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Jumblo ActionVoip Rynga Android App : Mobile SIP Dailer

Have you been a regular user of betamax voip services like Jumblo, Actionvoip, Rynga, Voipblast or any other. But the problem is you have been either making Pc to Phone Calls or making Phone to Phone calls using access number or web initiated calling. You just purchased an android based phone and now want to try making SIP calls (Jumblo Actionvoip) from your android phone.

Its time to try out Actionvoip Jumblo Android App. MobileVoip beta is now in android market place. MobileVoip lets you make (free!) VoIP calls. Save on your mobile phone costs easily.- Make sure you have an account from a supported VoIP provider : like Rynga, Voipblast, webcalldirect, jumblo, actionvoip or any other betamax/delmont sarl voip provider.

Betamax Delmont Sarl Android App features :
- Make SIP phone calls
- Use your own contacts from within the app
- Connect to Internet using 3G, WiFi, UMTS
- Bypass VoIP blockades.

I have been reading a few reviews about this new app and most of them are negative. I am trying this app in my phone now. I also didn't like the call quality much. You can download the application for free from Androip market. Download to Pc and transfer to phone, or just download from android market directly to phone. Search for "MobileVoip" in the android market. You will find an app named "MobileVoip beta" by finarea.

This app will use internet wifi or your 3g connection to place calls. So time for you to try out "Betamax Android App".

Likiwi : Facebook App Call for free : Free Calling

Another app for making Free Calls to your Facebook friends, that is call for free on Facebook. You can use Likiwi to Call all your friends on Facebook for free and win Likiwi points.

Use your Likiwi points to call for free landlines and mobiles in 40 countries. Good part is you do not require any downloads, no account creation and no need to add your friends because everything is done by Likiwi. You can make free calls on facebook directly from your laptop/pc.

Likiwi also offers you a free voicemail so your friends can leave you a message when you are unreachable. The answering machine is customizable and accessible from anywhere.

Just search the application "Likiwi : Call for Free" on Facebook. You can call the friends which are already using Likiwi Fcaebook app and can call them for free using Likiwi. You can even send free sms to that person using Likiwi Facebook app.

Using Likiwi you can even purchase pre paid cards: €5, €10 and €20, to call landlines and international numbers (40 countries). Just 3 prices to retain:

1min for a landline call = € 0.020
1min for a mobile phone call = € 0.16
1min for an international phone call = € 0.25

* Landlines in 40 countries (Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, metropolitan France, Great Britain, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Venezuela).

Calling rates are bit high, but for limited duration free international calls to your Facebook Friends, Likiwi seems to be a good option.

Palktak Vnumber Free Texting Calling : iPhone to iPhone

Paltalk, one of the leading video based community, internet chat service has launched its free calling worldwide, free SMS functionality and free push notifications for calls to its Vumber Mobile application.

Vnumber is a iOS application which works over Wifi and 3G for making voip calls. Vumber works over WIFI and 3G cellular networks and now its provides free unlimited calling and texting worldwide (Vumber-to-Vumber). Vnumber works great on iPod and using it you can make voip calls from your iPod touch. Customers are still required to maintain a carrier plan, but they can limit the amount of minutes and texts on their plan to save money.

Vnumber also allows to have multiple lines on your iPhone and can have push notification feature too.

Airtel 3G Rates in Delhi : Tariff Plan Delhi

Airtel has launched its 3G services in Delhi and other cities as well. The tariff plans offered by Airtel 3G is different for different cities. Today we look at the Airtel 3G Tariff Plans in Delhi, that is Video Calling on Airtel 3G Rates in Delhi.

Please note than in order to use 3G service, you need to have a 3g enabled mobile phone. You can also use Airtel 3G plan to use high speed internet on your PC, offcourse apart from using high speed net on mobile. You can watch live Tv, make video calls, play online games etc. In order to make video calls on your Airtel 3G sim, you need to have a 3G mobile phone with front camera.

Activating 3G on Airtel Sim is very simple. All you need to do is call at 12134 or SMS ‘3G’ to 121.

