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Facetime for iPhone : Make Free Video Calls on iOS

Video calling on mobile phone is getting very popular, thanks to applications like Skype. However a more popular video calling application for iOS devices is Facetime app. I was looking for some older posts and just realized I have not covered a post on on Apple's application Facetime. As you all know iPhone4 was launched sometime back and its most distinguishing feature is Facetime (the video calling app).

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones available in the market and Apple has always been trying to launch some great features. Facetime is just one of such great feature. Using this application you can make free video calls from your Apple iOS Device (be it Apple iPhone4, iPad or iPod Touch) to another person who is also using Facetime on his Apple iOS Device.

Just like any other voip app (Tango, Skype etc), these free video calls are made using internet. So as long as you are connected to Wifi or 3G you can make free video calls using your iPhone.

Apple Facetime App

It could be possible that none of your friend is using Apple iOS device compatible for Facetime app, good news is that Apple's got your back if you're looking for test FaceTime feature. Just dial up 1-888-FACETIME. Apple employee will be there in a moment to "show you the basics and a few advanced tips." Help line's only open from 8AM to 8PM CDT. It could be possible that some of your friend is using iPhone but you are not aware of it (and don't know if he is using Facetime), for that you can follow our tutorial on finding who's using Facetime.

Bad news is that you can ONLY call people who are using Facetime. As Facetime is developed by Apple, so that they do not have any app for Android Mobiles (though there are some alternatives). Also Facetime can be used on MAC Computer and do not have any application for windows PC.

Check the video : Facetime iPhone to Mac Calling

Facetime is always ON : It works and you can receive the call even if you have not opened this app. If you wish to turn off this feature, visit FaceTime > Preferences and toggle the switch labeled FaceTime from ON to OFF. This will turn off FaceTime on your Mac.

Add more Emails to Facetime :  You can add multiple email to facetime. Simply navigate to FaceTime > Preferences and under the section labeled "You can be reached for video calls at," specify a new email address by clicking on the Add Another Email button.

Change the view Mode (Portrait or Landscape) : You can use the video feature in either portrait or landscape view. With FaceTime on the Mac, you can still switch between these two views. When someone on the other end switches between the views, the Mac version of FaceTime will automatically flip from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Toggle between the front and rear cameras on your iPad/iPhone 4S: Though according to Apple the front camera has been fine-tuned for FaceTime usage. But sometime you want to use the iPhone’s main camera on the rear to best show off your surroundings and give the caller an idea of where you are. To toggle between the front and main cameras, tap the icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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