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Mo-Call : Cheap International Mobile Calls with Free Trial Credit

mo-call cheap callsIf you are looking for cheap mobile voip calls clubbed with really good voice quality and customer support, then Mo-Call is the answer! And since you are reading "Free Pc to Phone Calls" blog, we have something extra for you : free Mo-call trial credit. A lot of people using Skype ask me about various other cheap international calls provider, well Mo-Call is a good Skype alternative.

This is not the first time we are blogging about Mo-Call (its obviously one of the best voip provider), but this time you can try Mo-Call for free, with free double trial credit. I am sure you will like Mo-Call and will continue your phone calls with Mo-Call.

Mo-Call is a London based voip service provider by Morodo Group. MO-Call was developed by Beijing Morodo Technology Development Co., Ltd. You can read more about Morodo Group on their website.

Not taking too much long, and first the procedure to get free trial credit so you can try Mo-Call.

Sign up with Mo-Call using this link.
Use the coupon code FPPC while registration.
You get $2 free trial credit : Worth 100 minutes calls to India.

As like Localphone, Mo-Call offers many ways using which you can make voip phone calls :

1. Mo-Call for Mobiles : You simple install one simple application on your mobile, and make cheap international mobile calls. Mo-Call works on almost any phone. When you switch it on, you can route your calls over the Morodo Network to save up to 95% on international calls and SMS compared to your mobile operator.

mo-call cheap international calls
2. Calls from Fixed Lines Phones : Mo-Call just works like a calling card. Add additional numbers to make MO-Calls from your Home or Office telephone. After dialing the MO-Call access number, dial the international number and the call connects.

mo-call cheap international calls3. Pc to Phone Calls : Just download one PC application, Voip softphone and start making Pc to Phone Calls. I am sure almost every Free Pc to Phone Calls reader is aware about how to make pc to phone calls. Free calls between connected MO-Callers. Cheap calls to mobiles and Landlines. Cheap SMS to the World.

mo-call cheap international calls

Moving on to Mo-Call Voip Calling Rates

Mo-Call is known for offering very cheap international calling rates. Mo-Call offers cheap calls to so many countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, UK, Philippines etc.

Mo-Call Calling rate to:
India 0.02
Bangladesh 0.04
Poland 0.014
USA 0.009
Canada 0.01
Germany 0.013
UK 0.03
Australia 0.03
Philippines 0.118
Pakistan 0.074

Here's another good thing about Mo-Call.

How are calls charged?
Call billing begins 20 seconds after connection. Calls are charged in 1 minute increments.

How is SMS charged?
MO-Call only charges for messages that are confirmed as delivered to the recipient's Mobile Network.

So many things have been discussed about Mo-Call. With Promo Code "FPPC" (Free PC to Phone Calls) and this special link, try Mo-Call for free. Please share your views about Mo-Call, your feedback is highly important.

Please note : The promo code is only available for users who are from one of the MO-Call Home Countries. Users not from one of the Home Countries are regarded as MO-Call World Country. Users who register from one of the World Countries must make a top-up to receive the additional credit.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


Google Voice App for iPhone Download

Finally we have Google Voice App for iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone4 and every other. And this Google Voice Application directly comes from Google. A few days back, Google has officially released their Google Voice app for iPhone. You can easily download this Google Voice app from iPhone App store.

You have been looking for making free calls from your iPhone to other phones (in USA) and now you have a perfect solution for it. Google Voice is already a great success and their iPhone app will create some more buzz.

Google Voice Blog reports that with this Google Voice app on your iphone, you will get access to all major Google Voice features.
  • Free text messaging to U.S. numbers
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls
  • Cheap rates for international calls
  • push notifications : to alert you when you receive a new voicemail or text message.
Moreover the calls will be placed via direct access number, so you wont feel the difference and it will be just another regular call. Experience great voice quality.

Google Voice is currently available in US only. You need an iPhone with iOS 3.1 or laterto use this Google Voice app on your iPhone. You can Download Google Voice iphone app from the App store.

Free Net to Phone Calls : Call net to Phone : FastVoip

Now make Free net to Phone calls, that is internet phone calls directly from your PC. FastVoip offers calls from intenet (net to Phone) calls. FastVoip looks very similar to delmont sarl, betamax voip provider's - but not sure if its one of them. FastVoip offers free internet calls and cheap calls to many countries. Now you can place cheap net to phone call to India using Fastvoip.

Fastvoip is the latest entry in the voip market, and has really made a buzz in the voip world.

FastVoip offers :
Free Internet Phone calls (free calls between fastvoip users).
Cheap net 2 phone calls : Free international calls, and cheap calls to many destinations.
Very Cheap SMS from internet : all over world.

