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Hiboo : Free Calls from France | Call Mobile Landline

Today we will discuss about a voip provider from France, Hiboo. You can use Hiboo to make cheap voip international calls. Actually you can also make Free calls using Hiboo. Hiboo is offering some free trial credit so that you can test their service and make some free international calls.

Using a special promo code which Hiboo is offering, you will get 2 Euro free credit. As its a voip provider from France, you can make free calls to France/Free Calls from France very easily.
This does not mean that you can use it only from France. You can use Hiboo from any country using the web initiated callback method.

How to get Free 2 Euro credit from Hiboo :
1. Register with Hiboo.
2.Use 2€TEST promo code while registration to get €2 Free Test Bonus.
3. When redirected to payment page. Just ignore it.
4. You will soon receive the confirmation email from Hiboo with your account details.
5. Enjoy the free 2 Euro credit and make free international calls.

How to make calls using Hiboo :
1. You can use Web initiated callback method to make free calls fro any part of the world. Just visit Hiboo website, enter your number, enter your destination number. Hiboo will call you first and then connect your call to the destination number.

2. On the Hiboo website, fill in your own mobile number.
Enter the 10 international numbers you call most often. For each of them, you get a free 'replacement number' (a regular fixed line number in Belgium).
10 friends abroad = 10 free 'Hiboo Preferred Numbers'.
To call one of your 10 friends, dial the corresponding Hiboo Preferred Number from your mobile phone. That call won't be picked up so there is no cost at all !
Hiboo Mobile calls you back immediately on your mobile, and connects you with your friend's real number.

LocalPhone Free Calls to USA Mobile & Landlines

To celebrate the Memorial Day, Localphone is offering free calls to all US mobiles and landline phone. Localphone free calls to US Mobile and landline phone is valid until the end of Tuesday 31st May.

I guess, this Localphone Free Calls to US Mobile offer is valid for both old and new users. So if you wanna make calls to US phones then probably you should make use of this localphone offer. Making calls from Localphone is very easy, the easiest way is to either make Pc to Phone calls using its softphone. Or make Phone to Phone calls using localphone SIP settings. Just configure Localphone SIP in your Fring mobile account and start making free calls to USA.

Apart from this offer, Localphone is also offering 15% extra free credit by using the special offer. That's like 15% extra bonus credit. Obviously, Rebtel 100% bonus credit offer (exclusive to Free Pc to Phone Calls readers) is better than this one. But still if you have already planned to join Localphone then making use of 15% bonus credit offer will be useful.

Localphone Voucher Code : LP2011JUN15

You will get 15% extra credit on your localphone credit purchase.
For example : If you buy $10, credit : you will get $11.5 credit.
The voucher code is valid from 1st June and runs out on 30th June.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


Free Calls from iPad, iPad2 : Freephoo

Looking for a solution to make free calls from your iPad or the latest iPad2. Have tried Viber, Scydo or Tango Video calls, but wanna try something else. Well, time to try FreePhoo on your iPad. You have Wifi on your iPad but not 3G, but still want to make phone calls. Well use FreePhoo and convert your iPad into a phone. Yes, this is about making voip calls from your iPad gadget!

FreePhoo converts your iPad to a phone. FreePhoo is a simple application which once installed on your iPad enables you to place phone calls. FreePhoo calls to other FreePhoo users are absolutely free while for a nominal charges you can make calls to other mobiles and landline phones.

You can make free calls to all your friends, family and anyone who has freephoo. And it doesn't matter where they are in the world. The application uses your 3G or WiFi-connection, so its recommend to have a fixed data plan. I guess you can use FreePhoo on your iPhone or iPod Touch as well. So you can make phone calls between iPad and iPhone or between iPad or iPod Touch!

After you install FreePhoo on your iPad, Double click on the freephoo icon and start calling. By using a 3G mobile network or a WiFi network the call is then routed over internet to the number you have dialed. Using freephoo means that you always call other freephoo users for free; if they are just around the corner or on the other side of the world doesn't matter. It's always free; no start fees, no minutes rates, no subscription periods or hidden terms.

Now comes FreePhoo premium, which allows calling normal mobile or landline phones. With Premium you do not only call all freephoo users for free. You can also call all fixed and mobile phones in 25 countries, and more countries will be added constantly.

Premium countries:
Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Egypt; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; India; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Thailand; Turkey; UK; USA.

Free Trial Credit | Free Calling Credit India

Still making calls from your landline phone ? Depending on your mobile telecom provider for your international calling needs ? Well its time you should switch to voip for making your local, national and international calls. Today we talk about Zadarma, another voip provider offering cheap and free voip calls. Yes, free international calls by offering some free calling credit to make some free calls.

