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Zenofon now offers 7 possible rates to all international destinations

Here is the latest buss from Zenofon. Zenofon is now offering 7 possible rate plan to all your international destination. This means, depending on certain criteria which we discuss below, you will be able to call your destination with flexibility of the calling rate you choose. This feature looks quite unique and will surely attract many more customers to Zenofon.

Below is the content of mail which Zenofon sent to its already customers.

Zenofon's mission is to save you as much money and time as possible when you call internationally.

To save you time, we created 30 call forwarding numbers that you can store in your phone, that you can program to call internationally. Previously, if you wanted to save money on your international calls, you had to dial an access number and a PIN number, and then the number you wanted to dial. Once you add your international contacts to your Zenofon phonebook, that 3 stage dialing annoyance is a thing of the past. All you have to do is dial your Zenofon number and it will ring all the way to your contact overseas.

Zenofon has also invented something extremely powerful that will be extremely useful in helping us deliver to you the cheapest possible telephone rates and service. Our new software platform now offers you the choice of 7 possible routes that your call can take as gets delivered to your contacts overseas. Some of you will always choose the cheapest rate and some will always opt for the best quality route, but Zenofon intends on giving you the option, so you can decide for yourself what is best for you.
At this time, our level of reporting is not 100% there. We are working on a more transparent information sharing method, so you can see which route is the best blend of economy and high quality service. We hope to have that for you shortly. In the meantime, a summary of the routes are as follows:

Route 1 - Economy
Route 2 - Discount
Route 3 - Discount
Route 4 - Quality
Route 5 - Quality
Route 6 - Extreme discount, not guaranteed quality
Route 7 - Hi quality

Please share your views on this latest step by Zenofon.

madhur article :

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July 12, 2010 at 11:30 PM

When we blogged about this feature we found that their system has 9 routes while they only talk about the first 7 ones, leaving the customer wonder what are those 2 extra routes for. In order to add more to the post, you can now add multiple numbers to a contact via different routes. Simply put, you can call you mom via 5 different local zenofon numbers that will reach her over 5 different routes giving you the best way to test the routes available to you.

Team - Free Calls Hub

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