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Nymgo SIP Settings : Configure Nymgo on Nimbuzz, Fring

Nymgo is a very popular and widely used voip provider, simply because it offers very cheap international calling rates. Specially if you are calling India then it is one of the best possible option. Nymgo offers many ways to make calls, the one method which people regularly use is PC to Phone Calling. Since Nymgo started with only offering PC application, so most of its customers are still using this old method of PC to Phone calling.

However do you know that this is not the only method supported by Nymgo. Infact making phone to phone calling (or mobile voip) is very easy to use with Nymgo. Either you can use the Nymgo smartphone application (which is available for android mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or windows mobile) or you can use its SIP in any of the SIP application available for your mobile.

Some of the mobiles have direct SIP configuration like Nokia etc. Otherwise if you have a smartphone, then you can install any SIP application in your phone. Most widely used are Fring and Nimbuzz. So just use Nymgo SIP Settings and configure it on Fring or Nimbuzz.

Nymgo SIP

Nymgo SIP Settings

SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server:
SIP User ID: nymgo username
Authenticate ID: nymgo username
SIP password: your Nymgo account password

Just use the above settings to configure Fring or Nimbuzz in your phone and then you can make cheap phone calls using Nymgo.

Fring SIP settings and voip setup configuration guide:
Choose SIP from the list (press your joystick in to select items in the list) and press Next using your right soft key.
A new screen appears choose "Other" from the list.
Enter the following for Registrar Server settings:
User ID
SIP proxy
your Nymgo username
your Nymgo account password
* Your existing Nymgo username and password
Once Fring is registered to make a SIP call:
1. Choose a contact in your address book and press "Options" using your left soft key.

2. From the Call submenu, choose "SIP call". Your call is made using the Nymgo account you have added.

If you are wondering that Nymgo is not the right option, then you surely need to check its calling rates. I recently checked its international calling rates and found that it is still the cheapest for calling many destinations and it still offers very competitive prices for other countries. We would suggest that if you haven't tried Nymgo, then you must do so asap.

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