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Unblock calls on wireless/landline : Trapcall for LandLines

These unwanted calls where the caller id is not revealed are really very annoying. It does not matter whether it is your mobile phone or your wireless or your landline, these calls are just unwanted and needs to be unblocked. Some people believe that they can still somehow unmask the calls on mobile phone but landlines, its just not possible. Well let me tell you it is damn possible.

If you have been getting those unwanted blocked calls on your home or office landline, it is high time you get to know who's disturbing you. Yes, it is possible to unmask calls on your landline phones, unblock all calls. Once you know who was making those calls you can add them to the blocked caller list so that they can no longer call you. Trapcall works just great for that.

TrapCall.Com now officially supports more than just cell phones now. Trapcall now also work on home and office landline phones. This is one of their largest expansions since they have added Sprint support last year.

What's interesting is trapcall does not require any software download or any kind of installation. Its just some numbers which you need to key in (what we call program) and voilla, you are ready to use the service. Off course, you first need to register and buy their service.

I am sure you must be interested to know how trapcall unmask these calls (the logic behind this service). If yes, then check out this post. - Unmask Blocked Calls

Again, Trapcall does support landline phone. It is supported for ATnT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless landlines.

But wait, if you already have an iPhone or Android or Blackberry mobile, then you can actually use its application for these devices. Though trapcall works on all phones, but with the app you will get some additional features and convenience to use.

So in simple words if you have been looking for unmasking, unblocking call solution for your mobile or landlines,  TrapCall is the answer for you!

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April 6, 2011 at 11:55 AM

Is this app free?

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