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MediaringTalk offers unlimited calls to India

Recently Mediaringtalk has launched some unlimited calling plans, in which it is offering unlimited voip calls to many countries for a few bucks. Actually Mediaringtalk has launched 3 unlimited plans which we discuss below.

Two of the plans offers unlimited calls to India and these plans looks good.

Unlimited calls to 40 countries for $9.99 - These 40 countries include China however India is not included in this plan.

Fair usage policy for this plan :
Unlimited calls to 60 countries including India & China for $19.99 : This plan offers unlimited calls to India. Calls to phones and mobile phone calls are included in your subscription subject to a fair usage limit of 2,000 minutes per User per month for the Dial the World – Unlimited Plan based on billing cycle), and 3,000 minutes per User per month for the Dial the World + India – Unlimited Plan (based on billing cycle) , for a maximum of 2 hours per 24 hour period. In addition, no more than 25 different numbers can be called per User, with maximum of 10 repeated calls to the same number, per 24 hour period.

750 minute to call anywhere in India for $9.99 - The effective calling rate comes around to 1.33 cents per minute. This rate is almost same as that offered in Pay as you go option.

So, depending on your need just choose the voip plan. For more details, visit Mediaringtalk Unlimited calls.

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July 9, 2010 at 10:01 PM

The amazing thing about these offers is that the rates for ISD calls are cheaper than that for long distance calls within India. If we are not wrong, at current rate of exchange, 1.33 cents is equal to 0.62 INR or 62 paisa which is less than what it usually cost for long distance calls per minute. With the proliferation of high bandwidth networks on mobile phones in India it will e interesting to see how people start moving to VoIP calls.

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