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Economy Calling Review : Free ISD Calls, Voicemails, Phone Calls

Economy Calling is the new entry in the voip market and it has a very clean, good voip calling calling model. Firstly Economy Calling is offering free international calls, free phone calls to many countries : India, USA, Canada, Russia and many more. All these are free phone to phone calls.

I have tried Economy calling for making Free Mobile calls from my India number to a friend in India itself. You can use economy calling for making free ISD calls as well (Free international calls).
The call quality was good, call was connected instantly, everything was ok in the calling part.

I have had chat with their customer support with all the queries. Firstly their live support was very helpful. Please read on as this information will help you using Economy Calling and will answer most of your queries.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I am Madhur from Free PC to Phone Calls Blog. I would like to post about economy calling on my blog. So would like to have my few questions answered. Hope you can help.
EconomyCalling Operator: I shall try to assist you to my fullest.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: How to get make free calls with economycalling.
EconomyCalling Operator: To get the Free Trial Call:
1. Visit
2. Select your country and enter your phone number
3. Select your friend's country and enter the phone number
4. click “Submit”
5. Call the given Access Number from your phone, wait for 2 ring and hang up
6. You will receive a call on the mentioned numbers.
** Please note calls to EconomyCalling callback numbers will not be charged.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Is this service same as spokenrecall ?
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes. Minus the call recording and transcription.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What is the call duration of free trial call ? I have tried it, it seems it is limited to only one minute. Is it so ?
EconomyCalling Operator: During the Free Trial period, where we limit per call to one minute. User is allowed to make maximum of 10 calls in a day to any contact.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Can we make free trial call from any number in world to any number ? Like calling Cuba from India. Because call rates to Cuba are already very high.
EconomyCalling Operator: Free Trial calls will be limited to Free destinations only. For paid destination the user will need to register to our service pay online and then continue using the service.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I can see almost every country in the your friend number list on the homepage.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, on home page we have listed all the countries. But callbacks to only free destinations will be allowed

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I tried calling from India to India, it worked. So it seems India and many other countries are included in Free destinations. I guess the ones where calling rate if high are not included in free destinations by economy calling.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes exactly.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: You assign a number for each destnation number. Can I save this number and call it again whenever I want to call my destination. This will save a lot of time for me.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, in fact after the user makes a call to the caller-destination combination, we ask the users to save in their phone book for future use. So the user need not come to web all the time

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What is the minimum amount of credit which people need to buy from economy calling in order to get a registered users.
EconomyCalling Operator: We do not have minimum credit defined right now. The user is allowed to make a call, until he has a minimum balance in his account for the call.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: No, I mean can I register myself with $1 credit.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes you can, but we do warn you of low balance.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What are the benefits of being a registered user than keep trying the free trial call feature (10 calls a day).
EconomyCalling Operator: As mentioned earlier, free trial are limit to free destinations, and to 1 minute per call. Also only 10 calls per day.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: If I sign up with economy calling by buying some credit, then will I be eligible for 10 free calls a day or do I have to always pay for the calls. Like, if I want to make a one min call : will I be charged for that, Considering I was not charged for trial call. So, after registration will I be charged ?
EconomyCalling Operator: Once you register, free trial period is ended. And the user pays according to the rates defined on the website. A registered user, can speak as long as he has enough credit, and calls will be unlimited.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: I guess, then the people who only want one minute call to free destination will not be attracted to buy credit and be a registered user.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Do you provide access number in all the countries. Like if a person wants to register from UAE. I am asking this because many voip services don't work in Dubai/UAE.
EconomyCalling Operator: Depending on the demand from the users and area feasibility we plan to set up Access Numbers to most of the countries in the world.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: Does it currently work for people who want to call India from Dubai.
EconomyCalling Operator: Regarding middle east countries, it is not feasible to set up Access Numbers. That is the reason we have this callback service where the user calls a toll free number and they receive a callback.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: So economy calling works for Middle east countries, where people can give a ring to your international access number/toll free number. And economy calling callback their number.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, but only for paid users.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Ok. That's good enough. Anything that you would like to add about economy calling. I can share it with my blog readers.
EconomyCalling Operator: Thanks a lot. Economy Calling is a very simple to use telephone efficiency service used to make and receive calls all over the world.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: I agree with you. Economy Calling is very simple to use voip service with the callback model. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
EconomyCalling Operator: Thank You for using Live Support.

Localphone SIP Settings | Localphone Fring | Localphone Android

We have already talked about the latest Localphone Voucher Code, and why people choose Localphone over others. This post is all about Localphone SIP, Localphone SIP Settings, using Localphone for Android : Localphone Fring!

One of our reader just mailed me about Localphone usage, how to use Localphone on mobile (smartphone). So if you are using a smartphone : android based, symbain based or iPhone you can use Localphone directly without using direct access number.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS

For people living in countries where Localphone does not provide local access number, or if you don't have local calls free (no mobile cap minutes) then Localphone SIP Settings prove really good.