Airtel 3G Tariff Plans Delhi

Airtel 3G Sachets

  • Rs.11 Sachet – 10MB data valid for 1 day
  • Rs.49 Sachet – 30 minutes for 1 day
  • Rs.65 Sachet – 65MB data valid for 3 day

Airtel 3G Standard Plans (30 days Prepaid and Postpaid plans)
  • Rs.100 – 100MB Free Data
  • Rs.200 – 250MB free data
  • Rs.450 – 600MB free data
  • Rs.750 – 2GB free data
Airtel FlexiShield Plan
  • Rs.675 for 1.25GB Data
  • After 1.25GB, the rates will be 1p/100KB upto Rs.2000. After your used amount reaches Rs.2,000 , you will get free unlimited browsing at 20Kbps speed .This plans validity is 30 days.
Airtel 3G Volume Based Plans
  • Rs 21 for 21 days : charges 15p/20KB.
  • Video Call charges : 5p/sec, valid on Local, STD & Roaming
Some of other important terms and conditions :
  • You will not need to change your SIM card to enjoy airtel 3G services.
  • You will require a 3G enabled handset & airtel 3G network to enjoy airtel3G services - we recommend you to go for a HSPA handset, to truly enjoy the power of airtel 3G.
  • Video call will be activated by default once customer is activated on 3G.
  • ISD video calls are not allowed.
  • National roaming on 3G is available only on airtel 3G network.
  • Video calls are NOT guaranteed on international roaming but might be successful in some networks.
  • You cannot recharge a data pack with another data pack till previous balance is above 50MB.
  • On recharge with new data pack (when balance less than 50MB)/change in existing pack, earlier data balance available in your account will be forfeited.

Calls2all Voip : Mobile Dialer | Callshop to Call India, Sri Lanka

Today we discuss about another voip provider which is offering cheap calls to asian countries. Cheap calls to India, Cheap Calls to Sri Lanka and Cheap Calls to Pakistan. Today we discuss about Calls2all voip service, your voip partner, the mobile dialer.

Calls2all enables you to sell SIP Termination, SIP Trunking, International DID numbers and other VoIP services. Calls2all can be more viewed as a service for resellers, where you can buy bulk credit at cheap rates and offer it to customer to some higher price : a callshop.

Another good thing about Calls2all is per second billing as compared to per minute billing.

Calling rates by Callsall to various destinations :

India Mobile $0.0108
India BSNL $0.0121
India Proper $0.0145
Bangladesh $0.022
Pakistan $0.037
Srilanka $0.090

Calls2all Offer Mobile Dialer & Pc to Phone Dialer With VPN Technology working in voip block countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. That's again an added benefit.

Interestingly Calls2all have their office address in India itself (in TamilNadu).

In order to try this Callsall service as a reseller, you need to contact them, no direct signup.

PS : A more good option to make cheap calls to India is try Localphone Voucher and get some bonus credit. Effective calling rate to India will be around 1 cent per minute and best part about Localphone is credit does not expire.

Nettalk App iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch : Nettalk Duo Application

Nettalk duo is a very popular voip device, widely used by many. But have you tried Nettalk Smartphone app for iPhone, Android Mobile, Blackberry Mobile or for your iPod Touch or iPad to make free voip calls, free international calls.

Nettalk offers a smartphone app using which you can make free calls to USA and Canada without using your mobile cap minutes.

Nettalk offers Smartphone app for :
1. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
2. Android Mobile
3. Windows Mobile
4. Blackberry Mobiles.

Nettalk Smartphone App provides following features :

  • Free calling to the US and Canada
  • Connectivity through WiFi / 3G / Edge
  • Record conversations
  • Import your contacts from your phone
  • Receive customized support through 611
  • Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
  • Free 411 Directory Assistance
How to use Nettalk App for making Free Calls :

1. Visit to create your netTALK Smartphone Account.
2. Download and install the netTALK Smartphone App on your mobile device.
3. Use the username and password you created to login to the netTALK smartphone App.
4. Call your friends for free and invite them to do the same.

You can download the Nettalk app from your respective store (iPhone Store or Android Market Place). Alternatively you can find Nettalk App for your phone on Nettalk Duo Website.

