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Mediaringtalk : is now S-unno : Spice i2i

Mediaringtalk is now S-unno. that is Mediaringtalk Ltd is now re branded as Spice i2i. About an year back, Spice Global brought a major stake in Mediaringtalk Ltsd. And following this, it is now rebranded as Spice i2i Ltd (

Dr. B. K. Modi is the Chairman of Spice i2i. Many new features have been added to Mediaringtalk voip service. Following are the words from Spice i2i :

"“Spice i2i is more than just a new brand, it is the new identity, the new DNA for the company. The name Spice denotes Synchronised Performance through Innovation in Communication and Entertainment, while i2i represents from ‘Innovation to Infinity’. This means continuous innovation to create infinite possibilities for the future. With the launch of the Spice i2i brand, the company ventures beyond the internet telephony industry to become a complete mobile internet solutions provider that constantly pushes the boundaries in mobile communication and entertainment,"

Spicei2i has a lot more features, Mediaringtalk service is now basically Sunno. Sunno is an hindi word meaning (to hear). This definitely means the growth of Voip in India (soon unlimited free calls to India ??).

Good things about Mediaringtalk have been kept the same for Sunno. The calling rates of Mediaringtalk/Sunno Voip service are mostly same as previous rates.

There are lot many features that Sunno-Voip (Mediaringtalk) is now offering, and it wont be possible to cover every feature in just one post. I will discuss the major Voip plans that Mediaringtalk/Sunno is offering (Voip services offered by Mediaringtalk).

Mediaringtalk - Sunno Voip Services

Free Calls from Sunno Voip

Free VoIP Calls from your Mobile Phone or PC using the Free VoIP Software Download!
  • Make unlimited free VoIP calls to other S-unno users absolutely free. Free VoIP international calls. That is Free PC to PC Calls. Offcourse if both sunno users use mediaringtalk service on phone, then these are Free Phone to Phone calls.
  • Add your friend as a contact and just click to make a VoIP call or send an instant message.
  • Enjoy calls with 5 S-unno users at anytime using the conferencing feature.
  • Free VoIP software to download for your mobile or PC.
  • Remember, no credit card or purchase required to sign-up!
  • Download is TRUSTe certified - free from Spyware and Malware.

Mediaringtalk : Sunno Pay as you Go Plans

Pay-as-you-Go – just get charged when you make a VoIP call or send SMS.

This is a simple pay as you go plan. The best part about this plan is cheap calling rates. The calling rate to India is 1.7 cents per minute. Very cheap calls to India, offcourse not the cheapest calls to India !

Mediaringtalk : Sunno Monthly Voip Calling Plans

750 Minutes to call anywhere in India : at $9.99 --> Effective Calling rate to India 1.3 cents/minute.

750 Minutes to call anywhere in India + USA : at $12.99

Unlimited Calls to 60 countries, including unlimited calls to India and China : at just $19.99
No connection fees, no long term contract.
Fair Usage Policy :

Calls to landlines and mobiles (select countries only) are included in your subscription are subject to a fair usage limit of 2,000 minutes per account per month (30 days billing cycle) for the Dial the World – $9.99 Unlimited Plan to 40 countries, and 3,000 minutes per account per month (30 days billing cycle) for the Dial the World – $19.99 Unlimited Plan to 60 countries (including India).

  • Calling a unique number: 10 calls/hour, maximum of 25/day.
  • Calling the same number: 10 calls/hour, maximum of 20/day. (This applies only if you call the same number.)
  • Total number of calls: 20 calls/hour, max of 40/day.
  • Duration: Maximum of 3 hours of calling a day.
Unlimited Calls to 40 countries, includes China at just $9.99
No long-term contract, No connection fees, No hidden charges, No setup fees!

Mediaringtalk/Sunno Voip offers a good number of different voip plans. Try the one which suits your needs and let us know your feedback.

madhur article :

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November 14, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Great post. Thank you for sharing with us.

November 15, 2010 at 3:55 AM

nice. Here, you could compare the prices with

November 15, 2010 at 5:50 AM

Mediaringtalk started its services offering free calls to USA. That is how people got used to MRTalk but now they do not offer unlimited calls to USA which is sad. We hope their new venture become successful and we see tremendous growth of Voip.

Team - Free Calls Hub

February 21, 2011 at 8:37 AM

I would like to advise people about S-unno.They have offers for a month and like all other VOIP providers they have recurring charging facility.But there lies the difference.Once you decide to cancel the service towards the end of month,your subscription will get canceled but they would say that it requires 3 working days to cancel it.

So you would get charged for the next month as well even when your service was canceled.There are no customer care numbers and no email is answered.This is there cunning way to cheat the users.

March 14, 2011 at 5:52 PM

compare price with pfingo or nymgo . Their voice is cristal clear and cheaper to call china ... also sunno 's sms service is the cheapest but comes with a lot of adv in the sms as well

July 29, 2011 at 7:26 PM

do not even think about this one... it is my experience, my account is blocked without any reason and i just used .02 sents, no customer service at all

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