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Northeastvoip : Cheap Voip international Calls

Today we discuss a new voip provider (I am not very sure if its really old, or we have just discovered about it) North East Voip which is a Voice carrier. NorthEastvoip also provide individual accounts to make voip calls through voip phone.

It provides low bandwidth dialer for mobile phones with Symbian operating system. The NE VoIP mobile dialer uses 10kb bandwidth and works all over the world on Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson. The mobile dialer can connect to Internet using Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS. You can chose the network to connect and also receive incoming calls.

Northeastvoip is offering some free additional Credit & Free UK/US DID. It offers free $2 credit for $10 top up. For all members a Free US/US DID (incoming number) one month free.

Calling rates as mentioned on website (on one of the image) are 1 cent to many countries including India, Europe, USA, UK etc. The rates as mentioned on the Rates page are 1.6 cents to India. That's certainly some confusion.

You can also download its iPhone application or make phone to phone calls using the SIP client (use Fring). It also provides a Web dialer so that you can make Pc to Phone calls.

Some additional features:
1. Free Registration and Voip Phone download
2. Direct portal access
3. US/UK DID Virtual Number free Setup
4. SMS messaging to all over the world
5. Cheaper Calls per second pulse
6. voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting
7. Contact book, call records, missed calls

For more info, visit Northeastvoip.

madhur article :

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August 11, 2010 at 1:27 PM

There is something fishy about a company whose contact email is non-functional! doesn't work! I ain't signing up with someone who can't get their basic customer service tool straight!

August 11, 2010 at 11:23 PM

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