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Zenofon free $3 trial credit to new users

Lately there has been very little activity in the voip world with very less voip providers coming up with new promotions. Zenofon has some news for you. I am sure you must be aware about Zenofon but if you have not joined it because of any reasons then it is the perfect time to do so.

Zenofon made a lot of buzz in the voip market because of their unique referral system and free credit giveaway to all new customers. Earlier Zenofon was offering about 20cents-$1 to new customers, however their system lacked resulting in many people doing multiple registrations using Google voice free numbers. Now Zenofon has upgraded their system to catch if the number is original phone number or any voip number (google voice or any other).

Zenofon has announced the beginning of its new promotion that gives away a free coupon worth $3 of free calling to people who join Zenofon and confirm their account with a valid mobile number.

Zenofon mentions on its website that "this program will help Zenofon grow quicker, Zenofon mangement believes, because the company now can give away more free time to actual users. Once users experience Zenofon’s technological superiority, such as the Zenofon international call forward program, Zenofon’s pick your own rate program, and Zenofon’s service that lets non-skype users call Skype lines without having to download Skype, the service will continue its double digit quarterly growth."

Please note that this zenofon offers $3 free calling for all new users that sign up with a valid phone number. This $3 free is divided up over 7 days, (42 cents/day.) Non-mobile numbers get 30 cents free to try the service.

So, if you have not yet joined Zenofon its the right time to do so and make some free voip calls.

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July 30, 2010 at 1:55 PM

itz asking for invitation can any1 help me out my id is

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