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Free Calls to USA and Canada from Gmail Account

You are from USA and you are having a Gmail and a google voice account ? How about making Phone calls directly from your Gmail account without having to login somewhere else. How about if all these phone calls are free.

Yes that is what Google has to offer to you now. Basically now you can access Google voice account from your gmail account, its the integration of Google Voice + Gmail. Using this new Gmail feature you will be able to make free phone calls to USA and Canada.

You need to install a Google voice and video chat plugin to your Gmail account. After you have installed this plugin and restarted the browser, you will see an additional option "Call Option" in the chat window. To make a call, just click the Call phone link in Gmail and enter any number or name from your address book.

You can also receive phone calls in your gmail account now using this same feature. The calls made from Gmail will display your Google Voice phone number as the outbound caller ID. You can also make international phone calls using Gmail, the call rates will be same as that of Google voice service. So basically its just Google voice service which you can now directly access from gmail.

One thing which needs to be mentioned is that this feature is available only to people in USA. I am not sure how are they tracking it, it may be the IP address (will proxies work) or some say its the language set (English US). Keep trying and let us know whatever works for you.

Seems that Google is now all set to give a great competition to Skype, Yahoo voice, Vonage. Lets see how many are able to use this service and find this useful.

FillnCall : Fill Surveys and make free international calls

Its been long that we have a a new voip service which allows one to make completely free international calls or free calls to India. Tuitalk is one offering free calls to many countries including India but the call duration is very less about 2 min per call, that too with a limitation of 3 calls per day.

Evaphone is also one voip provider offering free Pc to Phone calls to India. We have now found you a new voip provider which is offering free international voip calls and free calls to India.

As a special promotion, we have collaborated with FillnCall so that our blog readers can get the maximum. FreePctoPhoneCalls will get double registration credit with FillnCall.

So lets first describe about FillnCall and then we will give the details to get double credit and make free calls.

FillnCall is a voip provider which lets you make free calls by filling out surveys. For each free survey which you fill you will get free credit coins. It just takes 10 to 30 seconds to complete a survey and you get anywhere between 1 to 100 coins in one go. You can redeem coins for calling vouchers to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on, the choice is yours.

1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and we'll even give you 10 FREE BONUS COINS when you register. But since you are a freepctophonecalls readers, you will get double registration credit (20 coins). You need to register using this link.

2. Earn Coins: To be able to receive FREE gift vouchers, you need to earn coins. Earning these coins are FREE, and you just need to complete a few surveys to get enough coins to claim a free voucher. There are no trial offers or ways to purchase coins as of now. No credit card is required for any of the surveys.

3. Get a Free voucher: Once you have earned 100 coins on Fill-n-Call you can swap them for calling vouchers. Basically, you can request ANY voucher, as long as we support calling to that country.

Using these calling vouchers you can make free calls. To make calls you will need Nakia Communicator. Download this software from here.

So now the questions comes to your mind, how do they make money and offer these free calls. Basically these surveys are powered by advertising company, FillnCall get paid for these surveys which you fill and hence the calls are powered by that money !!!

So since you are free pc to phone calls readers, you will get double registration credit. Register using this link.

I myself had some queries about this offers which I have clarified with FillnCall.

Q1. How many offers can a person complete per day.
FillnCall response: One can complete any number of surveys each day. For now our widget shows 10 to 12 surveys every day.

Q2. Does these offers require any credit card info (any purchases). Are these offers free.
FillnCall response: All the offers are either free downloads or free surveys. No offer requires credit card or trial downloads.

Q3. What is the calling rate to India (in credits).
FillnCall response: Calling rate to India is 92 minutes for 100 coins. That means your blog visitors get around 18 to 20 minutes just for signup. But they can only redeem those coins after reaching 100 coins.

Q4. Can people purchase these credits.
FillnCall response: At present they cannot purchase credits. This can be installed if people ask for. But I feel people prefer free calling.

So if you have any other queries please let us know in the comment section, We will try that FillnCall officials answer your queries on the blog itself.

Cheap calls to Australia and international destinations

Note : If you are looking for cheap solution to make cheap calls to India - then try Rebtel (We offers a bonus $5 coupon code).

Today we talk about another voip provider names Freshtel. I am not very sure if we have talked about it in the past, but it offers some good packages to make cheap calls to Australia.

What is Freshtel. As its websites says (and which almost every other voip provider boast about)
  • It’s the future of phones
  • It will save you money – up to 60%!
  • It’s easy to use and flexible
  • No contracts to tie you down
  • And we’re not one of the big boys – enough said!
You can use Freshtel directly on your mobile. For information about installing Freshtel on your mobile visit !!

For making calls to Australia : freshtel offers no charge and flat rate untimed calls to any landline anywhere in Australia but that is under one plan in which you have to pay a montly charge of 9.95 AUD. Freshtel offers some other plans with lower monthly charges and one plan with no monthly charge but higher calling rates.
Fair usage policy :
  • Applies to all customers.
  • All prices are displayed in Australian dollars.
  • All calls subject to a maximum of 180 minutes per call.
  • All flat rate calls to Australian landlines limited to a total of 2,500 minutes per month.
  • On the Freshtel 29.95 plan, all flat rate calls to Australian landlines are limited to a total of 3,000 minutes per month.
  • Freshtel reserves the right to exempt specific customers.