First lets talk about Zadarma free trial credit plan. Zadarma is offering free 20 cents credit to make international calls. This free credit will last for about 10-12 minutes to call India. Actually Zadarma offers many plans, some are paid ones but these offer free calls to about 20 countries, the free trial plan is a standard one which does not even ask to buy any credit.

To get free trial credit with Zadarma :
1. Register with Zadarma. Please note that it only asks for valid email address for verification. Phone number or SMS verification not required. Effectively free 20 cents for one mail id account.
2. Verify your email account by clicking on confirmation link.
3. You will see 20 cents in your account. You can use this credit to make free international calls.

Now how can you use this free calling credit to call India :
1. You can make SIP Calls.
Server :

Configure Fring in your Android or iPhone and make free calls. Configure X-lite/Nimbuzz to make Pc to Phone Calls.

2. You can also make PC to Phone Calls directly from your Zadarma account. Try Zadarma webphone. It works ok.

This way make get free trial credit with Zadarma and make free calls. If you are looking for longer duration cheap calls to India, try IndiaLD.

Yahoo Messenger for Android, iPhone : Video Calling iPad

We have now a list of voip provider for your Android and iPhone. Most of these offer free voice calls and some even offer free video calls. Some people are still waiting for Viber for Pc, while many others have also tried Tango Video Calls on their Android Phones. Today we talk about Yahoo Messenger for Android, for your iPhone and Video calling capability on your iPad.

Just like others, Yahoo Messenger works great on Android Mobiles. The good thing which sets this apart from other regular messengers is its voice calling capability. You can offcourse do regular chat with your friends (text chat), however you can also do a voice chat with your friend.

If both of you are on Yahoo Messenger then you can have a voice conversation (voice call) for free. You can be on your android mobile while your friend using Yahoo Messenger on his iPhone.

Yahoo Messenger mentions on its website "You might have left the building, but you can still keep your conversations going, with Yahoo! Messenger on your Android phone." That's pretty awesome man!

Yahoo Messenger features for Android & iPhone :
  • The best of Yahoo! Messenger: Get an all new IM experience, designed just for your Android phone
  • Video calling: Make two-way video calls with your Yahoo! Messenger friends.
  • Voice calling: Make free voice calls to your Yahoo! Messenger friends.
  • Get instant notifications: Always know when you get a new message or friend request
  • Check status: Access your friends’ status and update your own availability
  • Manage your contacts: Add, edit and synchronize contacts from Yahoo! and your phone address books
  • Connect from your Android: Chat with your Yahoo! Messenger and MSN/Windows Live friends
  • Photos and Emoticons: Send camera and gallery photos and express yourself with emoticons; plus receive pix from your IM friends
  • Buzz: Tap the icon and "buzz" your IM friends from your phone
To download Yahoo Messenger to your android, just search for it in the Android Market. For iPhone, you will find this cool app in your Apple Store.

Similary you can use Yahoo Messenger on your iPad or tab's. Here is the latest update about Yahoo Messenger for iPad2.

Yahoo Messenger has been updated to version 2.1 that brings video and voice calling to the app. Now iPad and iPhone users can call their Yahoo Messenger friends on PCs and Macs. Your Apple device should be on iOS 4.0 or higher to run the updated app. Yahoo Messenger 2.1 enables you to make video calls for free. So if you are in favor of Yahoo Messenger and don't want to use Facetime then its great for you now! Link
Just start making voice and video calls on your Android Phones, iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Based Tabs (Galaxy Tab) using Yahoo Messenger.

Trust me if you are still depending on your landlines phones or mobile phones (telecom operator) to make your national & international calls, then you are losing a lot of money. Its high time you should switch to Voip for making calls. And this applies to Indian people as well. If you are having a smartphone then why ain't you making full use of it. Just make free international calls using voip.

Airtel Call Home Shutdown Service Closed

This is something new, we have seen very less voip and calling cards provider shutting down their service. On the one hand Spice group bought Mediaringtalk and rebranded as Sunno-voip, and on the other side Airtel Call Home : Airtel Call India Calling Card service is shutting down its voip service.

Reason for this shutdown, closure of AirtelCallHome service is not known. AirtelCallHome mentions on its website that "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Airtel Call Home will not be able to extend its services from 30th June 2011 (2400 hrs)onwards. While we recommend you to consume your available talk time, we assure you that all unutilized talk time balance within the validity period will be duly refunded".

