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Skype Low Bandwidth : Slow Connection Mobile Version

Almost all of us use a mobile phone. And it is mostly used to connect with your friends. Chatting and voice calls is something which almost all of us do. People are now using internet on their mobile phones and what they like is to make video calls on mobiles. Skype is the most popular video calling voip app. 

Internet text messaging or chatting requires very less of bandwidth, voice calls also do not require too high bandwidth. However when we talk about video calling, it is definitely something which requires bandwidth, otherwise the call quality will be poor.

The same is the case with Skype. Video calls using Skype also requires significant bandwidth (or high speed internet). In India most people don't use 3G on their smartphones (because of the high charges) and wifi is always limited access. So if you are having slow internet connection on mobile (say GPRS) and if you use Skype, you will experience bad call quality.

Skype received many such complaints and good thing is they have taken action on this. Skype has announced a low-bandwidth version of its service, specially for slow speed internet connection on mobile. This low bandwidth Skype solution will be more favorable where 3G ain't available or is costly.

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Skype Video Calls

Skype's Mobile Partner Program is characterized as a "simplified operator program that uses a purpose-built client-server solution". The software is optimized for low-bandwidth environments. Skype Low bandwidth is expected to be a great hit in parts of Asia and Africe where 3G, Wifi ain't that popular.

The software will minimize data usage and maximize battery life, according to Skype.
According to Skype, the new program will cover a range of OS platforms running on over 100 different smartphones from a variety of vendors. Skype will operate normally on top of the new platform, offering its standard mix of free calls to other Skype customers, and per-minute rates to other phones.

madhur article :

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February 16, 2011 at 7:38 AM

yes you are right ,i like to use skype on ma nokia5800 xm ,its so slow and used alot of data then i paid alot of money , it left fring ,when it used by fring it has perfect usage data ,but now is not , the battry life is short by skype , im from egypt i havnt skype video call from along time they cut it ,i dont know y
, i hope it will be better isa

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