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Callarc : CallArc Review Android, iPhone Free Calls

Callarc is in news these days all because of their new system of offering free credit in lieu of some surveys. And people use this free credit to make unlimited free voip calls. CallArc provides free internet phone calls to India, China and many other asian countries. And voila CallArc is working great for many!

We have reviewed Callarc before but lately the new promotions by Callarc are really exciting which offers unlimited free calls to India. In the past as well, many advertisement based voip providers have come up and yeah gone too but seems Callarc system has clicked.

The best part is Callarc require no special skills, for making free phone calls using Callarc you need to earn some credits by taking surveys, or playing games etc. You can redeem those credits against Free Phone Calls. CallArc also provides the option to buy credit but again : Why buy when you are getting it for free!

For making calls, CallArc provide local access numbers (just like a calling card). You can also use any CallArc iphone calling apps, android apps or pc dialers. For countries where Callarc do not have local access number you can still make calls using the calling applications above.

You can also make SIP Calls using CallArc.

CallArc SIP Settings :
Username: your user name
Password: your password
Port: 5060

Coming to the calling rates, though you need not to worry much about calling rate as you are getting all free. But for the credit you earn, less the rate more minutes you get! Calling rate to India is just 2.5 cent per minute. So if you earn $1 credit you will get 20 minutes of free calls.

Lets discuss a few problems which people are already facing, so that you can try these workaround/callarc solutions.

1. Some people faced problem getting credit and making call on registering by Indian number.
Ans -> Now I would suggest you to try registering with US/UK number (try with Google Voice Number).
If you don't have any other number (other than Indian number), then try making calls using PC dialer or iPhone/Android app.

2. I am not getting enough credit from CallArc.
Ans-> Well the amount of credit you get depends on the country you are in (the survey you are taking). Try a proxy for taking surveys!

3. On calling with Callarc, I get a technical error by Callarc.
Ans -> Try PC dialer for making Free PC to Phone Calls. It works fine.

Callarc has created a video tutorial about making free internet phone calls, just check this youtube video and start making some free voip calls using Callarc.

PS: Well, if you ain't interested in taking surveys, advertisement calls and are ready to pay a few cents for making cheap calls, then try Rebtel. Rebtel offers cheap international calls and real cheap calls to India.

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