1. First Install Fring on your smartphone. Download from Apple Store or Android Market place.
I have tried on both and it works great.
2. Get the your Localphone SIP details of your account.
You will get Localphone SIP username and password on Localphone --> Voip page.
Like :

Localphone SIP Account Details

  • Your SIP ID is xxxxxx
  • Your SIP Password yyyyyy
3. Now go to fring. Click on Add On (For Android Settings --> Add ons).
4. Click SIP and add the following details :
SIP username : Your localphone SIP ID.
SIP Password : Your Localphone SIP Password.
SIP Proxy :

4. Done! To make call, go to dialer. Enter your number and click SIP.

Now you can make voip calls using Localphone directly from your mobile. Fring for Localphone works great. If you face any problems setting the Localphone SIP, please let us know in comment section. We will provide you with a solution.

If you are facing any Fring Login Problem for Android, check our previous post.

Fring Login Failed | Fring Login Problem | Fring Login Please Wait

No doubt, Fring is one of the best mobile application for making Free Voip Calls , Free Video Calls. I have been using Fring on my android device and have faced few login issues with time. I thought to share with you all the common Fring login issues on Android, iPhones! May be a discussion can help us out. Most of people face the problem of Fring Login Please wait, or Fring login failed!

When you have registered with fring, you are signed in automatically. Its good till the time you keep yourself signed in, because when you log out it takes a lot of time (and problems) to login again. I have faced this problem a very few times on my iPod Touch/iPhone but this is very common for my android phone (Android 2.2 Froyo).

screen just freezes at the login screen and keeps looping and tells you that the login failed . Please try again later?

I have been able to get pass this Fring Login Problem by :
1. Try loggin later after few minutes.
2. Retyping your password. --> Mostly solves my problem 70% of times.
3. Connecting to internet again and login in.
4. Login in to Fring account from Pc at the same time. This solves the problem rest 30% of times.

Once login, I avoid logging out of Fring.

If your problem says "please check credentials", then you just need to re-enter your username and password. Try the step 4 above.

You can also try getting the password (password recovery of Fring) by clicking forgot your password.

I did some more research on this Fring Login Problem, Fring Login Failed Problem for Android and other Phones, this is what I got on internet :

Registration failed is shown when one of the following happens:

1. You’ve previously registered to fring and you’re trying to enter a wrong password.

2. You’ve registered before on WM with a password that contains weird characters.

3. You’re trying to register with non English characters.

4. You’re trying to connect with a WAP connection.

I also checked the Fring Support page (found a large number of people facing the same issue), however it is mentioned that its a old problem and contact support. But no perfect solution.

So, if you know a perfect solution for this Fring Android Login Problem, please share the solution with us. Otherwise just try the above steps and get temporary rid of the Fring Login Problem.


Middle East Voip : Cheap Calls Middle East

After Trueroots (Tata Calling Cards), Rebtel has also reduced its calling rates to Middle East countries. Now Rebtel users can call Libya, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain for very cheap.

Rebtel has dropped call rates by up to 73% to these countries to help more people reach their loved ones. Earlier Rebtel reduced its calling rates to Egypt and Algeria, and from Friday February the 25th to Friday March the 25th, the calling rate reduction to Bahrain, Jordan, Libya and Yemen will take place.

One of our reader was asking for cheap calls to Bahrain, I guess Rebtel is also a good option. (One of our reader also suggested Fastvoip for making cheap calls to Bahrain).

Anyways, Rebtel new rates for direct calls to these countries are:

  • Bahrain : 4.1¢/minute to both fixed lines and mobiles
  • Jordan : 7.5¢/minute to fixed lines and 9.2¢/minute to mobiles
  • Libya : 25.9¢/minute to fixed lines, 30.9¢/minute to mobile
  • Yemen : 12.9¢/minute to both fixed lines and mobiles.

  • Rebtel also offers cheap calls to India at 1.8 cent per min. Rebtel also offers very cheap calls to Philippines!

    Skype to Go Number : Call Abroad from any Phone

    Skype has launched a new service named "Skype To Go Number" which gives you a numbers that let you call your friends, family and colleagues abroad from any mobile or landline while avoiding international calling charges. Good thing is it can be used to call any phone in supported country list.

    To understand what exactly is this service, lets take an example. Let’s say your aunt lives in Australia and you live in New York. Simply give us your aunt’s number in Australia, and Skype will convert it into a unique Skype To Go number with a New York area code.

    Then, all you need to do is call this number from your mobile or landline, and you can talk right away to your aunt in Australia at Skype’s amazing rates. This is quite simple and quite unlike the video calling skype application. And there is nothing to install, it’s a great way to use Skype when you’re away from your computer (or not have access to Skype app on your mobile). You don’t need an Internet connection, and you don’t need to be in a 3G coverage area.

    Skype to Go Number

    Skype to Go Countries

    Skype To Go is available in the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Mexico
    • New Zealand
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Slovenia
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom
    • USA

    How much Skype to Go Cost (Getting a number cost)

    - You can set up one Skype To Go number for one of your Skype contacts even if you don’t have Skype Credit or a subscription.
    - To set up more than one Skype To Go numbers for your Skype contacts, you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription. You can have up to 30 Skype To Go numbers.

    The cost of a Skype To Go call is split up into two parts.
    - First, the operator charge – when you call a local Skype Number from your mobile or landline, you’re using either the minutes from your call plan or your phone credit. Then, from your Skype account, you only pay for a regular call to either a mobile or landline at great Skype rates.
    - The total cost of your call is whatever your operator charges you for the local call, and the cost of a regular call from your Skype account.
    - With Skype To Go, you can also get an Access Number in supported countries. The only thing you’ll need is a verified phone number. If you have already verified your phone number, you should have received a notification via email. If not, it’s easy to verify your number.

