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Unlimited Calling Plans to India : Monthly Rentals Plans by IndiaLD

If the call rates are low, offered call quality is high, customer support is good then Unlimited monthly calling Plans are supposed to be the best plans. Specially when you are making international calls very frequently.

Say you are an student or a professional living in USA and your friends and family live here in India. You obviously will like that you can talk to your parents daily, connect with your loved ones in India as frequently as you can. Well buying a Pay as you go (prepaid) calling card can help you in this case but then you have recharge your calling card time to time, call rates are comparatively high, and there is no such thing called "unlimited" !

Call India for 1 cent per minute

This is where IndiaLD Voip Service can help you out. IndiaLD offers you one of the industry best, cheapest unlimited calling plans to India. These are simple monthly rental calling Plans to India, where you pay a monthly fees and get some free minutes depending upon the plan you choose. Apart from offering the monthly rental plans IndiaLD also offers pay as you go option, where you can call India at 1.5 cent per minute.

If the person you are calling has Aircel Mobile, then IndiaLD offers some of exclusive deals. IndiaLD is the best voip provider if you are calling Aircel Mobile in India. Lets discuss the details of these unlimited calling plans.

All the plans include :
  • Pinless dial for multiple lines
  • Global Access Numbers
  • Send Free SMS To India
  • Call 28 Countries
  • Listen To Radio City 91.1 FM
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Unlimited Calling Plans to India by IndiaLD :

  1. Get 3000 Minutes Of Calling To India For Just 1¢/min With The IndiaLD 3000 Plan.
  2. Get 2000 Minutes Of Calling To India For Just 1.3¢/min With The IndiaLD 2000 Plan.
  3. Get 1500 Minutes Of Calling To India For Just 1.3¢/min With The IndiaLD 1500 Plan.
  4. Get 1000 Minutes Of Calling To India For Just 1.4¢/min With The IndiaLD 1000 Plan.
  5. Get 500 Minutes Of Calling To India For Just 1.4¢/min With The IndiaLD 500 Plan.

IndiaLD Aircel Exclusive Calling Plans to India : "Aircel Connect"

Aircel Connect is an exclusive partnership between Aircel and IndiaLD. Through Aircel Connect IndiaLD offers unlimited calling plans to India, and the ability to link IndiaLD accounts to Aircel mobiles in India for calling the US & Canada.

Setting Up From IndiaLD

  • You Must Be In USA, Canada, Or India To Use Aircel Connect
  • Sign Up For One of Our Aircel Connect Plans
  • Add Aircel Mobile Numbers To Your IndiaLD Account.

Making Calls From Aircel

  • Make Sure The Number Is Added To IndiaLD
  • Dial Short Code 59778 From Your Aircel. No Air Time Charges!
  • At The Prompt, Call A USA Or Canada Phone Number.

IndiaLD - Aircel Calling Plans :

1 to 1 Unlimited Plan Just $17.95 :
  • Make unlimited calls to 1 Aircel Mobile Line In India
  • That same line can make unlimited calls back to you
  • Don’t lose touch with that special someone!

Happy Hour Plan Only $14.95
  • 60 Minutes Of Daily Calls To India & USA/Canada
  • Includes calling to anywhere in India
  • Add an Aircel mobile line to call all US/Canada

Aircel Calling Circle $24.95
  • Get 1000 Minutes To Call All India
  • Add 5 Aircel Lines To Make Unlimited Calls To You
  • Top Up If You Need More Minutes To Call India
Aircel Unlimited Plan Just $29.95
  • Get Unlimited Calling to All Aircel Mobile Lines In India
  • Call From Your Home, Mobile, or Office line
  • Just $29.95 Per Month With No Additional Fees

The good thing about IndiaLD is their customer support, which you can find online most of the times. So if you are having any query or if you are confused in deciding the plan just talk to customer service. Alternatively, you can post your concern here and we will try to answer !
Time to check out IndiaLD Voip Service.


madhur article :

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February 9, 2011 at 3:10 AM

Aircel's calling plans are amazing. Cheap, affordable and a lot of variety.

March 17, 2011 at 2:33 PM

I started 1 to 1 Aircel Unlmtd plan, I can make calls from USA, but from India they can't call me... The customer service is providing lot of different solutions, but none of them worked yet ! Did it work with others?

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