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Rebtel for Android Voip Application Review : Free Calling

Android mobiles are so popular these days. Almost all of my friends in India are using android mobiles and the good thing is that most of them use voip apps on their android phones. With mobile voip we can easily make video and voice calls on our mobile itself and not to forget the instant messaging which is also free. The only thing which seems expensive is when we have to call people who are not using the same application (or a smartphone for that matter).

That is where Rebtel Voip application can help you out. Rebtel is world's second largest voip provider (after Skype) and it is one of the best in terms of call quality and customer support. The good thing about Rebtel is their ease of use, not only it offers local access calling but offer voip apps for all devices, be it Android mobiles, iPhone or Blackberry phones. Today we will be looking at Rebtel Android Application and its features.

Download Rebtel Android Application

- Sign up with Rebtel using this special link
- Search for "Rebtel" in the android store (Google Play market)
- Simply download this application
- Install the application and login in to your account

Please note that if you are already a Rebtel customer, you can directly download the app and login to your account. But if you have not yet registered with them then it is the right time to do so. Just make use of any of Rebtel Voucher Code and register with them.

Rebtel Android App Features

- Cheap International Calls : It could intercept all your international calls that you make from your regular address book or dial pad on your Android phone, and connect them via a cheaper service, such as Rebtel, instead of your pricey carrier. Thus you will be saving a lot on your phone bills.
- Use Rebtel App on Wifi or 3G : Your calls will be placed using internet
- Use Rebtel App without internet : You can still make calls without the need of wifi or 3G. Rebtel will intercept the call, assign a local number and connect the call via this number. Your international part of call will be via Rebtel.

- Interception of Your Internationals Calls
After you downloaded the app from, the only thing you have to do to start using is flicking the green On/Off switch. Once that’s done, Rebtel for Android will run in the background and stand-by waiting for you to either dial an international number from the regular dial pad on your phone, or pick a friend with an international number from your address book.

- Seamless Rebtel Free Calls
When you select a friend to call that also happens to be a Rebtel and has the app is running, the call will automatically become a Rebtel Free Call. That means that you pay nothing for the international part of the call to Rebtel, and if you have inclusive local minutes in your monthly plan, you pay nothing to your regular carrier for the local part of the call either. Its pretty great.

- Cheaper International SMS
Text friends and family in more than 150 countries. Like regular SMS, only 60% cheaper.

- Keep Talking
During the call itself you can switch from Wi-Fi/3G to a local phone call at no cost. So even if your call is breaking up, no issues it will get resolved.

Some of the reviews which I found in the Google Play Store.
I strongly believe that this is the best app to keep in contact with ur friends and family around the world. Its as simple as download, buy credit ($10 or more), add international numbers you want to call, then you will be given a local number(which depends on ur area) then dial the number and speak to ur family and friends abroad. I call Senegal for about 18 cents per minute. So $10 will last me for a while. Then when you login,u can refer friends and get $10 referral fee credited to ur MAGIC
 I have other apps I'm using to make internet calls but I think this is the best so far,its Clear and affordable.

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