New user Signup is already closed by Airtelcallhome. You will not be able to recharge any further from 5th June ’2011. Toll free/Local Access services shall remain fully functional till 30th June ‘2011.

Regarding the refund of voip credit, AirtelCallhome mentions :
"You may apply for refund by contacting our customer care or write an email. Customer Care will raise trouble ticket and initiate refund. Kindly note that Customer Credit card should not be expired/ blocked at the time of refund, through which original transaction is processed. Refund may take upto 15days and hence it is strongly recommended to consume your balance by 30th June. Standard refund process applies. You may contact the call centre for any clarifications".

I would suggest you to consume your voip credit before the service gets shutdown, as you would like to avoid hurdle of getting refund.

As the calling rates to India have already been very low now, the scope for calling cards is very less. What we see in the future is pure voip calling. I believe people will be switching to mobile voip (with 3G/Wifi facilities already available) and making absolutely free calls on their smartphone.

If you are following Free Pc to Phone Calls blog, then I hope you must be aware of mobile voip apps for smartphones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Mobiles). We have been encouraging people to try video calling on their mobiles. But if you are not even using voip for your international calls then you are losing a lot of money.

IndiaLD Quarter Calls : Call International Unlimited

Now IndiaLD needs no introduction, its one of the very popular calling cards. Also, you must be aware about the Pay Per Call IndiaLD Quarter calls offer, which was offering one hour long call to India at just 25 cents.

This per call (25 cents) by IndiaLD was firstly introduced as a promotion offer valid till 30th April, but the offer has been extended and is still valid. This IndiaLD promotion is such a big hit that they have now launched this Quarter Call promotion for India Landlines phone, and for other countries as well.

Make flat rate calls to Indian mobile phones using Quarter Calls. Stop worrying about per minute charges and pay just $0.25 every time you want to call India. $10 worth of credit gets you 40 calls.

You can call India Landlines phone at just 35 cent per call (one hour duration). For $0.25 per call, you can call all mobile phones in India except for BSNL. This includes Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo, Spice, Virgin, and others. BSNL mobiles will be charged $.25 per call until 5/20/11 after which they will be charged $0.35 per call.

At 15 cents per call IndiaLD destinations:
United States+

At 20 cents per call IndiaLD destinations :
Hong Kong+
United Kingdom

At 35 cents per call IndiaLD destinations:
India land, India BSNL, , Belgium, China+, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand+

You can buy $5-$30 worth of prepaid calling credit on the Quarter Calls Plan and you can call any mobile in India for just $0.25 per call with no per minute charges. Quarter Call credit is good for 30 days from the date of your last recharge.

This IndiaLD Quarter Call Promotion is a great offer to call India Mobiles and landlines phones. If your call duration is more than 20 minutes (which is generally is the case when calling home India), then this promotion is a worth trying offer.

LocalPhone for PC : Softphone Free Download

You must be knowing about the Localphone new website, localphone new offers. Today we will discuss about Localphone Pc application or Localphone Softphone. Localphone new desktop client enables people to use localphone directly on their Pc. It works great for making Pc to Phone calls.

If you are not using any smartphone, then certainly Pc to Phone calls is a good option. Localphone new desktop client or softphone is completely free to download and available for Windows, Linux or Mac users.

To make free calls to other Localphone users all you have to do is enter their Internet Phone number and click “call”. You can use Localphone softphone to make international calls at very cheap rates. You can call India (Pc to Phone) at just 1.5 cent. Offcourse you can make use of Localphone Voucher code and get 10%-20% discount. This way your effective calling rate will be more cheaper. All you need is a computer with a microphone and a broadband connection.

Some more features of Localphone Pc app :
• Call your Localphone contacts easily
• Check your account balance
• See how much you’re spending
• Add new Localphone contacts

Its time to try out Localphone and its great features (First call free, No expiry date for credit, cheap calling rates, Good customer support, various ways to make calls, credit as low as $1).

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


FreePP Concall : Free Trial Calls : Smartphone App

Today we bring to you another mobile voip app for your smartphone which offers free mobile voip calls. FreePP is a smatphone app for your mobile be it iPhone, Android. FreePP also offers a PC application or what we call a softphone so that you can make Pc to Phone calls.
FreePP Concall is a very old company (2005) as it mentions on its website, and it now offers a variety of ways by which you can make voip calls. The good thing about FreePP is Free Trial Calls offer, Free Trial Calls to India or any other part of the world. FreePP is offering all new users Free Trial calls worth $3. Actually they are offering 300 free points and each point is worth 1 cent.

