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Dial91 lowers call rates to India at 1.48 cents

Few months back we discussed about Dial91 and it being offering cheap rates to India. Dial91 is a calling card locally available in US and used by many students in US to call India.

Actually, Dial91 was offering some special plans for students so that they can connect to their family in India. But now Dial91 is reduced its normal calling rate to India. Dial91 is now offering calls to India at just 1.48 cents per minute.

Dial91 has provided some rate comparison on its website and claims that it offer lower rates than Airtel Call Home (1.6 cents), Trueroots, and Reliance India Call.

It would be great if someone in US already using this calling card confirm the rate they are getting, may be Dial91 proves to be a very good calling option.

madhur article :

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July 12, 2010 at 7:12 AM


Their service is LOUSY - You can never get through to India.

Whenever you call their access numbers (evening, morning, late at night), you get a message that says "all circuits are busy" - for the past 10 days, this is what I hear.

What is the point of cheap rates if you can't use it?

Lousy, local company - total fraudsters!


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