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How to Make Cheap Calls to Egypt | Calling Rates Comparison

This is a very critical time for Egypt (as the crisis is going on) and every one is trying to reach their loved ones living there. Many voip providers have come forward offering either free calls to Egypt or lowering their calling rates to Egypt. To give an example, Rebtel has announced an immediate rate cuts for all calls to Egypt (valid for both new and old customers). The new rate offered by them is 9.6 cents per minute (down from 13.5c/min). Localphone, Pingo have also lowered their calling rates for calling Egypt (thought temporary rates cuts).

In this post we will compare the calling rates for Egypt by all voip providers and this should help you choose a service for making cheap calls to Egypt. We will also try to keep this post updated, so that whenever you visit this page you will be able to figure out the cheapest voip provider.

Please note that the table below contains the Pay as you go rates offered by voip services. Some voip providers offer unlimited plan so these should not be compared directly, so we cover this in a seperate new post. Choose the option which you consider is the best.

Voip ProviderCalling Rate to Egypt (cents/min)
Sunno Voip23
Keku Calling Cards8.9
Comfi Calling Cards8.4

Please note that calling rates should not be the only criteria when choosing a permanent voip service. You should also consider if it fits your need (way it offers calls like smartphone apps, PC apps etc), it should offer good voice quality and customer service.

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I know that the list above is not exhaustive and we may have missed many good and cheap options for calling Egypt. If you want to make any additions to this list then please let us know in the comment section and we will incorporate that in our calling rate comparison list.

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