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Free Net to Phone Calls : Call net to Phone : FastVoip

Now make Free net to Phone calls, that is internet phone calls directly from your PC. FastVoip offers calls from intenet (net to Phone) calls. FastVoip looks very similar to delmont sarl, betamax voip provider's - but not sure if its one of them. FastVoip offers free internet calls and cheap calls to many countries. Now you can place cheap net to phone call to India using Fastvoip.

Fastvoip is the latest entry in the voip market, and has really made a buzz in the voip world.

FastVoip offers :
Free Internet Phone calls (free calls between fastvoip users).
Cheap net 2 phone calls : Free international calls, and cheap calls to many destinations.
Very Cheap SMS from internet : all over world.

What's required to make cheap Net to Phone Calls using Fastvoip

1. Fastvoip PC application --> Download Net to Phone software (softphone).
If you don't want to make Pc to Phone calls, you can try direct access method. Fastvoip offers local access numbers. We will talk about it later in the post.

2. Internet connection -> to make PC to Phone calls (net to phone).

3. Speaker, and microphone.

How much does it cost to make net to phone calls to India using Fastvoip

Fastvoip offers you the cheapest calling rate to India (at present). The calling rate to India is just 0.7 cents per min (including taxes). These are indeed very cheap calls to India.
FastVoip offers cheap net to phone calls to many other countries in the world specially Asian countries. If you are looking for making cheap calls to India, then fastvoip is a good option. For other countries, check out Fastvoip rate list.

FastVoip Local access numbers

Lookup the access number of the country you're calling from, dial the number and start saving! Currently fastvoip provide local access numbers in 60 countries!

For example: you are in Spain. From a local Spanish phone number (starting with 0034) you dial the access number 091-1145221 in Spain.

How it works

1. Dial the local access number
2. Enter your 10-digit card ID. You'll find your card ID on your profile page.
3. Dial the international number.

Fastvoip is a good option to make net to phone calls and is worth trying. Please let us know your feedback on Fastvoip !

madhur article :

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November 26, 2010 at 7:52 AM

A number of voip providers are offering free and unlimited calling packages. However, these packages remain free or unlimited until and unless we use abuse the service. Most of these plans are not for the business purpose. You can use them only at your home.

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