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Free Calls India Landline : FastVoip | India Mobile at half cent

Fastvoip has really grown big over time, offering one of the best voip calling rates to India. Fastvoip is widely used by people living in USA for making calls to India, offcourse IndiaLD & Rebtel are other good options.

Recently Fastvoip started offering free calls to India Landlines and the rate drop in India mobile calling rates. Just check the free country list for Fastvoip and it mentions :

Belgium Netherlands
Canada (+mobile) Poland
China Sweden
France Thailand
Germany United Kingdom
India United States (+mobile)

For as low as 10Euro credit, you will get 120 freedays. In these 120 freedays you can call India Landlines phones for free. You can use the voip credit (your money ) for making cheap international calls to rest of the countries.

Calls to India mobile are at $0.007 (0.7 cent per in), after tax this rate comes around to 0.9 cent per minute. Again the rate is very competitive. I would suggest to go with this offer if you are mostly calling India landlines. But if you are calling India mobile are making a lot of calls of long duration, I would suggest you to go with IndiaLD quater calls plan.

Qik Video Connect | Qik for Android | Qik iPhone app

Looking for update to Qik for iPhone or Qik for Android, well you have Qik Video Connect now! This is basically a video chat software for mobile phone, be it android or an iPhone. Qik Video Connect is full of features like the ability for Qik users to live video chat with other Qik users across Android phones and iPhones!

Qik works on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch (with Camera), iPad, Android tablets. Qik Video Connect is the only mobile video calling solution that also enables video mail. You can send a video mail and say--or show--it live and in person.

Qik Video Connect offers some cool ways to share videos with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, on YouTube or your blog. Best part about Qik is that you don't even need a front-facing camera on your phone. You can use back camera to show people your surroundings.

Another problems with Video chatting softwares is the battery life. Qik is able to offer users improved battery life, smoother video and better picture quality. Some devices even have VGA support over Wi-Fi.

Qik brings video chat capability to your Android phone with (Qik for Android). Just download the app from android market and just Qik!

Video mail is available as a free trial until June 1, 2011. After June 1, 2011, the ability send video mail will be available for an optional monthly or annual service charge. Receiving video mails will continue to be included for free.

The following devices support VGA quality resolution during Video Chat over Wi-Fi: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G.

MobeeFree : Free minutes to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India Mobile

Here is another voip provider, Mobeefree which is offering free calls to India Mobile, Pakistan Mobile or Bangladesh mobile. Its a voip provider by talkfree! Mobeefree is giving 20 Free minutes to call India mobile or 7 Free minutes to call Bangladesh mobile or 4 Free minutes to call Pakistan mobile!

Apart from making free calls using Mobeefree, you can make cheap voip calls : Calls to India mobile at just 1.2 cents per minute. Mobeefree is the most user friendly and high quality international phone service available for calling Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka among other countries.
Free minutes will be posted to your account after you top up!

You can use MobeeFree on your computer using the PC dialer or use Mobeefree on your mobile phone : iPhone or Android or any other. Make calls from your home phone using Web Call Back or configure your VoIP device with mobeefree.

Just try out Mobeefree and let us know your feedback.

SoftCall Me Voip Service Review : Mobile Voip | Sip Calls

The list of voip providers offering calls to India at 1 cent/min rate is increasing. Though few months back, we have discussed about Softcall however it worth mentioning again because of its revised calling rates! Softcall me voip service now offers very cheap voip calls, specially to Asian countries. First lets discuss calling rates : Calling rate to India : 1.08 cent per min. Calling rate to Pakistan : 4.6 cent per min. Calling rate to Bangladesh : 3.55 cents per min.

Absolutely no doubt that calling rates of are very competitive (though we still give an edge to IndiaLD for their cheaper rates and pay per call rates!). Softcall also mentions that there are not any hidden charges.

Softcall works great for SIP Calls. So Softcall can be used on any SIP device and on your mobile phones using Fring. Just configure Fring with Softcall SIP settings and use it on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Mobile.

If you want to use Softcall on your computer/PC you can use PC dialer. So if you are looking for a new voip provider than can be a good option!

Faceflow Review | Faceflow iPhone Android | Faceflow download

Looking for Video conferencing software but don't want to install anything. Though you can do video chat with your friends, video conferencing with your friends using Skype, however it requires to have Skype account and installed in your Pc or Mobile. Today we talk about free group video call using just your browser : Faceflow!