What's required to make cheap Net to Phone Calls using Fastvoip

1. Fastvoip PC application --> Download Net to Phone software (softphone).
If you don't want to make Pc to Phone calls, you can try direct access method. Fastvoip offers local access numbers. We will talk about it later in the post.

2. Internet connection -> to make PC to Phone calls (net to phone).

3. Speaker, and microphone.

How much does it cost to make net to phone calls to India using Fastvoip

Fastvoip offers you the cheapest calling rate to India (at present). The calling rate to India is just 0.7 cents per min (including taxes). These are indeed very cheap calls to India.
FastVoip offers cheap net to phone calls to many other countries in the world specially Asian countries. If you are looking for making cheap calls to India, then fastvoip is a good option. For other countries, check out Fastvoip rate list.

FastVoip Local access numbers

Lookup the access number of the country you're calling from, dial the number and start saving! Currently fastvoip provide local access numbers in 60 countries!

For example: you are in Spain. From a local Spanish phone number (starting with 0034) you dial the access number 091-1145221 in Spain.

How it works

1. Dial the local access number
2. Enter your 10-digit card ID. You'll find your card ID on your profile page.
3. Dial the international number.

Fastvoip is a good option to make net to phone calls and is worth trying. Please let us know your feedback on Fastvoip !

Mediaringtalk : is now S-unno : Spice i2i

Mediaringtalk is now S-unno. that is Mediaringtalk Ltd is now re branded as Spice i2i. About an year back, Spice Global brought a major stake in Mediaringtalk Ltsd. And following this, it is now rebranded as Spice i2i Ltd (

Dr. B. K. Modi is the Chairman of Spice i2i. Many new features have been added to Mediaringtalk voip service. Following are the words from Spice i2i :

"“Spice i2i is more than just a new brand, it is the new identity, the new DNA for the company. The name Spice denotes Synchronised Performance through Innovation in Communication and Entertainment, while i2i represents from ‘Innovation to Infinity’. This means continuous innovation to create infinite possibilities for the future. With the launch of the Spice i2i brand, the company ventures beyond the internet telephony industry to become a complete mobile internet solutions provider that constantly pushes the boundaries in mobile communication and entertainment,"

Spicei2i has a lot more features, Mediaringtalk service is now basically Sunno. Sunno is an hindi word meaning (to hear). This definitely means the growth of Voip in India (soon unlimited free calls to India ??).

Good things about Mediaringtalk have been kept the same for Sunno. The calling rates of Mediaringtalk/Sunno Voip service are mostly same as previous rates.

There are lot many features that Sunno-Voip (Mediaringtalk) is now offering, and it wont be possible to cover every feature in just one post. I will discuss the major Voip plans that Mediaringtalk/Sunno is offering (Voip services offered by Mediaringtalk).

Mediaringtalk - Sunno Voip Services

Free Calls from Sunno Voip

Free VoIP Calls from your Mobile Phone or PC using the Free VoIP Software Download!
  • Make unlimited free VoIP calls to other S-unno users absolutely free. Free VoIP international calls. That is Free PC to PC Calls. Offcourse if both sunno users use mediaringtalk service on phone, then these are Free Phone to Phone calls.
  • Add your friend as a contact and just click to make a VoIP call or send an instant message.
  • Enjoy calls with 5 S-unno users at anytime using the conferencing feature.
  • Free VoIP software to download for your mobile or PC.
  • Remember, no credit card or purchase required to sign-up!
  • Download is TRUSTe certified - free from Spyware and Malware.

Mediaringtalk : Sunno Pay as you Go Plans

Pay-as-you-Go – just get charged when you make a VoIP call or send SMS.

This is a simple pay as you go plan. The best part about this plan is cheap calling rates. The calling rate to India is 1.7 cents per minute. Very cheap calls to India, offcourse not the cheapest calls to India !

Mediaringtalk : Sunno Monthly Voip Calling Plans

750 Minutes to call anywhere in India : at $9.99 --> Effective Calling rate to India 1.3 cents/minute.

750 Minutes to call anywhere in India + USA : at $12.99

Unlimited Calls to 60 countries, including unlimited calls to India and China : at just $19.99
No connection fees, no long term contract.
Fair Usage Policy :

Calls to landlines and mobiles (select countries only) are included in your subscription are subject to a fair usage limit of 2,000 minutes per account per month (30 days billing cycle) for the Dial the World – $9.99 Unlimited Plan to 40 countries, and 3,000 minutes per account per month (30 days billing cycle) for the Dial the World – $19.99 Unlimited Plan to 60 countries (including India).