    - Try Skype on your iPad 
    - Hidden Skype Smileys/Emoticons
    - Skype for Facebook Integration

    Calling from Unregistered Number 

    If you call one of your Skype To Go numbers from an unregistered phone, an automated operator will ask you to enter one of your registered phone numbers along with your four-digit PIN. Use the keypad on your phone to enter it.

    When entering the registered phone number, you need to include the international country code, for example, 1 (or +1) for the US or 44 (or +44) for the UK.

    How to call someone who is not a Skype to Go Contact

    Yes. With Skype To Go you can also get an Access Number in supported countries. All you'll need is a verified phone number attached to your account. If you've already verified your phone number, you should have received a notification via email.
    To call any international number, simply use your Access Number:
    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Select Skype To Go from the list of features.
    3. In the Learn more section, click View Access Number.
    4. Call your Access Number. When greeted by the voice menu, select option 2 and enter an international number starting with the country code (for example, +1 for the US or +44 for the UK) followed by the number itself and the # key.

    Mobyler : Free Calls for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

    So the list of mobile voip provider offering free calls on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is increasing. We have Skype, Fring, Viber, Tango and now we talk about Mobyler. Basically Mobyler is a free application you can make 100% free calls to other users that have installed Mobyler on their iPhone or Android mobile phone.

    You can use the Mobyler worldwide to make FREE calls as long as your friends and family have also installed the Mobyler application. You can also use Mobyler for making phone calls to other mobiles (who have not installed Mobyler) using the credit (buying the credit). Mobyler offers cheap international calls. I guess Mobyler also offers some free trial credit to test calls to non mobyler users.

    Anyways today we talk about Free Calls on Android, iPhone using Mobyler! Mobyler is a good Viber alternative for Android, as Viber has not yet launched its Android app.

    The Mobyler app is currently only available for the iPhone and Android based phones. Mobyler soon plans to launch its Blackberry app.

    Some of Mobyler Features :
    • International FREE* calls to other Mobyler users using 3G or Wi-Fi.
    • Call non-Mobyler contacts at the lowest rates possible.
    • Check your contacts, you can see which of your iPhone contacts is already using Mobyler.

    How to install and start using Mobyler. (Those who were facing problems with Viber can also try using Mobyler as its a very similar app).

    1. Download the Mobyler app from the app store or Android Market place.

    2. Create user account by registrating your mobile number. After registering your mobile phone, you will need to verify your mobile phone. You will receive this verification code through an incoming call or text message.

    3. Login with your mobile phone number that you just registered.

    4. Go to the contact list in the Mobyler app. You will see who else has Mobyler installed. Just click on your friend/contact to make a quick and easy call.

    5. Click on the contact and call using Mobyler.

    Mobyler has also created a video tutorial. Check it below :

    Mobyler does not have a PC application which you would have otherwise used for making Pc to Android, or Pc to iPhone Calls. But we will keep you updated about all the latest information about Mobyler.

    Tango Video Calls : Mobile Voip App for Android, iPhone Review

    Video calling on computer is already very popular and with the smartphones capturing the mobile market, video calls on mobile are also getting popular. All you require is just a smartphone with internet connection and you can easily make video calls. Some of the very popular apps for video calls are Facetime for iPhone, ooVoo and Skype (which works for all mobiles). Just like these apps, we recently came across another similar app named "Tango".

    Tango (which is quite similar to Viber and Skype in certain ways) works quite well on your iPhone, Android smartphone and enables you to make Free Tango Voice and Video Calls. Good thing is that it not only works on iPhone and Android but its a complete multi platform application. Tango has an app for blackberry mobile, for your computer and windows phone as well. It is a very light weight application and can be easily downloaded and installed on your phone.

    Tango App Installation and Registration

    Tango is very simple to set up.
    - Just download the Tango application (Android or iPhone) and install the app.
    - Put in your phone number, name and email address and you’re ready to go!
    - No login and password, so you can create an account in seconds (approx 5 seconds)

    Free Video Calls

    Free video calls can be made by anyone who is also using Tango. Just like other voip apps, it does not matter which device the other party is using. You can this way make calls from your mobile (iPhone/Android) to a person using Tango on his computer.

    Tango Video App for Android

    How to Place Tango Video Calls or Tango Voice Calls on Android/iPhone

    Tango checks your contact list (just make sure that your contact list is complete with phone numbers including area code) and figures out who already has Tango. If they have Tango, it shows them in the Tango contact list. Just select them and start a video call. (The app also has an option to send invitations to your friends if they don’t have Tango yet.) This is quite similar to Viber and unlike Skype where you have to manually add contacts.

