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Call for as low as EUR 0.01/min with Vopium

Recently received the promotional offer details from Vopium, sharing it with all my blog readers. Vopium is surely a very good option.

VoIP providers around the world are competing fiercely with each other as calling volume continues to shift from mobile /fixed line to low cost VoIP. The race is on to provide a reliable service with increasing focus on improving their voice quality. In recent few months Vopium, a European startup has been extending its reach while offering a mobile solution that works on majority of popular handsets in the market. The service is worth a mention to those who want to stay connected by using cheap international calling rates.

Reducing their billing cost up to 60-90% now, Vopium offers many exciting low tariff international calling packages to various countries. Among these include some popular calling packages such as Call Pakistan (EUR 0.03/min), Call India (EUR 0.01/min) and Call Bangladesh (EUR 0.01/min) which are readily in use by people living abroad. Also Call the World package where users can call any fixed line number as low as EUR 0.01/min in 52 countries such as Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, India, Denmark, Norway and more.

Tanveer Sharif, CEO Vopium says, “Our above international calling packages are highly recommended because we have enormously slashed our calling cost per minute reducing it up to EUR 0.01/min worldwide. Our international calling cost is lowest among competitors because we are not charging any hidden costs. Vopium users get crisp voice quality at affordable rates by paying mobile operator for the local call and Vopium for cheap call rates”.

Additionally, Vopium users can also utilize the monthly subscription of the above packages, where they buy minutes in bulk (limited for 30 days) to make cheap calls worldwide. The packages are refreshed automatically after a month. Another way to benefit from Vopium’s reduced international dialing rates is to try their package Vopium 2 Vopium where two Vopium users can call each other anywhere around the world for only EUR 0.04/min. Or in other case by using Vopium wi-fi feature, they can also call each other absolutely free of cost for an unlimited time period. After all it’s all about cheap and reliable communication and that is what people are looking for.

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May 13, 2010 at 1:15 PM

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