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Nymgo 1.1 cent call to India : Call rates to India reduced

We at FPPC have some big news for our blog readers. Lot of our blog readers are using Nymgo for making international phone calls. When you talk about PC to Phone calls, the voip provider which comes to our mind is Nymgo. The day it was launched, Nymgo created a buzz in voip industry. From past many months, Nymgo has been offering cheapest calls to many destinations and a very competitive rate of 1.3 cent to India.

But hold on, the news is Nymgo has further reduced its calling rate to India. Nymgo is now offering just 1.1 cent per minute to call India. Almost one cent call to India, Nymgo is must try now. Furthermore, if you make use of of voucher code of Nymgo then you are lower the calling costs even more. In simple words, if you make frequent international calls to India then Nymgo is a definitely worth trying.

Nymgo Calls to India

One thing I really about Nymgo is that you can try its service with buying as low as credit worth $5. And you will get approx 455 minutes in this $5. Plus no hidden charges. No fancy promotions and just simple rates.

Not now. Not ever. Just a great quality phone service and incredibly low international call charges to landlines and mobiles. We would say that start using Nymgo now and start saving on phone bills.

Apart from your Pc to Phone calls, you can now even make Phone to Phone calls using SIP device. Nymgo has recently launched its voip application for smartphone be it Android, iPhone or Windows mobile. Make nymgo sip voip phone calls and enjoy the low rate of 1.1 cent using Nymgo.

Features of Nymgo
- Excellent customer support which are quite active. . Since you are reading Free PC to Phone calls blog, you can get Nymgo customer support right here on this blog. If you face any problems, just post in the comments section (or email me), I will that your problem is resolved right here.
- Cheapest International calling rates
- Time to time voucher codes and promotional offers.

madhur article :

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June 3, 2010 at 9:00 PM

I love Nymgo. However, isn't there one or two services that have India at about 0.7 cents?? I am not talking about those services were the calls have an expiry date, rather where the calls never expire.

June 6, 2010 at 6:58 AM


There are few voip providers which were offering 0.7 cents /min to India. (IndiaLd was the one).

IndiaLd is also very nice voip service and so is Nymgo. Every voip provider has its pros and cons.

And the present rate offered by many voip providers to India is in range of 1-1.5 cent per minute which is a very good deal.

-- Madhur

June 15, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Rynga offers .009 Euros to India mobile along with 120 days of free calling to select destinations. The present lowest rate of Nymgo is same as that of rynga. Try out rynga!!

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