapore etc.

For more info, visit Reliance iCall.

Dial91 lowers call rates to India at 1.48 cents

Few months back we discussed about Dial91 and it being offering cheap rates to India. Dial91 is a calling card locally available in US and used by many students in US to call India.

Actually, Dial91 was offering some special plans for students so that they can connect to their family in India. But now Dial91 is reduced its normal calling rate to India. Dial91 is now offering calls to India at just 1.48 cents per minute.

Dial91 has provided some rate comparison on its website and claims that it offer lower rates than Airtel Call Home (1.6 cents), Trueroots, and Reliance India Call.

It would be great if someone in US already using this calling card confirm the rate they are getting, may be Dial91 proves to be a very good calling option.

Call for as low as EUR 0.01/min with Vopium

Recently received the promotional offer details from Vopium, sharing it with all my blog readers. Vopium is surely a very good option.

VoIP providers around the world are competing fiercely with each other as calling volume continues to shift from mobile /fixed line to low cost VoIP. The race is on to provide a reliable service with increasing focus on improving their voice quality. In recent few months Vopium, a European startup has been extending its reach while offering a mobile solution that works on majority of popular handsets in the market. The service is worth a mention to those who want to stay connected by using cheap international calling rates.

Reducing their billing cost up to 60-90% now, Vopium offers many exciting low tariff international calling packages to various countries. Among these include some popular calling packages such as Call Pakistan (EUR 0.03/min), Call India (EUR 0.01/min) and Call Bangladesh (EUR 0.01/min) which are readily in use by people living abroad. Also Call the World package where users can call any fixed line number as low as EUR 0.01/min in 52 countries such as Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, India, Denmark, Norway and more.

Tanveer Sharif, CEO Vopium says, “Our above international calling packages are highly recommended because we have enormously slashed our calling cost per minute reducing it up to EUR 0.01/min worldwide. Our international calling cost is lowest among competitors because we are not charging any hidden costs. Vopium users get crisp voice quality at affordable rates by paying mobile operator for the local call and Vopium for cheap call rates”.

Additionally, Vopium users can also utilize the monthly subscription of the above packages, where they buy minutes in bulk (limited for 30 days) to make cheap calls worldwide. The packages are refreshed automatically after a month. Another way to benefit from Vopium’s reduced international dialing rates is to try their package Vopium 2 Vopium where two Vopium users can call each other anywhere around the world for only EUR 0.04/min. Or in other case by using Vopium wi-fi feature, they can also call each other absolutely free of cost for an unlimited time period. After all it’s all about cheap and reliable communication and that is what people are looking for.

Cordia Calling Cards : India, International Calling Cards

If you are spending about $15/pm or so to make internationals calls then you can try unlimited calling plans. Unlimited global plans to make calls to India and other countries provide a very good deal. Give a try to Cordia Calling Cards, the International Calling Card!

With Cordia Calling, you just pay a monthly fees and make unlimited number of calls to your destinations. Ideal for business users, and a good plan for residential users as well. Vonage also provides one such unlimited deal. But today we discuss only about Cordia. Cordia is also very useful for making calls to India : Cordia India Calling.

Cordia Unlimited Global Calling Plan for $19.95 per month offering free calls to about 50 countries including India. Yes, use it to make free calls to India. Cordia India Calling Card will prove useful for many.

Some of the features of Cordia Calling Cards :

# Unlimited long distance calls to the U.S., Canada and more than 50 countries
# FREE unlimited calls to and from other Cordia subscribers anywhere in the world
# FREE USA telephone number included no matter where in the world you live
# FREE use of a telephone adapter 2
# More than 12 FREE features! 4
# Low international rates to the rest of the world
# Two (2) lines! Your inbound calls will ring on both lines, but you can also pick up the 2nd phone and make a call while the first one is in use!
# Keep your existing U.S. phone number!

Some hidden/additional charges (Cordia Calling Card) which you should consider before going for the plan.

$39.95 one-time activation fee. U.S. shipping and handling fee: $9.95. International shipping and handling fee (to any International address): $29.95. International customers are responsible for all in-country duty or other charges.

1 $1.50 per month E911 service surcharge for U.S. phone numbers.
2 There will be a $99.95 charge if you cancel after the 30 day money back guarantee period and before one year of continuous service.

Overall, the charges are on a bit higher side, with Vonage unlimited plan offering a better deal. Still you can go through the details of Cordia, and try the Cordia service if you like it.

Airtel World Sim Review : Airtel International Roaming Cheap

You live in India, when was the last time you went abroad for a holiday or a business trip. And how much money you spent on your international roaming calling rates. If you are using your Indian SIM you are definitely paying too much on receiving calls as well as making calls. Next time you travel abroad, carry international sim card with you : Airtel World Sim which saves a lot on Airtel International charges.

Telecom companies charge you like anything, offering so such cheap local rates - I am sure they make money with their international roaming customers. Companies like Matrix do offer you international SIM cards which can save you money. But today we talk about Airtel World Sim, and its comparison with Matrix Sim Cards.

Now similar product has been launched by Airtel itself - Airtel World SIM. Lets discuss about this Airtel World SIM today!

What is Airtel World SIM ?

Its a pre-paid International SIM card for international travelers that allows you to receive incoming calls on your India Airtel number. You can also make outgoing calls across the world and in the country you are in at a fraction of international calling rates.

AIRTEL WORLD SIM can be used across 150+ countries i.e. there is no need to change your SIM for every country that you visit. You can buy the AIRTEL WORLD SIMTM while still in India.

Airtel World SIM is available only in Delhi and NCR (at present).

Airtel World Sim International Card Tariff Plans : (Airtel International Roaming Tariff) :
If I am not wrong, when using your normal Indian SIM on international roaming - call rates are like some Rs70-80 for incoming call and around Rs100 for outgoing calls to India.
Lets now discuss Airtel World Sim Call rates :

When you go to USA - change world sim mode to USA. Your call rates would be :
Incoming calls - 21 cents (around Rs10 - way to less than normal one).
Outgoing Calls to India : 87 cents per minute : Still ok with normal one.
Outgoing local calls (within USA) - 65 cents on mobile. I am not sure of normal sim rates when you call the visiting country itself.

In terms on call rates, Airtel World SIM is surely better than normal calling rates.

Is there any extra activation charges - for world sim itself ? though you just convert your normal sim to world sim mode.

Mentioned on website : There is no rental component on the Airtel World SIM.

Airtel World SIM works in many countries. So that's a good part.

Hey I found following on How to buy section:
"Purchase the AIRTEL WORLD SIMTM start up kit for Rs 500. The SIM does not have any calling value, hence please purchase recharge voucher to use this service. "

What about those already having an Airtel normal SIM. Do they have to pay this Rs500 charges again to use it as world sim. I guess this charge has to be one time only (cost of SIM).

Overall Airtel World SIM looks good to me, better than Matrix SIM Cards. I would request my readers to try it when they go abroad next time and let us know your opinion.
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