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Airtel World Sim Review : Airtel International Roaming Cheap

You live in India, when was the last time you went abroad for a holiday or a business trip. And how much money you spent on your international roaming calling rates. If you are using your Indian SIM you are definitely paying too much on receiving calls as well as making calls. Next time you travel abroad, carry international sim card with you : Airtel World Sim which saves a lot on Airtel International charges.

Telecom companies charge you like anything, offering so such cheap local rates - I am sure they make money with their international roaming customers. Companies like Matrix do offer you international SIM cards which can save you money. But today we talk about Airtel World Sim, and its comparison with Matrix Sim Cards.

Now similar product has been launched by Airtel itself - Airtel World SIM. Lets discuss about this Airtel World SIM today!

What is Airtel World SIM ?

Its a pre-paid International SIM card for international travelers that allows you to receive incoming calls on your India Airtel number. You can also make outgoing calls across the world and in the country you are in at a fraction of international calling rates.

AIRTEL WORLD SIM can be used across 150+ countries i.e. there is no need to change your SIM for every country that you visit. You can buy the AIRTEL WORLD SIMTM while still in India.

Airtel World SIM is available only in Delhi and NCR (at present).

Airtel World Sim International Card Tariff Plans : (Airtel International Roaming Tariff) :
If I am not wrong, when using your normal Indian SIM on international roaming - call rates are like some Rs70-80 for incoming call and around Rs100 for outgoing calls to India.
Lets now discuss Airtel World Sim Call rates :

When you go to USA - change world sim mode to USA. Your call rates would be :
Incoming calls - 21 cents (around Rs10 - way to less than normal one).
Outgoing Calls to India : 87 cents per minute : Still ok with normal one.
Outgoing local calls (within USA) - 65 cents on mobile. I am not sure of normal sim rates when you call the visiting country itself.

In terms on call rates, Airtel World SIM is surely better than normal calling rates.

Is there any extra activation charges - for world sim itself ? though you just convert your normal sim to world sim mode.

Mentioned on website : There is no rental component on the Airtel World SIM.

Airtel World SIM works in many countries. So that's a good part.

Hey I found following on How to buy section:
"Purchase the AIRTEL WORLD SIMTM start up kit for Rs 500. The SIM does not have any calling value, hence please purchase recharge voucher to use this service. "

What about those already having an Airtel normal SIM. Do they have to pay this Rs500 charges again to use it as world sim. I guess this charge has to be one time only (cost of SIM).

Overall Airtel World SIM looks good to me, better than Matrix SIM Cards. I would request my readers to try it when they go abroad next time and let us know your opinion.

madhur article :

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June 4, 2010 at 4:41 PM

there are much cheaper calling cards available. Don't go for this world sim.
Moreover it would not work on your Indian phone and you need to purchase a special phone instrument in rder to call through this sim. It would not work on any phones purchased in US or other countries I repeat it requires a special phone with network unlocking feature.
Which I assume is illegal if you get it unlocked.

December 4, 2010 at 9:23 AM

no special phones required. works with most tri-band / quad-band phones. only issue is with networked locked iPhones and Blackberry.

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