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Rebtel Diwali Voucher Code for Cheap Calls to India

Its the holiday time in India, as its the festival season. The festival of Diwali is here. Call volumes to India increase a lot during this time period of year and everyone is looking for cheap calling options to India. Most of the Indians living in USA or any other country try their best to come to India this time of year. But only some are able to materialize this, so the only option rest of them have got is to make phone calls and talk to their loved ones.

As the international call rates to India are not that cheap (specially by your telecom provider), so you may end up paying huge phone bills. However if you use voip then you can save lot on your phone bills. Infact, Rebtel has lowered its calling rates to India. Now you can make calls to India at just 1.5 cent per min, hold on actually your effective calling rate to India can be around 1 cent per min. Read on to find out how.

Rebtel Diwali

This is because of a new Rebtel Diwali promotional offer where it has lowered its calling rates to India. It has lowered its calling rates for calls to mobiles as well as landlines to an all time low of 1.5¢ per minute. As opposed to previous years, when only new users could benefit from dropped Diwali rates, every single one of our users calling to India are, starting from today, able to call call for this new 1.5¢ rate.

All new and old users get the benefit. I think, at present 1 cent per min to India must be lowest offered among other voip providers.

Rebtel Diwali Promotion

How do you get even lower effective calling rate

Remember Rebtel was already offering a voucher code to get free $5 bonus. Club this voucher with your Diwali promotion and you get effective calling rate of 1 cent per min. The voucher code date has been extended.

The offer is a voucher code that adds $5 bonus on the first $10 deposit. That is a 50% bonus, $5 is equal to approx 6 hours of calling to the UK or Mexico, or about one hour to Asia or Africa.

- Voucher code: REBTEL5
- End date: 31st of January
- The minimum deposit is $10. The deposit must be made within 30 days after the sign up
- The customer has to submit the voucher code when signing up

Now there are plenty of reasons you should go for Rebtel :
  1. First Call free with Rebtel. Before you make payment, you can try Rebtel with first call free.
  2. Lowest calling rate to India at this time : Effective rate of 1 cent per min.
  3. $5 Bonus on purchase of $10 credit.
  4. Very good voice quality, excellent customer support, good brand value in voip industry.
  5. Even make PC to Phone Calls using Rebtel.
I think, Rebtel is one of the best ways to make calls to your friends and family this Diwali. You will enjoy good quality calls at cheapest price. What more can you ask for.

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October 30, 2010 at 7:25 AM

Rebtel Diwali offer is good, thanks for informing.

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