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Have you tried FringOut to make cheap calls from Mobile

fringout voip service
Sometime back we posted about the new beta voip service by Fring that is, Fringout. Its a newly launched voip service by Fring which allows you to make cheap voip calls directly from your Nokia mobile. Fringout is now again making a lot of buzz in the voip town, and I not very sure why now ?

Fringout is in news on many websites, and blogs stating to replace the voip giants like Skype. Let me describe this service to you again if you missed my last post on Fringout.

FringOut. Fringout is the latest mobile voip application by Fring (Still in beta phase) using which you can make cheap international phone calls directly from your mobile. Fringout is a good option now to make calls from your mobile as its rates are really cheap. You can make ‘almost-free’ mobile calls to family and friends not yet on fring to ANY phone. Call more than 200 countries from 1c/min
- Canada from 0.4 cents
- UK from 0.6 cents
- India from 1.1 cents
Fringout works on Nokia mobiles. Fring is working to launch its iPhone and Android applications. So iPhone users should not worry much !

Surely mobile voip is the upcoming trend, and its time that other voip providers as well start reducing their calling rates. No one is willing to shell out $$$ for making international calls, and actually you don't have to. Many providers offer international voip calls at cheap rates.

Use Fringout, make cheap international calls and let us know your feedback.

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September 20, 2010 at 12:16 PM

Yes i know about this service. FringOut is a program from wich you can make calls to landlines and mobile phones at extremely low cost. you can make calls to India, UK, US, and Germany at 1 cent per minute. And it is only available for Nokia S60.

September 24, 2010 at 1:28 AM

I haven't used fringOut. I will try. Before I used fring to make sip calls but later I switched to some sip apps to make sip calls and i am still using them.

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