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Free Calls to Egypt | Call Egypt For Free by QTtalk

I have a few friends in Egypt whom I call quite regularly (specially at this time of crisis in Egypt) and trust me I have spend lot of money to talk to them. Calling middle east countries can prove to be lot of pain on your budget as the call rates are too high. Let me give you an example; even if I use Airtel Calling Card (for making calls to Egypt from India), then I have to pay about Rs 15 per minute (that's like 25 cents per minute).

And if I don't use any calling card (and normal Airtel Mobile international calls) then it can cost me more than Rs 50 per min. If we talk about voip provider, then Rebtel will charge you about 9 cents per minute and Skype will charge you 13 cents per minute. So in short, calling Egypt is quite costly. What if we tell you that you can make free calls to Egypt from USA (or from other countries as well). Yes, that is quite possible and it works pretty good.

In this post we will tell you a method by which you can call Egypt for free (without paying a penny) and you will have to thank us for this. We are talking about QT Talk, a prepaid long distance provider which is offering free calls to Egypt. Actually Qt Talk is giving $5 free calling credit to call Egypt for free from the United States.

QTtalk is showing its support and help people connect with friends and family during occasion. Qttalk offers a pureminute plan in which when you dial international number (from a registered Phone), it is recognized using recognition software, regardless of the mobile phone carrier and call gets connected via QTtalk. This can help you save some money.

How to get 5 USD Free credit by Qt talk

Send a text message to 64842 by entering EGYPT, and you will receive $5 to make free international calls to Egypt from the United States of America.

According to Gary Lane, VP of Sales and Business Development at QT Talk.
We were moved by the recent events in Egypt's revolution and hold a high esteem for the Egyptian people that achieved their freedom in a peaceful and dignified way. This historic occasion brings an outpouring of emotions that many Egyptians here in the USA would wish to share with their friends and family in Egypt. We at QT Talk would like to assist in making that happen. Traditionally we respond in times of turmoil and disaster giving comfort in a small way by allowing loved ones to connect abroad. It's refreshing however when it can be done in times of triumph as well. During this difficult time, our team is offering those in need a way to make free calls to Egypt. Our core goal is to keep families connected by offering cost-effective, high quality international calls across the globe.
Please note that the above promotion is over, but you can still make free calls to Egypt as we describe below. However this will be of short duration as we will be using free trial minutes offer by QTtalk.


Under the QTtalk Pure Minutes plan they are giving free $3 to all new customers (to all who registers with them). It works with any mobile or landlines. Good thing is credit never expires and and no contract is required.

Simple register with QTtalk, create a free account and you will get $3 credit absolutely free. Use this credit to call Egypt. With $3 credit you will get approx 32 minutes of free calls.

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