  • Calling a unique number: 10 calls/hour, maximum of 25/day.
  • Calling the same number: 10 calls/hour, maximum of 20/day. (This applies only if you call the same number.)
  • Total number of calls: 20 calls/hour, max of 40/day.
  • Duration: Maximum of 3 hours of calling a day.
Unlimited Calls to 40 countries, includes China at just $9.99
No long-term contract, No connection fees, No hidden charges, No setup fees!

Mediaringtalk/Sunno Voip offers a good number of different voip plans. Try the one which suits your needs and let us know your feedback.

Free India Minutes : 30 Free Minutes to Call India

uVoipit offers Free India minutes, that is to make Free Calls to India. uVoipit is offering free international minutes to make voip calls anywhere in the world. uVoipit is a relatively new voip provider offering its voip services to make international calls.

We blogged about uVoipit at the time it was launched. This voip provider received many praises about its voip service specially because it was working for middle east users. uVoipit works like an international calling card offering cheap calls to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and other Asian countries. At the time of its launch, uVoipit offered free minutes so that people can try it for free. People can use this credit as Free India Minutes or Free International Minutes!

Free Minutes to Call India and other countries (Free India Minutes!)

free minutes to call India

Free minutes promotion is back with uVoipit now offering 30 free minutes to India. Actually, uVoipit is offering free trial credit worth $0.50 which you can make use of to make voip calls anywhere in the world.

The free international minutes : that is the call duration will depend upon the country you are calling. For calling India, this $0.50 credit is worth 30 free minutes to India.

All new customers get the opportunity to receive free $0.50 upon registration. Please note that the credit will be not be added immediately, uVoipit team will add it manually and can take from 1 to 2 hours of delay. This is to prevent the fraudulent registration just for getting more free minutes.

This is a post Diwali promotional offer from uVoipit and more such free minutes offer are expected ! Another good thing : in addition to getting free minutes, effective November 10, 2010 to December 10, 2010, prices to India Bangladesh and Pakistan will also decrease.

New Rates
  • India Mobile from $0.015 to $0.013
  • India Landline from $0.018 to $0.016
  • Pakistan All from $0.065 to $0.055
  • Bangladesh All from $0.031 to $0.030
We have already discussed the calling methods (uVoipit) in our previous posts. You can use these Free India minutes to make free Pc to Phone calls, or you can make calls directly from your phone (works like a calling card).

Make use of this Trial credit by uVoipit, make call to India : 30 Free minutes! Let us know your feedback on uVoipit, it is very important to us.

Tata Docomo 3G Plans in India : Mobile Internet Tariff Details

Docomo has launched its 3G plans in India : Tata Docomo 3G Plans in India. Actually Tata Docomo is first private telecom network to launch its 3G Plans in India. As a special Diwali Promotion, Tata Docomo India - is offering free 3G internet plans till 11th November. Tata Docomo India service will run on most advanced 3g network so you will experience some great quality.

This Diwali Promotional offer by Tata Docomo is a free trial offer to all its subscribers. Docomo 3G Plans offers very high speeds for free and free data usage upto 100 MB. As already said, this offer is valid from 5th Nov to 11th Nov, so still some time is left.

To try Tata Docomo 3G Plans :

For existing Tata Docomo Users :
1. Your existing 2G sim cards will be upgraded to 3g - free of cost.

For Non Tata Docomo - new interested subscribers :
1. Ensure that Tata Docomo service is available in your area.
2. Get 3G Tata Docomo sim card from nearest dealer, and enjoy 3g services.

docomo 3g plans in indiaThe time Docomo entered India and started its services with Tata : Tata Docomo it started creating a buzz with such low calling rates and unique offers. This indeed resulted in a mobile calling price wars between telecom providers. And now since Docomo has become first private network to start 3G service in India, we could soon see price wars in 3G plans. NTT Docomo is the initiators of the 3G in Japan, and is a major player in 3G services.

For those who are not much aware about the benefits of using 3G, you can use docomo 3g service to make video calls, video streaming online, play online games, download documents, email and Fax , browse internet at very high speed (broadband speeds). Tata Docomo 3G plans are very cheap and offer a good internet speed of upto 2.4 Mbps.

Please note that if you want to enjoy 3G services, first you need a 3G enabled mobile phones. Now many 3G phones are available in India at cheap rates. So before you apply for Tata Docomo 3G Plan in India, make sure you have 3G mobile handset.

Tata Docomo 3G Plans availability in India

Tata Docomo 3G services are available in nine cities in India.
Docomo 3G plans are available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers in all nine circles, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP (West), Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra-Goa.