Tata indicom ISD call rates, ISD Plans : Call US 50p/min

Tata Indicom has launched its new offer, ISD cheap calls offer to USA, Canada, and Singapore. Recently I noticed some advertisements about this Cheap ISD Tata Indicom offer and I guess this offer is quite competitive with the voip calling rates.

Though a few voip providers offer free calls to USA, Free Calls to Canada, Singapore but the call duration is limited to few minute. Most other voip providers offer calls to USA, Canada, Singapore at 1 cent per minute.

Lets check the Tata Indicom ISD calling offer ( I guess this offer is currently available in Delhi, not sure about other cities) :

For Rs 49, Call USA and Canada at just 50p per minute. That's like 1.1 cent per minute.
For Rs 99, Call USA, Canada at 50p per minute and Call Singapore at just Rs 1 per minute.

Basically, if you are using voip in your mobile then use voip to make free calls to USA and Canada. If you are ok in making PC to Phone calls, then again make free voip calls to US and Canada (Free Pc to Phone Calls). But if you are not making Voip calls then Tata Indicom offer seems to be a good option with such cheap ISD Call rates.

0800 Buster : Free Calls to 0800, 0808 & 0500 Numbers

Have you been looking for making free calls to 0800, 0808, 0500 Numbers (UK Mobile). Haven't you heard about the Localphone initiative service!

0800 Butser is a service by Localphone itself and offers free calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers. 0800Buster lets you call these numbers using your mobile’s inclusive minutes, by providing you with a UK landline number to dial instead.

Best part is you need not to register in order to use this service. Just dial 01241 22 0800, enter the full free-phone number you want to call at the prompt, then press #—it’s that simple!

“Free” assumes you receive inclusive minutes to UK landlines as part of your mobile phone contract. 0800Buster access numbers should be included in these free minutes, and should otherwise be charged at your provider’s normal UK landline rate. accepts no liability for any costs incurred from using our service.

So how does 0800buster make money. It offer this to you as a free service because we receive a small amount of money for handling toll free calls. You can get free directory enquiries from your mobile by dialling the 0800Buster access number, followed by 0800 118 3733. Any more information or problem you face with 0800buster, please let us know.

Facebook Calling App : Facebook Messenger for iPhone, Android

Facebook calling is getting popular. Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, chatting with their friends. But have you tried calling your facebook friends directly from your phone without paying a penny. Few days back we posted about official Facebook App for making free calls to Facebook Friends. Today we discuss about another similar app : The Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is available for both iPhone & Android. I have tried installing on both iPhone & Android Mobile phone and it works. However this is not a free app, but will cost a $1.99 (not much). This app is built on Facebook API as all calls will be connected through facebook's
servers, so you don't have to worry about password theft.

Some of the features of Facebook Messenger (Facebook Calling App for iPhone & Android) :
  • Chat with your Facebook friends from your iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Instant replies from Apples push notifications.
  • Make free calls from your desktop.
  • Keep track of all your calls.
So try this Facebook Calling App : The facebook Messenger and share your feedback with us. Please let us know if you face any problems.

Call Facebook Friends for Free : Vonage Android, iPhone, iPad

Now its possible to call friends on Facebook for free using voip service. Yes you can now call all your Facebook Friends for free on your Android, iPhone, iPad device. Lets check out how :

We today talk about Android, iPhone App for calling Facebook friends on your mobile. We today talk about Vonage Android app for Facebook, and how to make android calls using Vonage.

You can easily find the Vonage android Facebook app, just search for "Vonage" in the android market place. You will find "Vonage Mobile App for Facebook". Similarly you can find this Vonage app for iPhone in the apple store.

Make your voice heard on Facebook with the new Vonage Mobile app for your mobile device. Call or IM anywhere in the world for FREE with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. You need to get this app for yourself and share it with your facebook friends so that they also have this Vonage app in their Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!

Basically both of you and your facebook friend need to have this app in their mobile phone.

Check the video below to know more about this Vonage Facebook App for calling your Facebook Friends for Free.

Just try this app on your mobile, and share your feedback with us. Vonage Mobile for Facebook is a very useful application for calling facebook friends for free.
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