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CallNet VoIP FREE 15 Minutes per month to 50 countries

With so many voip players already in the market, voip companies have started offering good mobile voip deals. Many are offering good mobile voip plans, so that people can make cheap phone to phone calls. Its indeed good for all the users. We have already discussed about Fringout, offering cheap calls to India, then we have voip provider like Rebtel which offers direct calls (without any need to download any voip application to your phone). Just to remind you all, those who have not utilized the offer yet, Rebtel is offering free $5 bonus (yeah offer for our blog readers) - valid till November !!

Coming back to the voip provider in discussion, CallNet. Its a mobile voip provider which is having some good plans to make cheap international calls. The best part about this voip provider is that it is offering free 15 minutes calls to 50 countries, and that too each month. Yeah, India is included in the list. So that means, you can make free 15 minutes calls to India each month without spending anything. Lets talk about it more, then I will discuss some of CallNet other plans.

Well, actually CallNet offers several plans, one of them being CallNet free. Sign up for your free account and Callnet throws in 15 minutes to 50 Worldwide destinations per month free!
Destination list where you can make free calls to India :

Argentina, World Wide DestinationsAustralia, Belgium, Belgium Mobile, Brunei, Brunei Mobile, Canada, China, China Mobile, Croatia Republic, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Mobile, Hungary, Iceland, India, India Mobile, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Portugal Mobile, Puerto Rico, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, Singapore Mobile, Slovenia Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand Mobile, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Island, Venezuela, Venezuela Mobile.


Lower Call Rates
Competitive international and mobile call rates even for destinations outside the CallNet VoIP Plans.

Voicemail to Email Service
Have your voicemails delivered as sound files to your email address.

Online Billing Information
This feature allows you to view and download your call history online in realtime!

Time Of Day Forwarding / Scheduled Dial plan
This feature allows you to customize your dial plan online to manage your incoming call

Some other plans which CallNet offers :

300 minutes to NZ & 50 Worldwide Destinations for only $9.95 / month

600 minutes to NZ & 50 Worldwide Destinations for only $14.95 / month.

Unlimited calls to NZ & 50 Worldwide Destinations for only $29.95 / month.

DID NZ regional numbers available for only $3.95 / month

Mobile Voip $3.95/month : Make low cost international & local calls with our VoIP Apps for iPhone, Nokia, Android, and BlackBerry.

What I suggest you to try CallNet free plan first. Register with them for free, try out your free 15 minutes to these countries (you get 15 free minutes each month). If you like the service then you can topup your account/Choose any plan which suits your need. Please let us know your feedback, its very important to us as well to these voip companies.

Have you tried FringOut to make cheap calls from Mobile

fringout voip service
Sometime back we posted about the new beta voip service by Fring that is, Fringout. Its a newly launched voip service by Fring which allows you to make cheap voip calls directly from your Nokia mobile. Fringout is now again making a lot of buzz in the voip town, and I not very sure why now ?

Fringout is in news on many websites, and blogs stating to replace the voip giants like Skype. Let me describe this service to you again if you missed my last post on Fringout.

FringOut. Fringout is the latest mobile voip application by Fring (Still in beta phase) using which you can make cheap international phone calls directly from your mobile. Fringout is a good option now to make calls from your mobile as its rates are really cheap. You can make ‘almost-free’ mobile calls to family and friends not yet on fring to ANY phone. Call more than 200 countries from 1c/min
- Canada from 0.4 cents
- UK from 0.6 cents
- India from 1.1 cents
Fringout works on Nokia mobiles. Fring is working to launch its iPhone and Android applications. So iPhone users should not worry much !

Surely mobile voip is the upcoming trend, and its time that other voip providers as well start reducing their calling rates. No one is willing to shell out $$$ for making international calls, and actually you don't have to. Many providers offer international voip calls at cheap rates.

Use Fringout, make cheap international calls and let us know your feedback.

Phone Calls from Gmail/Google Voice : Tips

A few weeks back, Google started offering Google voice service directly from your gmail account. This enables to make calls from your gmail account, free calls to USA and Canada. Later Google Voice posted on its blog some calling tips which are very useful. Let me share it with you all.

If you have not yet setup Google Voice in your gmail, go to Google Voice, click on settings and check the box next to Google Chat in your list of forwarding phones. Now, you’ll be able to make and receive calls to your Google Voice number right in Gmail.

Tips about calls from Gmail:

1. Call Screening : You want to ignore a particular incoming call. Click the “Screen” button. The caller will be sent to your voicemail and you can listen in while they leave you a message. If you decide you want to take the call, just click “Join” at any time to pick up.

2. Switching calls between Gmail and other phones
Let’s say you picked up a call on your Gmail, but you need to head out the door. It’s a pain to hang up and call the person back from your cell, especially for those important calls. Hit the asterisk (*) on the Gmail dial pad at any time during the call and your other Google Voice forwarding phones will ring.

3. Recording incoming calls

4. Whenever you miss a call, you can see a notification in your Google Voice inbox, or receive an email notification, or both. This setting can be turned on and off from the Calls tab in the Settings menu.

Some of these tips are really helpful, specially forwarding the call to your number in between a call. If Google keeps on going like this in Voip, it is sure to capture the market very soon.

Source : Google Voice Blog.