  • cheap calls to australia by freshtel
For business users, Freshtel also offers a PBX system : TalkSwitch which is designed for a small business. Each TalkSwitch telephone system comes complete with built-in voicemail, auto attendants to answer calls, music on hold, caller display and an extensive feature set. TalkSwitch is a hybrid PBX that works with standard analogue and IP telephone sets. It works with analogue telephone lines and has the option of VoIP for multibranch networking and select service providers. If you are looking for a PBX system for your business you can try Freshtel.

Cheap Voip International Calls from Finland

Voip has already a very popular technology with people from all over world using it to make cheap international calls. Today we discuss about another voip provider offering cheap international calls.

99599 Minicom is a Finland based voip provider offering voip calls from Finland. There is not much listed on their website but the method to call and rates are being listed.

To make calls :
Select: 99599 / country code / area code / phone number
For example to call Stockholm, Sweden, dial 99599 / 46 / 8 / ******

Their website says "With our cheap and high quality 99599-international calls you can reach your friends all over the world! Calling is easy and above all extremely cheap. Just take a look at our rates and compare them to your current service provider's rates. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here for you! ".

There is not much information if it requires you to join their service (how to activate). May be just dialing the access number should work. So better just contact them regarding.

Regarding the calling rates, the rates are competitive when you activate (discounted rates). Calls to India are at 2.5 eurocent. Check their rate list before you make call.

For more info, visit Minicom.

PS: To make free international calls or cheap calls to India, check the last post on Rebtel (bonus coupon code).

Rebtel Bonus Coupon Code for Free Calling Credit

Its been quite long that we have posted any special promotions for our blog readers. Well we were busy negotiating a new deal exclusive to our blog readers. But the wait is finally over as we are back again with a special Rebtel promotional offer exclusive for you. We have done some surveys to know what works best for our readers, well most of them said that they want absolutely free international calls without paying a penny.

We tried to get that deal for you, but then you know this type of promotional are generally not acceptable to voip providers. We had to settle somewhere in between and we have this promotion now.

Similar to our double money promotion in collaboration with Rebtel (which was a big hit, where more than 500 people making use of that promotion to double their credit), we have another offer "Free $5 Bonus Code".

Rebtel is offering a voucher code which you have to use during your signup. Using this bonus code you will get $5 bonus on the first deposit. In simple terms if you buy $10 credit with Rebtel, you will get additional $5 credit absolutely free. Its equal to approximately 6 hours of calling to the UK or Mexico, or about one hour to Asia or Africa.

Rebel - Cheap International Calls

How to avail Rebtel Offer

1. Sign up using this link - Rebtel Signup.
2. At the signup page enter the Promo Code : REBTEL5

  • Start date: 1st of July, 2010
  • End date: 1st of October, 2010
  • The minimum deposit is $10. The deposit must be made within 30 days after the sign up
For those who are have no idea about Rebtel, its a voip service offering you a local number for your contacts. You can make free international calls to almost 40-50 countries using Rebtel. For calling India Rebtel rates are very competitive.

That's not all, as it offers first call free. The credit never expires and the call quality is amazing as well. Its the second largest voip provider (after Skype), but I would say its better than Skype in many ways.

Please note that the promotion we posted above is
valid for new customers only, so make full use of it. If you are already a Rebtel customer then in order to make use of offer, signup using some other email id and phone number.

SokenRecall : Free Calls : Record and Transcribe your calls

Well just surfing around the internet, I came across this cool service named SpokenRecall. I have not got much time to try the service out and have a detailed report about this new service. Just though to share a few things first which looked interesting so that you guys yourself try it out and let us know your feedback.

You can now record your phone calls and transcribe them ! Spokenrecall is such a similar service with:
Free Sign Up
Record your calls
Transcribe your recordings
No long distance charges
Get your own personal numbers all over the world

All th features looks good with the ability to transcribe your recordings. One more thing which looked good was that "No long distance charges". Does this mean that you can make Free Voip Phone calls using this service as a access number. (I still have to figure this out).

On thier FAQ page, I found this written.

What are the services offered?

People calling you can do so from places all over the world with no long distance charges. Just about anyone can call you from locations all over the world without having to pay any long distance charges. They only pay the local call rate when calling while still enjoying all the features of the Spoken Recall service. All that they need to do is call one of our local access numbers and enter your phone number and we will handle the long distance. So if you are in the United States and your friends want to talk to you from another country, such as Italy, all they do is call the Italy access number and enter your number. You will still have the ability to use all the great Spoken Recall features during the call, the same as if you had called them. If you have acquired a personal Spoken Recall number they can call you directly without having to enter your phone number. So you can have a number in several cities throughout the world and they will all connect to whatever phones you have chosen. Only local charges will apply for the call.

I would suggest you guys to try SpokenRecall service out as this does not require any payments. Please let us know the results.


Free Calls to your Facebook friends by Vonage

Two days back, Vonage announced some good news to all Vonage users (I am assuming most of you must be having a facebook account).

