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Free Calls India Landline : FastVoip | India Mobile at half cent

Fastvoip has really grown big over time, offering one of the best voip calling rates to India. Fastvoip is widely used by people living in USA for making calls to India, offcourse IndiaLD & Rebtel are other good options.

Recently Fastvoip started offering free calls to India Landlines and the rate drop in India mobile calling rates. Just check the free country list for Fastvoip and it mentions :

Belgium Netherlands
Canada (+mobile) Poland
China Sweden
France Thailand
Germany United Kingdom
India United States (+mobile)

For as low as 10Euro credit, you will get 120 freedays. In these 120 freedays you can call India Landlines phones for free. You can use the voip credit (your money ) for making cheap international calls to rest of the countries.

Calls to India mobile are at $0.007 (0.7 cent per in), after tax this rate comes around to 0.9 cent per minute. Again the rate is very competitive. I would suggest to go with this offer if you are mostly calling India landlines. But if you are calling India mobile are making a lot of calls of long duration, I would suggest you to go with IndiaLD quater calls plan.

madhur article :

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June 10, 2011 at 3:45 PM

The service is very poor... You will be able to make a call if you try many times to a number and the conversation is not at all clear...I have complained about the quality of the service they provide, they already know about it too..But too late to rectify

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