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Voice2Korea : Call south korea for free from US

Have you been for a cheap option to call South Korea from USA or a option to call South Korea for free. Voice2Korea is one such voip provider which is offering free calls to South Korea from USA.

Now you can make free 15 minutes calls to South Korea from USA. For making free calls using Voice2Korea all you require is a mobile phone. AT&T and T-Mobile both work fine with Voice2Korea.

Basically, Voice2Korea is offering free trial minutes to try out their service. Voice2Korea offers 15 minutes free calls. To get 15 minutes free calls to Korea, all you need is to send a SMS (Text) 'Trial' to the # 567567

Well if you like the service then you can buy some credit to make cheap calls to Korea. Text HELP to 567567 for help. Text STOP to 567567 to cancel.

Its a downplay service. Not all carriers support the Downplay service and you must be a customer of a supporting carrier to sign up for Downplay Voice2Korea. A phone with an SMS-enabled (TEXT service-enabled) account is required.

To register, you have to visit Voice2Korea site and enter your mobile number. You will get a PIN. After entering the PIN, you will be able to sign up for any of Downplay's services and be automatically billed to your mobile phone bill, or deducted from your prepaid balance. Depending on the Plan item you select, you will be charged from $2.99 to $9.99 per Plan purchased other than the Trial Service. Voice minutes on your account will expire in 180 days after your last use while the Trial minutes expire in 30 days from the date of Opt-in. Any additional purchase of any Plan will add the newly purchased voice minutes to your minute balance.

The Trial Service
is available to all the first-time users of Downplay services but cannot be repeated within a month or combined with any other offer. As soon as you purchase a Voice2Korea Plan, your remaining unused minute on the Trial will be forfeited.

If you have tried Voice2Korea service for Calling South Korea free or making cheap calls to South Korea, please share your views. It will be very helpful for all of us!

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