    Tango Features

    • Free video calling to your friends and family around the world, wherever you are
    • Call between iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi
    • Populates Tango Contacts automatically from existing phone contact list
    • Invite friends and others by e-mail or text
    • Personalize your calls and messages with Tango Surprises - fun animations to express yourself
    • Challenge your friends with games during your calls
    Tango App : Play Games

    • Switch cameras and swap screens to show what is around you
    • Move between video to audio and back to video
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Create an account in less than five seconds - New profile not required
    • You can also send video message to a friend 
    • Contact Information : Tango uses this to make sure you have the best Tango experience possible. Tango uses your phone number and e-mail so people you already know can easily Tango you. Your friends see your name when you call them. And it uses your email address when you send Tango invitations to your friends and family. 
    Just like Whatsapp application, Tango also allows to send free text message.
    Tango Fun Avatars

    Mobile Phones (Android or iOS Devices) that work with Tango

    Currently Tango supports Android 2.1 or higher, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G running iOS 4.0 or higher, iPod touch fourth-generation and iPad. A Tango call requires valid Tango accounts and a network connection by both parties. Tango can be used for both audio and video calling.

    Tango Integration with Google Voice

    Tango also supports Google Voice. Simply enter your Google Voice number in the 'Mobile Number' field on your profile page and tap on 'Done' to send your registration information to Tango servers.

    In short, Tango is a great app for making video calls. The call quality is superb and I would definitely recommend this application.

    How to Unblock Calls on Iphone : TrapCall App to Unmask Numbers

    Its damn annoying when someone calls you up and it shows "unknown number", "private number" type of things. Its even more annoying when someone's trying to play a prank on you and scare you. What you need in this case is a service which can quickly unmask and unblock all those calls and tell you who is calling.

    If you are using iPhone and getting these types of call, then this post is highly relevant for you. Basically what you are looking for is unblocking the calls on your iPhone, unmask the caller ID and you will know who's making those calls. Yes this service can figure out whose calling even when the caller ID is not displayed.

    We are talking about the service named "TrapCall". It can quite easily figure out private number calls, it can unmasks blocked and restricted calls. Using this service you can blacklists harassing callers, and can even record your incoming calls.

    Though trapcall can work on just any phone (be it iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile oe even landline) as it does not require any software download and installation. However they have an iPhone Application (which you can use if you have an iPhone) which comes with some additional features. - Unmask Blocked Calls Unblock calls on iPhone

    If you are considering joining this service, then it will be interesting to check our review for trapcall.

    Update (from TrapCall Blog as of April 2012)

    Today we received an email from Apple, out of the blue, that TrapCall has been removed from the App Store due to the app not being “legal in all the locations in which the app is available.” This, of course, is completely untrue as TrapCall is 100% legal in the United States and Canada.

    We’re hoping to hear back from Apple soon with some more information. In the meantime, we’d like to remind you that TrapCall does not require an app to work. Additionally, if you already have TrapCall’s app downloaded to your iPhone you should be able to continue to use the app indefinitely.

    To get TrapCall on your iPhone

    - Visit this link.

    Your girlfriend calling you again and again from an unknown number (with blocked call displayed on mobile screen). Well now you can unblock those calls on your mobile phone. Aaah..You gotta see this video by TrapCall.

    Once you know the actual number from which you were getting those pesky calls, then you can block that number on your phone.

    Wondering what exactly this TrapCall is all about (check the link below) :

    Cheap Calls Bahrain, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Middle East

    Are you looking for making cheap calls to Bahrain, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Qatar : the middle east countries, well Trueroots is the answer.

    Trueroots, by tata communication (Tata Calling Cards) is now running a cheap calls to Middle East promotion. Trueroots International Calling Service is now offering some very cheap calls so its worth trying!

    The "True MidEast Plan" involves calling to Saudi Arabia,UAE,Kuwait,Bahrain,Qatar,Oman and Iran through local access number by purchasing $10.00 voucher of trueroots service. I would suggest to try out with $10, though it will not last for much long but that's the amount to try the service. Just in case you din't find it worth you have spent a very less amount.

    Trueroots call rates : From US using local access numbers.

    Call To
    From US using local access numbers Saudi Arabia UAE Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Oman Iran
    Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile Fixed Mobile

    9.9 ¢/min 14.9 ¢/min 15.9 ¢/min 15.9 ¢/min 12.4 ¢/min 12.9 ¢/min 9.4 ¢/min 8.9 ¢/min 15.9 ¢/min 19.9 ¢/min 13.9 ¢/min 20.4 ¢/min 11.4 ¢/min 12.9 ¢/min

    The only thing to look out for is, that this Trueroots promotion for middle east cannot be combined with other promotions.

    For more info, visit Trueroots Calling Cards.

    Algeria, Cameroon, Cuba and Senegal : Make Cheap Calls

    Now you can make very cheap calls to Algeria, Cameroon, Cuba and Senegal using Rebtel. You can call your friends, family and love ones in different parts of world without paying much! You can save a lot on your phone bills once you start using voip services like Rebtel which offer very cheap international calls.

    Rebtel has lowered its calling rates to Algeria, Cameroon, Cuba and Senegal.

    Calls to mobiles in Algeria are now starting from 19.9¢/minute and calls to landlines are 9.9¢ cents per minute.

    You can call to mobiles and landlines in Senegal at 24.9¢/minute.

    Calls to mobiles in Cameroon are now starting at 18.9¢/minute and calls to landlines are 13.9¢/minute.

    Calls to both mobiles and landlines in Cuba are now 93.9¢/minute.

    The good thing is that these rates are valid for both new and old users! I don't think, there is any need for information about Rebtel, its a very trusted voip service used by many readers of this blog.