All Faceflow requires you to have is Flash support. Faceflow is also supported for iPhone. You will easily find Faceflow in Apple store. Faceflow iPhone works great! I just checked the Android Market place for Faceflow but could not find it. Seems Faceflow is currently not supported for Faceflow. Need to find Faceflow Android App on internet.

I tried the Faceflow on my computer/Pc. Account creation takes few minutes. After you have created your faceflow account : you have two options : chat with friends or roulette chat.

In order to chat with your friends, you will be provided with a link which you can share. When your friends click this link, they can have video chat with you without even creating an account with Faceflow. That's really nice. No compulsion for friends to join Faceflow. Regarding the video call quality, the video frame rate is excellent, however, it seems they compromised a bit on video quality.

Faceflow also has random chat feature, a Chatroulette clone. You can be notified via email when you get a friend invite. So just try out Faceflow and let us know your feedback. : Browser Voip Calls | Android iPhone

Looking for a browser based voip call provider, where you don't have to download anything. Make voip calls without any hassle straight from your browser. is a browser-based VoIP service that runs without Flash or installed applications. Its a browser based voip solution for you, No downloads, installations or firewall configurations are required!

Good thing about is that it consumes very very less amount of bandwidth, that means good voice quality which lacks in many browser based voip services. You can also receive calls originated from another user (but not from regular phone ?).

Much like other voip provider, calls are free between users and calls to mobile or other landline phones are charged. I checked their voip calling rates and calls to India mobile is at 2 eurocents per minute. A bit on higher side we can say!

There is no sign up for at this time. The invitation machinery is entirely driven by users - all existing users of have been invited by other members. This is to prevent any anonymous user and make a clean system. If you want an invite, just visit and ask for an invite, or just follow on twitter as they regularly gives invitation to twitter followers. As for your contacts, you can get them from Facebook, Google, or add them manually.

When you create your vo.ix acocunt, it will ask you for your phone number – your actual one. Every time you make a voice call to someone, your actual mobile number will be displayed so you don’t have to give people two different numbers. will soon introduce its mobile apps for iPhone and/or Android!

If you have tried, please share your experience with us. May be we have finally found a real good browser based voip solution!

Call India Mobile : Pay Per Call Cheapest Rate

When you call your loved ones in India, the call duration is very long. You mostly feel that it would have been better, if you would have been charged per call instead per minute. A few voip providers offer pay per call to India, however there have been issues with them : like the call disconnects after few minutes, call quality ain't good etc. But now IndiaLD (one of the widely used voip provider to India, one of the most trusted one) has launched its pay per call campaign.

What do you look for in a pay per call voip provider : Call Quality should be good, Call should not disconnect before the you actually disconnect it (you should be able to talk as long as you want or promised), Good customer support. And IndiaLD provides all these benefits, plus the calling rates are very very cheap.

IndiaLD has introduced flat rate calling to Indian mobiles. Now instead of paying per minute, just pay $0.25 per call to India. Talk for up to an hour per call with no per minute fee! With $10 worth of credit gets you 40 calls.

You can buy $5-$30 worth of prepaid calling credit on the Quarter Calls Plan and you can call any mobile in India for just $0.25 per call with no per minute charges. Talk for up to 60 minutes on a call. If you call goes over 60 minutes, you can keep talking but IndiaLd will charge you another $0.25 for the next 60 minutes. IndiaLD will charge you $0.25 only after your call has lasted over 1 minute. That way you won't get charged for bad calls or when someone doesn't have time to talk.

Quarter Call credit is good for 30 days from the date of your last recharge.

Quarter Calls let's you make calls to any mobile phone in India. You can call Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo, BSNL, and every other mobile operator in India. You cannot call India landlines with this plan. The Quarter Call promotion will run until April 30th.

I guess this is one of best offers in the recent time. Your effective calling rate is $0.004 or 0.416 cent (less than half a cent). If your call duration keeps less, you can go for other IndiaLD plans as well. IndiaLD offers very good plans with cheap calling rates.

Update : Please note that all calls less than one cent will be free.
Also note that this offer is valid only till April 2011. So you need to hurry up as you would not like to miss this great offer.

