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Qik Video Connect | Qik for Android | Qik iPhone app

Looking for update to Qik for iPhone or Qik for Android, well you have Qik Video Connect now! This is basically a video chat software for mobile phone, be it android or an iPhone. Qik Video Connect is full of features like the ability for Qik users to live video chat with other Qik users across Android phones and iPhones!

Qik works on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch (with Camera), iPad, Android tablets. Qik Video Connect is the only mobile video calling solution that also enables video mail. You can send a video mail and say--or show--it live and in person.

Qik Video Connect offers some cool ways to share videos with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, on YouTube or your blog. Best part about Qik is that you don't even need a front-facing camera on your phone. You can use back camera to show people your surroundings.

Another problems with Video chatting softwares is the battery life. Qik is able to offer users improved battery life, smoother video and better picture quality. Some devices even have VGA support over Wi-Fi.

Qik brings video chat capability to your Android phone with (Qik for Android). Just download the app from android market and just Qik!

Video mail is available as a free trial until June 1, 2011. After June 1, 2011, the ability send video mail will be available for an optional monthly or annual service charge. Receiving video mails will continue to be included for free.

The following devices support VGA quality resolution during Video Chat over Wi-Fi: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G.

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