    Free Calls to Egypt | Call Egypt For Free by QTtalk

    I have a few friends in Egypt whom I call quite regularly (specially at this time of crisis in Egypt) and trust me I have spend lot of money to talk to them. Calling middle east countries can prove to be lot of pain on your budget as the call rates are too high. Let me give you an example; even if I use Airtel Calling Card (for making calls to Egypt from India), then I have to pay about Rs 15 per minute (that's like 25 cents per minute).

    And if I don't use any calling card (and normal Airtel Mobile international calls) then it can cost me more than Rs 50 per min. If we talk about voip provider, then Rebtel will charge you about 9 cents per minute and Skype will charge you 13 cents per minute. So in short, calling Egypt is quite costly. What if we tell you that you can make free calls to Egypt from USA (or from other countries as well). Yes, that is quite possible and it works pretty good.

    In this post we will tell you a method by which you can call Egypt for free (without paying a penny) and you will have to thank us for this. We are talking about QT Talk, a prepaid long distance provider which is offering free calls to Egypt. Actually Qt Talk is giving $5 free calling credit to call Egypt for free from the United States.

    QTtalk is showing its support and help people connect with friends and family during occasion. Qttalk offers a pureminute plan in which when you dial international number (from a registered Phone), it is recognized using recognition software, regardless of the mobile phone carrier and call gets connected via QTtalk. This can help you save some money.

    How to get 5 USD Free credit by Qt talk

    Send a text message to 64842 by entering EGYPT, and you will receive $5 to make free international calls to Egypt from the United States of America.

    According to Gary Lane, VP of Sales and Business Development at QT Talk.
    We were moved by the recent events in Egypt's revolution and hold a high esteem for the Egyptian people that achieved their freedom in a peaceful and dignified way. This historic occasion brings an outpouring of emotions that many Egyptians here in the USA would wish to share with their friends and family in Egypt. We at QT Talk would like to assist in making that happen. Traditionally we respond in times of turmoil and disaster giving comfort in a small way by allowing loved ones to connect abroad. It's refreshing however when it can be done in times of triumph as well. During this difficult time, our team is offering those in need a way to make free calls to Egypt. Our core goal is to keep families connected by offering cost-effective, high quality international calls across the globe.
    Please note that the above promotion is over, but you can still make free calls to Egypt as we describe below. However this will be of short duration as we will be using free trial minutes offer by QTtalk.


    Under the QTtalk Pure Minutes plan they are giving free $3 to all new customers (to all who registers with them). It works with any mobile or landlines. Good thing is credit never expires and and no contract is required.

    Simple register with QTtalk, create a free account and you will get $3 credit absolutely free. Use this credit to call Egypt. With $3 credit you will get approx 32 minutes of free calls.


    Skype Low Bandwidth : Slow Connection Mobile Version

    Almost all of us use a mobile phone. And it is mostly used to connect with your friends. Chatting and voice calls is something which almost all of us do. People are now using internet on their mobile phones and what they like is to make video calls on mobiles. Skype is the most popular video calling voip app. 

    Internet text messaging or chatting requires very less of bandwidth, voice calls also do not require too high bandwidth. However when we talk about video calling, it is definitely something which requires bandwidth, otherwise the call quality will be poor.

    The same is the case with Skype. Video calls using Skype also requires significant bandwidth (or high speed internet). In India most people don't use 3G on their smartphones (because of the high charges) and wifi is always limited access. So if you are having slow internet connection on mobile (say GPRS) and if you use Skype, you will experience bad call quality.

    Skype received many such complaints and good thing is they have taken action on this. Skype has announced a low-bandwidth version of its service, specially for slow speed internet connection on mobile. This low bandwidth Skype solution will be more favorable where 3G ain't available or is costly.

    - Check out Skype Voucher Codes to avail discounts
    - Make Skype Video Calls on Television
    - Use Hidden Skype Emoticons 
    - Is ooVoo better than Skype

    Skype Video Calls

    Skype's Mobile Partner Program is characterized as a "simplified operator program that uses a purpose-built client-server solution". The software is optimized for low-bandwidth environments. Skype Low bandwidth is expected to be a great hit in parts of Asia and Africe where 3G, Wifi ain't that popular.

    The software will minimize data usage and maximize battery life, according to Skype.
    According to Skype, the new program will cover a range of OS platforms running on over 100 different smartphones from a variety of vendors. Skype will operate normally on top of the new platform, offering its standard mix of free calls to other Skype customers, and per-minute rates to other phones.

    O2 Orange, Vodafone, T Mobile Free International Calls

    Looking for making unlimited international calls from O2, Orange, Vodafone, T Mobile : Cheap International Calls from UK. Now you can make unlimited international calls from UK Mobile by paying a monthly charge of £10 (per month).

    Please note that this plan is available for O2 ORANGE VODAFONE 3 MOBILE only. Also you need to have an unlimited calling package to landline (by your telecom provider)eg 01 02 and 03 numbersmust be included in your mobile phone tariff for you to take up this offer.

    What you need to do to get this offer :
    1. Visit this page and fill the signup form.

    Before we discuss further, LocalPhone is also a very good option for making cheap international calls from UK. It is also offering a voucher code where you get bonus minutes.

