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Skype for iPad : Voip and Video Calls on iPad

If are you planning to buy an iPad and just want to make sure that you can place free voip calls (both voice and video) so as to use it as a phone as well, then you have landed at just the right post. Offcourse you have Facetime on your iPad (which you can use for video calling) but the real question is will you be able to use Skype on iPad ?

Will you be able to make free and cheap international calls on your iPad using the Skype voip app on iPad. I just browsed the internet looking for similar answers. Straight away heading onto Skype Website.

Skype lists that it offers its Voip application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Actually, since many iPhone app works on iPad, Skype's the same. Skype for iPad is basically Skype for iPhone application which equally works on your iPad. Offcourse you need high speed internet (3G/Wifi) to make video, voice calls on your iPad.

Update: Skype has launched a full fledged app specially for iPad users (not just iPhone app which opens on iPad). It works great and I am using it.

Earlier : You need to do is get a compatible headset. I wonder why only these headsets, won't your bluetooth or the default mic and speakers work. A thing to explore, but I guess it should work.
Now (Updated): Everything works, Skype works using default speakers and mic.  

Good thing about Skype for iPad, or any other voip app for iPad is that you can make voice, video calls to people using Skype on their iPhone, iPod touch, windows 8 mobile, Android or Tablet or their laptop. So, its basically kind of Video calls from iPad to any device.

Then I checked the Skype forum. Guess what I found, people commenting :
"Its getting old already - I'm tired of using an iPhoneApp in x2 mode... just give me my app already!"
"I would USE MORE SKYPE CREDITS if the freaking iPad would have an app made for it."
"Downloaded the Skype APP to my iPad today and works a treat good quality video on iPad and speech is spot on, of course no video back from iPad, just speech, but then you will all know that. My only concern so far is that when a call comes onto the iPad the ring tone is total rubbish"

Above comments indicate that Skype app for iPhone doesn't work that great for iPad. Guess Skype needs to come out with an exclusive app for iPad : Skype on iPad so that people can place some cheap and free voip calls.

Please note that above comments are outdated now and Skype iPad application works too good now. It does not crash, credit purchasing is easy. Video call quality is awesome and almost same as Facetime.

Do you own an iPad, have you tried Skype on your iPad. Please share your experience, any problems you are facing, any suggestions you would like to make about using Skype for iPad. May be we can help you out, or may be you can help others!

madhur article :

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March 6, 2011 at 10:14 AM

True. The Skype iPhone app running on the iPad leaves a lot to be desired. I make and receive calls both on wifi and 3G, but I cannot rely on it to stay signed on and ready to receive calls.

I find myself, having to check if it's still running ever 20 minutes or so (to make sure I don't miss a call).

The keyboard you have to use is no good for chat -fells like you are texting, whereas the keyboard for REAL iPad apps is excellent.

Dung testing, the caller will have to hang on for anywhere from 4 to 10 rings before Skype gives you the first alert ring - unacceptable.

Bluetooth, if you find one that pairs to your iPad, will give you tones for incoming chats and a ring for incoming Skype calls (provided the caller let's it ring umpteen times), BUT as soon as you hit answer, the mic and audio go to the built in mic/speaker on your iPad. Nice, if you live in your briefcase, but useless if you want a mobile solution.

Note: bluetooth has the same functionality on Skype, fring, truphone, and whistlephone. Seems like it is an OS issue.

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