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Economy Calling Review : Free ISD Calls, Voicemails, Phone Calls

Economy Calling is the new entry in the voip market and it has a very clean, good voip calling calling model. Firstly Economy Calling is offering free international calls, free phone calls to many countries : India, USA, Canada, Russia and many more. All these are free phone to phone calls.

I have tried Economy calling for making Free Mobile calls from my India number to a friend in India itself. You can use economy calling for making free ISD calls as well (Free international calls).
The call quality was good, call was connected instantly, everything was ok in the calling part.

I have had chat with their customer support with all the queries. Firstly their live support was very helpful. Please read on as this information will help you using Economy Calling and will answer most of your queries.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I am Madhur from Free PC to Phone Calls Blog. I would like to post about economy calling on my blog. So would like to have my few questions answered. Hope you can help.
EconomyCalling Operator: I shall try to assist you to my fullest.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: How to get make free calls with economycalling.
EconomyCalling Operator: To get the Free Trial Call:
1. Visit
2. Select your country and enter your phone number
3. Select your friend's country and enter the phone number
4. click “Submit”
5. Call the given Access Number from your phone, wait for 2 ring and hang up
6. You will receive a call on the mentioned numbers.
** Please note calls to EconomyCalling callback numbers will not be charged.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Is this service same as spokenrecall ?
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes. Minus the call recording and transcription.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What is the call duration of free trial call ? I have tried it, it seems it is limited to only one minute. Is it so ?
EconomyCalling Operator: During the Free Trial period, where we limit per call to one minute. User is allowed to make maximum of 10 calls in a day to any contact.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Can we make free trial call from any number in world to any number ? Like calling Cuba from India. Because call rates to Cuba are already very high.
EconomyCalling Operator: Free Trial calls will be limited to Free destinations only. For paid destination the user will need to register to our service pay online and then continue using the service.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I can see almost every country in the your friend number list on the homepage.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, on home page we have listed all the countries. But callbacks to only free destinations will be allowed

FreePctoPhoneCalls: I tried calling from India to India, it worked. So it seems India and many other countries are included in Free destinations. I guess the ones where calling rate if high are not included in free destinations by economy calling.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes exactly.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: You assign a number for each destnation number. Can I save this number and call it again whenever I want to call my destination. This will save a lot of time for me.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, in fact after the user makes a call to the caller-destination combination, we ask the users to save in their phone book for future use. So the user need not come to web all the time

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What is the minimum amount of credit which people need to buy from economy calling in order to get a registered users.
EconomyCalling Operator: We do not have minimum credit defined right now. The user is allowed to make a call, until he has a minimum balance in his account for the call.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: No, I mean can I register myself with $1 credit.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes you can, but we do warn you of low balance.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: What are the benefits of being a registered user than keep trying the free trial call feature (10 calls a day).
EconomyCalling Operator: As mentioned earlier, free trial are limit to free destinations, and to 1 minute per call. Also only 10 calls per day.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: If I sign up with economy calling by buying some credit, then will I be eligible for 10 free calls a day or do I have to always pay for the calls. Like, if I want to make a one min call : will I be charged for that, Considering I was not charged for trial call. So, after registration will I be charged ?
EconomyCalling Operator: Once you register, free trial period is ended. And the user pays according to the rates defined on the website. A registered user, can speak as long as he has enough credit, and calls will be unlimited.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: I guess, then the people who only want one minute call to free destination will not be attracted to buy credit and be a registered user.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Do you provide access number in all the countries. Like if a person wants to register from UAE. I am asking this because many voip services don't work in Dubai/UAE.
EconomyCalling Operator: Depending on the demand from the users and area feasibility we plan to set up Access Numbers to most of the countries in the world.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: Does it currently work for people who want to call India from Dubai.
EconomyCalling Operator: Regarding middle east countries, it is not feasible to set up Access Numbers. That is the reason we have this callback service where the user calls a toll free number and they receive a callback.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: So economy calling works for Middle east countries, where people can give a ring to your international access number/toll free number. And economy calling callback their number.
EconomyCalling Operator: Yes, but only for paid users.

FreePctoPhoneCalls: Ok. That's good enough. Anything that you would like to add about economy calling. I can share it with my blog readers.
EconomyCalling Operator: Thanks a lot. Economy Calling is a very simple to use telephone efficiency service used to make and receive calls all over the world.
FreePctoPhoneCalls: I agree with you. Economy Calling is very simple to use voip service with the callback model. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
EconomyCalling Operator: Thank You for using Live Support.

madhur article :

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February 27, 2011 at 7:11 PM

LOL...1 minute call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 28, 2011 at 5:03 PM

i tried calling but not getting connected btw i am calling from UK

March 10, 2011 at 2:58 AM

I tried calling US, the call quality is excellent.

March 24, 2011 at 6:54 AM

the trial period is 10 days.

April 11, 2011 at 1:48 AM

excellent service but call connects after 3 min!!
just worried about privacy!!

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April 25, 2011 at 9:19 AM

thanx...i ll do consider it!

were you talking about mine?

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