    Coming back to unlimited international minutes promotion by , you can call only these destinations :

    Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil Rio and Sao Paulo, Canada (inc mobile), China (inc mobile), Colombia, Denmark, Cyprus South, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (inc mobile), Hungary, India (inc mobile), Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Singapore (inc mobile), South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand (inc mobile), Turkey, USA (inc mobile).

    Basically this unlimited plan is capped at 10000 minutes per month = 166 hours.
    Please note that O2 have a 3000 minutes fair usage policy and you can make calls to only 3 international numbers.

    Callarc : CallArc Review Android, iPhone Free Calls

    Callarc is in news these days all because of their new system of offering free credit in lieu of some surveys. And people use this free credit to make unlimited free voip calls. CallArc provides free internet phone calls to India, China and many other asian countries. And voila CallArc is working great for many!

    We have reviewed Callarc before but lately the new promotions by Callarc are really exciting which offers unlimited free calls to India. In the past as well, many advertisement based voip providers have come up and yeah gone too but seems Callarc system has clicked.

    The best part is Callarc require no special skills, for making free phone calls using Callarc you need to earn some credits by taking surveys, or playing games etc. You can redeem those credits against Free Phone Calls. CallArc also provides the option to buy credit but again : Why buy when you are getting it for free!

    For making calls, CallArc provide local access numbers (just like a calling card). You can also use any CallArc iphone calling apps, android apps or pc dialers. For countries where Callarc do not have local access number you can still make calls using the calling applications above.

    You can also make SIP Calls using CallArc.

    CallArc SIP Settings :
    Username: your user name
    Password: your password
    Port: 5060

    Coming to the calling rates, though you need not to worry much about calling rate as you are getting all free. But for the credit you earn, less the rate more minutes you get! Calling rate to India is just 2.5 cent per minute. So if you earn $1 credit you will get 20 minutes of free calls.

    Lets discuss a few problems which people are already facing, so that you can try these workaround/callarc solutions.

    1. Some people faced problem getting credit and making call on registering by Indian number.
    Ans -> Now I would suggest you to try registering with US/UK number (try with Google Voice Number).
    If you don't have any other number (other than Indian number), then try making calls using PC dialer or iPhone/Android app.

    2. I am not getting enough credit from CallArc.
    Ans-> Well the amount of credit you get depends on the country you are in (the survey you are taking). Try a proxy for taking surveys!

    3. On calling with Callarc, I get a technical error by Callarc.
    Ans -> Try PC dialer for making Free PC to Phone Calls. It works fine.

    Callarc has created a video tutorial about making free internet phone calls, just check this youtube video and start making some free voip calls using Callarc.

    PS: Well, if you ain't interested in taking surveys, advertisement calls and are ready to pay a few cents for making cheap calls, then try Rebtel. Rebtel offers cheap international calls and real cheap calls to India.

    Nymgo SIP Settings : Configure Nymgo on Nimbuzz, Fring

    Nymgo is a very popular and widely used voip provider, simply because it offers very cheap international calling rates. Specially if you are calling India then it is one of the best possible option. Nymgo offers many ways to make calls, the one method which people regularly use is PC to Phone Calling. Since Nymgo started with only offering PC application, so most of its customers are still using this old method of PC to Phone calling.

    However do you know that this is not the only method supported by Nymgo. Infact making phone to phone calling (or mobile voip) is very easy to use with Nymgo. Either you can use the Nymgo smartphone application (which is available for android mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or windows mobile) or you can use its SIP in any of the SIP application available for your mobile.

    Some of the mobiles have direct SIP configuration like Nokia etc. Otherwise if you have a smartphone, then you can install any SIP application in your phone. Most widely used are Fring and Nimbuzz. So just use Nymgo SIP Settings and configure it on Fring or Nimbuzz.

    Nymgo SIP

    Nymgo SIP Settings

    SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server:
    SIP User ID: nymgo username
    Authenticate ID: nymgo username
    SIP password: your Nymgo account password

    Just use the above settings to configure Fring or Nimbuzz in your phone and then you can make cheap phone calls using Nymgo.

    Fring SIP settings and voip setup configuration guide:
    STEP 1
    Choose SIP from the list (press your joystick in to select items in the list) and press Next using your right soft key.
    STEP 2
    A new screen appears choose "Other" from the list.
    STEP 3
    Enter the following for Registrar Server settings:
    User ID
    SIP proxy
    your Nymgo username
    your Nymgo account password
    * Your existing Nymgo username and password
    STEP 4
    Once Fring is registered to make a SIP call:
    1. Choose a contact in your address book and press "Options" using your left soft key.

    2. From the Call submenu, choose "SIP call". Your call is made using the Nymgo account you have added.

    If you are wondering that Nymgo is not the right option, then you surely need to check its calling rates. I recently checked its international calling rates and found that it is still the cheapest for calling many destinations and it still offers very competitive prices for other countries. We would suggest that if you haven't tried Nymgo, then you must do so asap.

    Facetime in iPod Touch | Free Video Calls on iTouch

    It is not very long that iPhone4 came into the market. One of the most distinguishing feature of this new device was its own video calling app called "Facetime". It eliminated the need of installing third party software like Skype on your mobile. Facetime is a  inbuilt application which enables you to make video calls, however to only those who are using Facetime. Now the concern is how many of your friends use this video calling app (or how many of them are even capable of using this app).