Tata Docomo 3G Plans in India : Tariff Details

With Docomo entering the 3G market, and other private telecom companies are expected to enter very soon, we expect that the price of 3G service will decrease with time. Till now, BSNL was the only one offering 3G service in India. The penetration was very less and the prices were also high.

Docomo 3G services are now started in these nine cities and as a promotion offer it is offering 100MB free 3G ( your 2G data plan applicable after 100MB) for the first seven days. The HSPA+ capable network of Tata Docomo supports 3G speed up-to 21.1 mbps. I think that BSNL has also lowered the rates of its 3G plans.

  1. The basic 3G plan starts with Rs 90, which gives 100MB usage at 21Mbps with one week validity.
  2. Rs 200 - 200MB usage at 21Mbps for 30 days
  3. Rs 500 - 650 MB usage at 21Mbps for 30 days
  4. Rs 2000 - 15 GB usage at 21Mbps (if the limit go beyond 15 GB, speed drops to 256Kbps)
  5. Rs 350 - 500 minutes talktime + 150 MB of 3G Data for 30 days
  6. Rs 500 - 750 minutes talktime + 250 MB of 3G Data for 30 days
  7. Rs 750 - 1250 minutes talktime + 500 MB of 3G Data for 30 days
  8. Rs 1000 - 2000 minutes talktime + 1 GB of 3G Data for 30 days
  9. Rs 2000 - 5000 minutes talktime + 2 GB of 3G Data for 30 days
Unlimited 3G plans (postpaid/prepaid):

  1. Rs 1000 - 5 GB at 3.6 Mbps speed for 30 days
  2. Rs 1250 - 10 GB at 3.6 Mbps speed for 30 days
  3. Rs 1275 - 5 GB at 7.2 Mbps speed for 30 days
  4. Rs 1500 - 10 GB at 7.2 Mbps speed for 30 days
These plans are already live (effective 10th November). The best part : Video call will cost you just 0.66 paisa per second. My 2G phone call (voice call) cost me 1 paisa per second. With Docomo 3G plans (in India), you can enjoy video calls at less price than voice calls.

So, with Tata Docomo 3G Plans you can make video calls at a cheaper rate than your voice call. I am amazed that why were these companies charging so high for voice calls.

The launch of Docomo 3G plans in India is indeed a great 3G start in India. I just hope other telecom providers as well come up with such plans, encourage people to try 3G services.

Regarding Voip over 3G network : With already high speed internet offered by Tata Docomo 3G service, you can enjoy very high quality voice/video calls. With Voip over 3G network you can soon enjoy free video calls. We will soon cover a post on making Voice/Video calls using Voip (3G network). Tata Docomo 3G plans rock! Sadly Docomo 3G services are not available in Delhi !!

Send Free SMS to India & other Asian Countries : Vopium

Now you can use voip to send unlimited free sms to India and free sms to other Asian countries. Vopium: a VoIP provider company that offers free downloadable app for mobile phones that enables users to save upto 90% on international call rates and SMS.

Vopium is now offering 100% free SMS for all Vopium users until January 1st 2011 to the following 19 Asian countries:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The best part is that this is absolutely free with no limits. You can send as many text messages as you want. You can send SMS both from your mobile and your PC/web.

PS : If you are looking for making cheap calls to India this Diwali, try Rebtel. The call rate offered by Rebtel is just 1 cent per minute.

Free Voip Calls from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar : Call India or calls2all, an Indian voip provider offering cheap voip calls to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. Many people are not able to make voip calls from Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc due to some restrictions. People have been looking for a solution to make international calls from UAE, Suadi Arabia, Qatar (Free Calls from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE)!

Well we have one (but not yet tried), ! They mention on their website about "Crystal Clear Voice Quality.... 24 X 7 Customer Support... Very Low Initial Purchase.... Direct Premium Routes..." and that it works from Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE!

Their calling rate to India is also very cheap at just 1.15 cents per min. Calls to Pakistan are also very cheap at just 2.9 cents per minute.

Calls2all Offer Mobile Dialer & Pc to Phone Dialer With VPN Technology working in voip block countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar..!

It is actually a reseller voip service. You can create Reseller accounts and User accounts with your self. You can set your own tariff for your clients.

So try it out and let us know if it works for you making cheap/free voip calls from Saudi Arabia, Qatar or UAE!!

PS: Those who are looking for making very cheap calls to India this Diwali, make use of Rebtel Diwali promotion -: with effective calling rate to India of just 1 cent per min.

Also try Localphone Diwali promotion with calling rate of just 1.3 cent per minute.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS

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