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10 reasons to make calls using IndiaLD : Cheap calls to India

Well, I am thinking of starting a new series of post on various voip providers. In these kinds of post I will try to point about 10 good points about that voip provider.

Today lets discuss about IndiaLD. 10 reasons why you should go with IndiaLd for making calls to India. After reading the post if you like the service then you may try, but if you don't then just wait for my next post on some other voip provider.

I will also point some negative points for which you may not opt for this voip provider. All fair !!!

Ten Reasons you should try IndiaLD.

1. IndiaLD offers a wide range of calling plans for making calls to India: Monthly plans as well as pay as you go plan. This way it gives you more flexibility to choose from various plans.

2. Calling rates are not fixed : Many options where you can call India at just 1 cent per minute, 1.3, 1.4, or even 1.5 cents per minute. Again giving you choice !!

3. Access number in 11 countries : Unlike others which offer access numbers in some countries (US only). Make Phone to Phone calls - more like a calling card.

4. Pinless dialing, no equipment required, no connection fees, no hidden charges - though this is offered by many.

5. Send free SMS to any mobile in India - this is indeed a very good plus point with IndiaLD.

6. 30 day money back guarantee : The money back guarantee only applies if you have not exceeded 50 minutes of calls.

7. A good option specially for students : A complete guide provided.

8. Good customer support. Online customer support - Its still online, when I am writing this post. Helpful it is.

9. Apart from making cheap calls to India - you can make cheap calls to a lot many other countries (27).

10. Time to time some very good promotions. A month back, IndiaLD was offering calls to India at just $0.007 (.7 cents) - cheapest calls to India that to Phone to Phone. More promotions on their way !!

Some negatives points:
1. Monthly plans have a month limit to use credit (though its obvious).
2. Pay as you go plan have 90 days limit to use your credit.
3. Looks good for calling India, but not for other countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cuba, Sri Lanka etc).

Now you decide whether to stick to your voip provider or go with IndiaLD.

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