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Android Free Calls : Voip Apps for Android Mobiles

Are you using Android Mobile phone ? Looking for ways by which you can place free calls from your android mobile. Well use Android Voip app on your android mobiles and start making very cheap or free calls !

Rebtel was already having an application for Android Mobile, which they have updated now. Few days back we posted about Rebtel for Blackberry mobiles (making cheap calls on your blackberry) and now we have new about Rebtel Android App.

Rebtel Android App has a lot new features, including support for domestic calls.
Download Rebtel for Android, sign up and start making free calls to friends between more than 50 countries and make savings of up to 90% to the rest.
Among many features, the Rebtel app lets you make seamless Free Calls to any friend that has the app installed.

The new release (version 1.1.7) includes:
  • - Widget to enable/diable Rebtel calls and see the Free Call status
  • - Roaming warning so you don't get surprised with roaming charges while using the application outside your home network
  • - Much more stable connectivity with the Free Call server
  • - Support for domestic calling
PS : A few things about Rebtel (or any other access based number services) :

Rebtel first assigns you a local access number for your every international contact. It uses your local cap minutes to call the local access number (ideal for USA/Canada/Australia coz its free)and then connect you to your destination. Its much similar to how calling cards works (where you dial an access number). Rebtel also offers free calls which works perfect.
Local access number based services are good if your mobile calls to the local access number is free or at very very cheap rates !!

Also if you don't have a smartphone (No Blackberry, No Android, No iPhone), still you can use Rebtel. For more info, visit Rebtel !

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