    Good news is even if you don't use iPhone4, you can still use Facetime application. What you require is an iOS device to use this application. Today we will discuss about video calling options using iPod Touch, that is Facetime in iPod Touch. Please note that you can also use Facetime on your iPad (iPad1/iPad2/new iPad) or even on your Mac PC.

    Offcourse if none of your friend is using Facetime, then you should consider using other video calling applications. One of the other popular app for video calling is Tango.

    Facetime for iPod Touch

    Which iPod Touch Devices are Supported for Facetime

    I have a iPod Touch 2G, sadly it does not even have a camera. Turns out without camera, how can I place video calls from it. In short iTouch 2G or any other iPod without Camera is not supported. However if you have the latest iPod Touch 4, then your iPod has a camera and you can use it to make free video calls. Front Camera in new iPod touch is basically for video calling.

    With the new iPod Touch, comes the power to place voice and video calls. This in turns makes your iPod almost similar to iPhone (which just has additional of calling). If you have access to internet on your iPod Touch (wifi), your iPod can serve for all your calling needs.

    Again in new iPod Touch, Facetime is an built in application and you can make free video calls to other iPod touch users or other iPhone4 users.

    If you do not see Facetime app on your iPod or iPhone, it could be possible that you are using an outdated operating system. We will recommend that you update your iPod. 

    How does Facetime Works

    FaceTime works right out of the box — just enter your Apple ID and email address. Or create a new email account just for FaceTime. Using FaceTime is as easy as it gets. Say you want to start a video call with your best friend over Wi-Fi. Just tap the FaceTime app and find her entry (contact) to start the call. An invitation pops up on her iPod touch or iPhone 4 screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, FaceTime begins. It’s all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape.

    Overall the video quality with the front camera is quite ok, however if you switch to back camera it is quite good. We were quite satisfied with the call quality (it also depends on the internet connection). Ease of use and making calls with Facetime is lot more easier if you compare it to Skype. You need not to add more contacts (check if that person is on Skype etc), but simply make the call. Just like Skype you can also mute between the call so that other party can not hear what you are discussing.

    Another good thing is this app is always open so if you are connected to internet, anyone can reach out to you. Your iPod/iPad/iPhone will start ringing.

    If you are in India (or other country where Apple devices are costly), you can consider buying an iPod Touch4 instead of Apple iPhone4. You will save a lot of money and you can still make calls (both audio and video from it).

    If you are make video calls using your iPod Touch, please share your experience with us. .

    3G Video Calling Mobile Phones in India

    A few days back, we posted how you can make free mobile video calls using the voip services like Skype, Fring etc. Also with 3G services launched in India, people are excited about making 3G video mobile video calls. However for making a video call, you require a mobile with front camera. Are you looking for a mobile phone with video calling capabilities, read on!

    On checking the internet going through various available options of a mobile phone with front camera, I found that a very limited options are available. You will find very few mobile phones with front camera (In Indian market), which will help you make video calls.

    If you are having iPhone4 or a Samsung Galaxy S then you can certainly make video calls but again their price is very high. Most of the 3G, Android phones available in Indian market don't have a front camera. I wonder when companies are offering so many features, why are they not offering front camera for video calls.

    You may say that "we can place a video call using the primary camera" but think again, will it make any sense :
    1. You face the back of mobile, you won't be able to see the other person. Obviously you wont be using a mirror for that :p
    2. Also your primary camera will have high resolution video, image which is not suited for video calling, as the video size will be high and very high speed internet is required to transmit it.

    Front camera's are specially made for this option only, so if mobile companies are selling their phone claiming 3G, 3G : why are they not offering front camera.

    I also checked the middle range mobile phones (many high end mobiles as well) and they Do not have a front camera (be it HTC wildfire, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy 3,5, LG Optimus, Spice Mi 300, Sony xperia x10 Mini).

    So, if you are using a 3G phone with front camera, then please post your reviews. Have you tried making video calls using the primary camera ? Please let us know your feedback in the comment section. Lets discuss more about 3G Video Calling Mobile Phones.

    How to Make Cheap Calls to Egypt | Calling Rates Comparison

    This is a very critical time for Egypt (as the crisis is going on) and every one is trying to reach their loved ones living there. Many voip providers have come forward offering either free calls to Egypt or lowering their calling rates to Egypt. To give an example, Rebtel has announced an immediate rate cuts for all calls to Egypt (valid for both new and old customers). The new rate offered by them is 9.6 cents per minute (down from 13.5c/min). Localphone, Pingo have also lowered their calling rates for calling Egypt (thought temporary rates cuts).

    In this post we will compare the calling rates for Egypt by all voip providers and this should help you choose a service for making cheap calls to Egypt. We will also try to keep this post updated, so that whenever you visit this page you will be able to figure out the cheapest voip provider.

    Please note that the table below contains the Pay as you go rates offered by voip services. Some voip providers offer unlimited plan so these should not be compared directly, so we cover this in a seperate new post. Choose the option which you consider is the best.