Time to try
IndiaLD quater call service. Its one of the best offers till date!

Gmail Voice Chat Android | Gtalk Voice Call Android Mobile

Android is really getting popular, with a lot of people having 3G Android phones now. And I am specially talking about people in India, with the cost of Android Phones getting lower each day!
Today we are going to discuss about making Gmail Voice Chat on Android Phones, that you have been using Gtalk app on your Android mobile but could not figure out how to make Gtalk Voice Call on Android Mobile : absolutely free voip calls.

Offcourse there are a lot of voip applications for Android mobile, such as Viber, Mobyler, Tango which offer free voice calls or for that matter free video calls as well. But what you require is something different. You already have a lot of friends on Gtalk/Gmail Chat and don't want to switch or start using any other application. Then you don't have a control on which phone your friend is using be it Android, iPhone, Nokia 3G phones or any other. What you know is all your friends use internet Gtalk on their mobiles!

It would have been best if Gtalk or Gmail Chat (on mobile) had provided voice call feature but that is not the case! Here comes fring in the picture now (with Gtalk addon).

1. Download Fring app to your Android Phone.
2. Register with them. Takes few seconds!
3. Go to add on's (Fring Settings).
4. Select Gtalk Addon. Fill your Gtalk username and password.
5. Voilla, you can now see your all Gtalk friends list in your buddy list.
6. You can see a green button when you click a friend, that is for voice call. Just click that button.
7. Voilla your Gmail Voice Chat/Gtalk Voice Call gets through!

You can call your friend as long as he/she is using Gtalk on a voice call compatible system (PC/Mobiles-Fring) etc! I have tried making Gtalk Voice Calls from my Android Phone and iPhone and it works great.

StuntCalls | StuntCalls Review, Rates, SIP Calls India

StuntCalls is the latest voip provider by Dellmont sarl and its has stunned all by offering very cheap calling rates to India. StuntCalls can be used for making cheap calls to India as it is offering calls to India Mobile at just 0.045 cents per minutes. You can call India mobile : 2220 minutes for 10€ !!

Apart from making cheap calls to India, you can make free calls to everyone with StuntCalls. Seems that StuntCalls is aiming calls to India. The price offered for calling India mobile is really very low, a tough choice between IndiaLD per call ffer or this StuntCalls.

Only problem I see with StuntCalls is its by delmont sarl company. They have a reputation of increasing their call rates just when they have good number of customers. So if you have earlier used any betamax voip providers/Delmont Sarl then go for StuntCalls, otherwise remain with IndiaLD, Rebtel, LocalPhone or any other.

StuntCalls SIP Settings :

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your StuntCalls username
Password : your StuntCalls password
Display name/number : your StuntCalls username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Calling Procedure from stuntCalls if you don't want to make SIP Calls.
  • From the textbox, enter the User Name of another StuntCalls user, or the desired phone number and press enter.
  • Double-click a User Name in your contact list.
  • Use the dialpad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone.
  • Or use the keypad on your PC.
  • Please note that when you call a number (even if it's local) you should always dial 00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber.

Please share your feedback about StuntCalls.

Unblock calls on wireless/landline : Trapcall for LandLines

These unwanted calls where the caller id is not revealed are really very annoying. It does not matter whether it is your mobile phone or your wireless or your landline, these calls are just unwanted and needs to be unblocked. Some people believe that they can still somehow unmask the calls on mobile phone but landlines, its just not possible. Well let me tell you it is damn possible.

If you have been getting those unwanted blocked calls on your home or office landline, it is high time you get to know who's disturbing you. Yes, it is possible to unmask calls on your landline phones, unblock all calls. Once you know who was making those calls you can add them to the blocked caller list so that they can no longer call you. Trapcall works just great for that.

TrapCall.Com now officially supports more than just cell phones now. Trapcall now also work on home and office landline phones. This is one of their largest expansions since they have added Sprint support last year.

What's interesting is trapcall does not require any software download or any kind of installation. Its just some numbers which you need to key in (what we call program) and voilla, you are ready to use the service. Off course, you first need to register and buy their service.

I am sure you must be interested to know how trapcall unmask these calls (the logic behind this service). If yes, then check out this post. - Unmask Blocked Calls

Again, Trapcall does support landline phone. It is supported for ATnT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless landlines.

