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Airtel Call Home app : iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian Mobile

Airtel Call Home is a very popular calling card for making phone calls to India. But with every calling card comes the hassle of dialing so many numbers. This problem gets resolved with the Airtel Call Home Application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry Mobiles, Windows Mobile, Symbian Phones, Java based mobiles.

With Airtel Call Home app you don't have to dial so many numbers, no pin number, no access number! When you get Airtel Call Home application on the phone, you can dial directly from the phone book without having to dial these numbers. AirtelCallHome app is available for FREE as an introductory offer. Additionally you get 150 minutes of free calls under this offer.

To download the Airtel Call Home app, all you need to do is login to your account and get the download instruction. After installing the app on your phone, Enter your local access number, Enter account number, Enter you PIN.

Now you can call the number directly from your phonebook. It is important that you have stored your contacts correctly.

India Landline Number : “0” followed by “City Code” (eg. 44 for Chennai) followed by “Destination number”( 25671441) -- (Stored number eg. 04425671441)

India Mobile Number : “0” followed by “10 digit mobile number”(eg :9871112345) -- (Stored number eg. 09871112345)

Other Countries Landline Number :“Country code” (eg. 0044 for UK) followed by “City Code” (eg. 20 for London) followed by “Destination number”(79251234) -- (Stored number eg. 00442079251234)

Other Countries Mobile Number : “Country code” (eg. 0044 for UK) followed by “Mobile number” (eg. 7810512345) -- (Stored number eg. 00447810512345)

Now this is obvious that the international call will use up your local minutes. So its better that you have local cap minutes with your telecom provider.

Please note, you get 50 minutes for every recharge for the next 3 consecutive recharges once you start using the airtelcallhome app.

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