    Voip ProviderCalling Rate to Egypt (cents/min)
    Sunno Voip23
    Keku Calling Cards8.9
    Comfi Calling Cards8.4

    Please note that calling rates should not be the only criteria when choosing a permanent voip service. You should also consider if it fits your need (way it offers calls like smartphone apps, PC apps etc), it should offer good voice quality and customer service.

    Do you know we have done similar rate comparison for other countries :
    - Call Rate Comparison for India

    I know that the list above is not exhaustive and we may have missed many good and cheap options for calling Egypt. If you want to make any additions to this list then please let us know in the comment section and we will incorporate that in our calling rate comparison list.

    Skype for iPad : Voip and Video Calls on iPad

    If are you planning to buy an iPad and just want to make sure that you can place free voip calls (both voice and video) so as to use it as a phone as well, then you have landed at just the right post. Offcourse you have Facetime on your iPad (which you can use for video calling) but the real question is will you be able to use Skype on iPad ?

    Will you be able to make free and cheap international calls on your iPad using the Skype voip app on iPad. I just browsed the internet looking for similar answers. Straight away heading onto Skype Website.

    Skype lists that it offers its Voip application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Actually, since many iPhone app works on iPad, Skype's the same. Skype for iPad is basically Skype for iPhone application which equally works on your iPad. Offcourse you need high speed internet (3G/Wifi) to make video, voice calls on your iPad.

    Update: Skype has launched a full fledged app specially for iPad users (not just iPhone app which opens on iPad). It works great and I am using it.

    Earlier : You need to do is get a compatible headset. I wonder why only these headsets, won't your bluetooth or the default mic and speakers work. A thing to explore, but I guess it should work.
    Now (Updated): Everything works, Skype works using default speakers and mic.  

    Good thing about Skype for iPad, or any other voip app for iPad is that you can make voice, video calls to people using Skype on their iPhone, iPod touch, windows 8 mobile, Android or Tablet or their laptop. So, its basically kind of Video calls from iPad to any device.

    Then I checked the Skype forum. Guess what I found, people commenting :
    "Its getting old already - I'm tired of using an iPhoneApp in x2 mode... just give me my app already!"
    "I would USE MORE SKYPE CREDITS if the freaking iPad would have an app made for it."
    "Downloaded the Skype APP to my iPad today and works a treat good quality video on iPad and speech is spot on, of course no video back from iPad, just speech, but then you will all know that. My only concern so far is that when a call comes onto the iPad the ring tone is total rubbish"

    Above comments indicate that Skype app for iPhone doesn't work that great for iPad. Guess Skype needs to come out with an exclusive app for iPad : Skype on iPad so that people can place some cheap and free voip calls.

    Please note that above comments are outdated now and Skype iPad application works too good now. It does not crash, credit purchasing is easy. Video call quality is awesome and almost same as Facetime.

    Do you own an iPad, have you tried Skype on your iPad. Please share your experience, any problems you are facing, any suggestions you would like to make about using Skype for iPad. May be we can help you out, or may be you can help others!

    LocalPhone New User Coupon Code

    Won't be discussing why you should join localphone, we have blogged about it many times. In this post, we discuss about LocalPhone Coupon Code for Feb 2011 and some more reasons you should join it.

    When you join Localphone, you will get first call free and some bonus credit.

    Your first call is free and you’ll get a $10 bonus when you top up by $15 using the voucher code NEWUSER11.

    Localphone calling rate to India is 1.59 cent per min. It also offers cheap calls to many other countries like Pakistan, UAE (Dubai), Bangladesh, Mexico and many more!

    Its time to try out LocalPhone.

    Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
    $1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
    (No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
    Coupon Code : FPBONUS


    Airtel Call Home app : iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian Mobile

    Airtel Call Home is a very popular calling card for making phone calls to India. But with every calling card comes the hassle of dialing so many numbers. This problem gets resolved with the Airtel Call Home Application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry Mobiles, Windows Mobile, Symbian Phones, Java based mobiles.

    With Airtel Call Home app you don't have to dial so many numbers, no pin number, no access number! When you get Airtel Call Home application on the phone, you can dial directly from the phone book without having to dial these numbers. AirtelCallHome app is available for FREE as an introductory offer. Additionally you get 150 minutes of free calls under this offer.

    To download the Airtel Call Home app, all you need to do is login to your account and get the download instruction. After installing the app on your phone, Enter your local access number, Enter account number, Enter you PIN.

    Now you can call the number directly from your phonebook. It is important that you have stored your contacts correctly.

    India Landline Number : “0” followed by “City Code” (eg. 44 for Chennai) followed by “Destination number”( 25671441) -- (Stored number eg. 04425671441)

    India Mobile Number : “0” followed by “10 digit mobile number”(eg :9871112345) -- (Stored number eg. 09871112345)

    Other Countries Landline Number :“Country code” (eg. 0044 for UK) followed by “City Code” (eg. 20 for London) followed by “Destination number”(79251234) -- (Stored number eg. 00442079251234)

    Other Countries Mobile Number : “Country code” (eg. 0044 for UK) followed by “Mobile number” (eg. 7810512345) -- (Stored number eg. 00447810512345)

    Now this is obvious that the international call will use up your local minutes. So its better that you have local cap minutes with your telecom provider.

    Please note, you get 50 minutes for every recharge for the next 3 consecutive recharges once you start using the airtelcallhome app.
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