Skype offers Free 30 Minutes on EID : Promotional Offer

First of all wish all our blog readers a very happy EID. The festive season is around and its time voip companies have started offering free calls. Skype, one of the voip industry leaders has announced its new offer so that everyone can wish their relative and friends on the occasion of EID.

If you've never tried using Skype to call a landline phone or mobile, now's your chance to discover what else Skype can do. Skype is offering 1 million free voucher giveaway so that can call around the world for up to 30 minutes.

This way Celebrate Eid with free calls to friends and family all over the world from Skype. Getting this free voucher is very easy, but to bring to your notice - these vouchers are limited in number so you should probably not wait and grab your voucher now. The buzz about this free voucher giveaway is already spreading and soon these vouchers will be finished.

How to Get Free 30 Minutes Calling Voucher by Skype

  1. Visit Skype promotion page.
  2. Enter your email address and wait for the confirmation.
  3. Skype will then email you a special code to claim your free Skype Credit so you can start sending Eid wishes.

Terms and Conditions

- Offer subject to availability, limited to one million vouchers in total. Only one voucher per email address.
- No cash alternative.
- Skype reserves the right to exclude participants from the offer in the event of suspected abuse or fraud.
- To redeem your voucher and make Skype calls, you must have a registered Skype Name and an internet connection.
- The Skype Credit will be applied to your Skype account. 30 total minutes is based on a single call to a landline at the rate of €0.02 per minute.
- The actual number of minutes you can redeem with this offer may vary based on your calling destination and whether you call landline or mobile phones.
- A connection fee applies.
- Redeem your voucher by 31.03.11.

It is damn easy to use Skype. You can either use it on your computer, tablet or mobile phone (iPhone/iPad/Windows Mobile). Apart from using these free minutes you can use Skype for free calling (Skype to Skype voice and video calling) and text messaging.

Fring : Cheap Voip International Calls Phone Calls

If you are aware of mobile voip, then its is very likely that you have used Fring in your mobile phone to make voip calls. Skype and Fring the two big voip provider with Fring having a good hold on mobile voip market. Fring has been very popular for making SIP calls from your mobile phone.

And now Fring is ready to create more buzz and expand its market by launching FringOut. Fringout is the latest mobile voip application by Fring (Still in beta phase) using which you can make cheap international phone calls directly from your mobile. There have been many voip provider (mobile voip) offering cheap calls but the call rate aint that cheap. Many still charge about 2-3 or more per min to make calls to India.

So Fringout is a good option now to make calls from your mobile as its rates are really cheap. You can make calls to most parts of world for about 1 cent per minute. You can make voip calls to India at 1.3-1.6 cents per minute (very cheap when you are making mobile voip calls).

To use Fringout in your phone :
1. Visit Fringout.
2. Choose your mobile device.
3. Download and install it in your phone. Create an account with Fring and start using it.

Skype Free Group Video calls To 10 people : Chat with Multiple Friends

We all enjoy chatting with our friends and free voice calls to them is always very enjoyable. But what's interesting is video chat with your loved ones (and yes free). Actually what's more interesting and highly enjoying is video chatting with multiple people at same time. In more technical words, we are talking about video conferencing or group video calls.

Good news is that you can now use Skype to make group video calls with up to 10 people - letting you bring even more of your family, friends or business together, even if you’re cities or continents apart. Note that everyone in a group video call now needs to be running the updated version of Skype (so that everyone has capability of group video chat). So if your friends, family or colleagues are using Beta 1, they’ll have to upgrade before you can include them in group video calls.

Skype has also changed its user interface. It looks more sleeker, neater and crisper than before. Skype Home, has been added where you can follow your contacts' mood messages, set your profile picture and mood message, receive account notifications and learn more about using Skype.

Skype Group Video Chatting | Multiple People Calling at same time

- You can chat with maximum of 10 people at same time.
- It’s great for regular family catch ups or to hold business meetings with anyone worldwide.
- To use group video calls, at least one person on the call will need to have a Premium account.

Free Skype Group Video Calls

- Get Skype Free Download

Fair Usage Policy

Group video calls are subject to a fair usage limit of 100 hours per month with no more than 10 hours per day and a limit of 4 hours per individual video call. Once these limits have been reached, the video will switch off and the call will convert to an audio call.

I thought its FREE

You can try Skype for free for whole one month. This free month included unlimited calls plan, group video calls and even group screen sharing.
- To avail this free trial you need to purchase a plan (which you can cancel before your free month completes).

And if you love using these great Skype features you can keep them after the free trial for just €7.992 a month (that's more than 50% off the regular price). To make this easy for you Skype will need your payment details to start your free trial. You’ll not need to do anything to keep the subscription – it’ll automatically renew each month. Not sure? No problem. Simply cancel any time within the first 27 days of your free trial. 

Making Group Video Calls

- You can make group video calls from your windows laptop/desktop : Check out this tutorial which I found on Skype website. Similar tutorial exists for Mac PC as well.
  • Only one group video call can take place on the same computer at the same time.
  • If you are signed in to Skype on more than one computer, you can participate in one group video call on each computer you are signed in to.
Please note that Group Video Calling is not available on mobile devices application (like android, iPhone) and Skype tablet applications. 

I would suggest you to hook up your laptop with your televison to enjoy video calling on TV. And couple this with group video calling as described in this post. Group Video Chat on television will be a totally different experience at home.
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