It is obviously much cheaper to post a message on your Facebook wall instead of making call or texting your facebook friend. But how about if you are able to make calls to your Facebook friends for free !! thanks to a new Facebook application from voice-over internet-protocol [VoIP] software provider Vonage.

As long as you are connected to world via WiFi, 3G/4G you can make free calls using Vonage facebook application which install on your phone. Any version of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or on any smartphone running Google Inc.’s Android operating system. It is available on the Apple app store and the Android market as a free download.

After you start the application you will be asked to enter facebook login information. You will now be able to make call to your Facebook friend for free. These calls are placed using your phone internet connection (the power of Voip). The only catch to make free calls is that your friend also need to have this Vonage application installed.

Skype reduces call rates to India : India Calling Plans

If you are still stuck with your old telecom provider for your international calls then you are losing a lot of money. It is high time you make a switch to voip (or calling cards) for your international calls and messages and start saving on your phone bills. Skype is probably the thing you should start your voip use. And if you regularly make international calls to India, then we have some good news for you. Skype has again reduced its calling rates to India offering a cheaper voip plan.

The news is official with a post on Skype voip blog and the rates are also updated on Skype website. This means that the rates are effective immediately.  Using Skype you can now make up to 400 minutes of calls to landlines and mobiles in India for just $8.99/£5.79/€6,69* per month – an effective rate of only 2.2¢/1.4p/1,7c† ($US/£/€) per minute.

It doesn't mean that you have to buy minimum 400 minute plan, if you check Skype website then the price for 60 minutes to India are mentioned as €1,39 with effective calling rate same as for other plans. You can choose the plan depending on your per month usage.

Skype mentions on its blog
"You can chat away without the worry, and there are no long-term contracts either. You can make calls from your computer, mobile phone or even from your TV at our great low rates – a monthly subscription is the cheapest way to call phones with Skype.
Plus, if you sign up for 12 months, you’ll get an extra 120 minutes per month free, bringing the total monthly allowance to 520 minutes – an even better deal."
- Check a full post on Skype Call Rates

Skype Updates Plans for Calling India

- Pay as you go Plan : Call India at 6.9 cents per minute. In this plan you need to subscribe or pay monthly but just buy credit and use it at your own pace. Still a costly plan considering many other are offering cheap rates to India

Skype Rates to India

- Subscription Plans : Buy a plan for as low as 60 minutes per month and your cost reduces to just 2.3 cents per month. If you choose any higher calling plan (check the image), then your call rate reduces further. Cheapest one goes about to 1 cents per minute.

Before you jump onto purchase any plan or buy any credit, you should check out the Skype voucher codes (make use of them and avail some discounts).

u011 : Cheap Voip Calls to India : Free 5$ credit

It is after long that a new voip provider has launched its services. The call rates to India are already on very low side and the competition is further increasing. I am waiting for the day when we will be able to make unlimited free calls to India.

Lets now discuss about this new voip provider u011 : the name of this voip provider is quite different (don't what this 'u' and '011' stands for - some code ? ). u011 offers cheap international calls to many countries offering one cent calls to many countries.

For India u011 offers two plans :
Pay as you go plan with one year validity offering calls to India at 2 cent per minute. Voip Calls are pay per minute with no hidden charges. Best part is that is offering free $5 credit on purchase of min $10 credit. So the effective calling rate will be around 1.33 cents per minute.

Other plan to India is Flat rate plan in which you get 1000 minutes to India at $14.99. The validity for this plan is 30 days. Again free $5 credit which is like bonus is also valid on this plan.

Some other features which u011 mentions on its website:
No Taxes
No Hidden Charges
Pay What You See
Call From Any Country
Lowest Rates In The Industry
Best Quality - Guaranteed
24x7 Email Customer Support

For more info, visit u011


Northeastvoip : Cheap Voip international Calls

Today we discuss a new voip provider (I am not very sure if its really old, or we have just discovered about it) North East Voip which is a Voice carrier. NorthEastvoip also provide individual accounts to make voip calls through voip phone.

It provides low bandwidth dialer for mobile phones with Symbian operating system. The NE VoIP mobile dialer uses 10kb bandwidth and works all over the world on Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson. The mobile dialer can connect to Internet using Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS. You can chose the network to connect and also receive incoming calls.

Northeastvoip is offering some free additional Credit & Free UK/US DID. It offers free $2 credit for $10 top up. For all members a Free US/US DID (incoming number) one month free.

Calling rates as mentioned on website (on one of the image) are 1 cent to many countries including India, Europe, USA, UK etc. The rates as mentioned on the Rates page are 1.6 cents to India. That's certainly some confusion.

You can also download its iPhone application or make phone to phone calls using the SIP client (use Fring). It also provides a Web dialer so that you can make Pc to Phone calls.

Some additional features:
1. Free Registration and Voip Phone download
2. Direct portal access
3. US/UK DID Virtual Number free Setup
4. SMS messaging to all over the world
5. Cheaper Calls per second pulse
6. voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting
7. Contact book, call records, missed calls

For more info, visit Northeastvoip.
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