But wait, if you already have an iPhone or Android or Blackberry mobile, then you can actually use its application for these devices. Though trapcall works on all phones, but with the app you will get some additional features and convenience to use.

So in simple words if you have been looking for unmasking, unblocking call solution for your mobile or landlines,  TrapCall is the answer for you!

Voice2Korea : Call south korea for free from US

Have you been for a cheap option to call South Korea from USA or a option to call South Korea for free. Voice2Korea is one such voip provider which is offering free calls to South Korea from USA.

Now you can make free 15 minutes calls to South Korea from USA. For making free calls using Voice2Korea all you require is a mobile phone. AT&T and T-Mobile both work fine with Voice2Korea.

Basically, Voice2Korea is offering free trial minutes to try out their service. Voice2Korea offers 15 minutes free calls. To get 15 minutes free calls to Korea, all you need is to send a SMS (Text) 'Trial' to the # 567567

Well if you like the service then you can buy some credit to make cheap calls to Korea. Text HELP to 567567 for help. Text STOP to 567567 to cancel.

Its a downplay service. Not all carriers support the Downplay service and you must be a customer of a supporting carrier to sign up for Downplay Voice2Korea. A phone with an SMS-enabled (TEXT service-enabled) account is required.

To register, you have to visit Voice2Korea site and enter your mobile number. You will get a PIN. After entering the PIN, you will be able to sign up for any of Downplay's services and be automatically billed to your mobile phone bill, or deducted from your prepaid balance. Depending on the Plan item you select, you will be charged from $2.99 to $9.99 per Plan purchased other than the Trial Service. Voice minutes on your account will expire in 180 days after your last use while the Trial minutes expire in 30 days from the date of Opt-in. Any additional purchase of any Plan will add the newly purchased voice minutes to your minute balance.

The Trial Service
is available to all the first-time users of Downplay services but cannot be repeated within a month or combined with any other offer. As soon as you purchase a Voice2Korea Plan, your remaining unused minute on the Trial will be forfeited.

If you have tried Voice2Korea service for Calling South Korea free or making cheap calls to South Korea, please share your views. It will be very helpful for all of us!

Viber Text Message Free | Viber Free SMS | Viber Free Text

If you are having a smartphone viz Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile then you should definitely be using Viber app on your mobile. Viber is one of the most popular iPhone Voip applications. It is also getting popular on android mobile and for PC users there is no official app. However we have already posted a tutorial on how to use Viber for PC. Viber voip application allows users to make Viber Free Mobile calls over internet using Wifi or 3G connection and the calling is really very easy!

Now Viber Media, the group behind this iPhone App has launched Viber 2.0 adding some very good features of "Free Viber Text Messaging". Viber 2.0 is simple upgrade of its previous version Viber 1.0. Viber 2.0 adds the ability to text message other Viber users free of charge. This is a really nice feature of Viber application, that is sending text messages free using Viber.

Offcourse you would say that there are plenty of iPhone and android applications which allows free text but it is certainly nice to have one single application which allows to make free calls and send free text. You are relieved from the pain of managing so many applications.

You will see a new tab for Messages in Viber 2.0. In this menu, you can see messages sent to you by your viber friends, and you can send messages as well. Another good thing about this is Push Notification for the Free text messages (when they receive a text or SMS). The Viber Text Messages feature is similar to Whatsapp for smartphone, however as said before having everything in one app helps for sure.

Additionally, Viber is currently launched for blackberry and windows phone as well. The Viber for Blackberry app just have free SMS feature enabled. The calling feature is still not there. Viber free sms can save you lot of money and you can avoid sending telecom provider sms.

Please note that you can send free text message from your Viber app to your friend also using viber on his mobile. All it requires is internet connection. Both of you need to be online in order to send free text message from viber.

Some other improvements have been made in Viber’s calling mechanism.
  • When users place a call, you will see ‘Calling’.
  • Once the other party’s Viber app has been contacted and it begins ringing, Viber will now show ‘Ringing’.
  • Viber Free SMS, Viber Free Text Messages

Viber Free Sms service is also one feature which will help getting more users. Viber is proving to be a good Skype Alternative for iPhone.

If you are using Viber Free Text Messages and facing any problem, then please post it in the comment section. We will try to solve all your queries regarding Viber!
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