FreePP Concall charges 4 points per minute to Call India, so effectively your free trial credit will last about 75 minutes to Call India, or 300 minutes to call USA or Canada.

If you are having any Smartphone be it iOS based or Android based, try out FreePP mobile feature. If you are not having any softphone then try out FreePP softphone (Pc to Phone Calls).

You can also initiate a webcall back, where FreePP calls you first and then the destination. With FreePP you can also try conference calls, schedule meetings, Sync it with your gmail contacts.

Its time to try FreePP service.

Pingo Trial Card | Trial Code : Pingo Calling Cards

Apart from Rebtel & Localphone, Pingo Calling Cards is another widely used calling cards to make cheap voip calls. Pingo Calling Cards offer many different offers by which you can get free credit or bonus credit.

The best offer by Pingo Calling Card is their bonus $5 credit offer : Pingo Trial card worth $5 on purchase of just $1. If you are a new user, then Pingo will offer you $5 talktime or credit on purchase of just $1 credit. You can use this credit to make calls to any part of the world.

Pingo Calling Card rate to India is just 1.9 cents per minute, so your $5 card will give you talkime of 256 minutes. Now since you are paying just $1 for the calling card, your effective calling rate turns out to be just 0.39 cents per minute.

Yes your effective calling rate to India with this Pingo Trial card offer will come to be just 0.0039$ (one third of a cent!!!). I guess this is the cheapest rate to call India!

With Pingo, comes the call quality, good customer support and an easy way to make calls. Its just a calling card, but the one which offer very cheap rates.

So what you need in order to get this offer :

1. Register with Pingo Calling Card. Use this special link.
2. Enter your correct details, and confirm your email address.
3. Pay the amount worth $1 and you will get $5 credit in your account.

You can Download Pingo Calling Card EZ Dial application FREE on your smart phone to make calls or you can use local access number to make calls from your mobile!

Localphone Dial Online : Click to Call

Localphone one of the widely used voip provider, a very popular one on this blog has launched one more way for making voip calls! Localphone has launched a brand new service called Dial Online which lets you make an international call between two phones by clicking a button on localphone site.

In order to place call using this method of Localphone, all you have to do is tell the number you want to call from and the number you want to call, then click “Make the call”. Localphone will call you - Your friend’s phone will then ring and when he or she answers you’ll be connected.

This is Localphone web initiated calling and is very useful when the local access numbers are not available in your country. Ideal for making calls from Dubai/UAE to India. But please note that you’ll pay for both parts of the call. For example, if you ring a US mobile from a mobile in India you’ll be charged 2.4¢ per minute. This is because you pay of US rate 0.9¢ plus India rate 1.5¢.

Offcourse local access numbers are available in most parts of worlds and this way you will be making very cheap calls using Localphone. Localphone provides more ways of making calls, specially their softphone (which is great). I am personally using Localphone SIP and have configured it in my Fring for Android. It works great for me and I am making very cheap international calls using Localphone.

Great if you are already Localphone user, otherwise new users can join here.

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


Scydo : Free iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad calls

Scydo, a mobile app which allows you to make free voip calls. Android users have been kept waiting for Viber so long! Tango, Mobyler, Skype and now you have Scydo for your android and iPhones.

Scydo can be installed on your iPhone, Android mobile, iPod Touch, iPad and it enables you to call your friends for free. In order to make free calls, your friend also need to get Scydo installed on his/her phone.

Scydo offers International Free calls to other Scydo users using 3G or Wi-Fi. Scydo mentions that "they does not use your contact details or contact list for advertising purposes, nor do they share these details with third parties!"

You can also make cheap international mobile voip calls to non Scydo users.

Some of Scydo features :
- Scydo works both on iPhone AND Android
- iPhone and Android users can call for free amongst each other
- Scydo has a perfect sound quality!
- It is also possible to call non-Scydo contacts at the lowest rates possible by buying a little credit
- Scydo gives each NEW user €2.50 FREE credit for calls to non-Scydo contacts.

The thing to notice is that Scydo offers free trial credit worth 2.50 euro to try out Scydo calling to your non Scydo friends. It is for sure that if you have been using your regular telecom operator for making International calls, then switching to mobile voip (be it Scydo, Rebtel, Localphone or any other) will save you a lot of money!

To celebrate first 350.000 Scydo users, Scydo has lowered its calling rates. Check out its rates as below :

Bahrain [FIX] 0.5 ct/min
Bahrain [MOB] 2.0 ct/min

India [FIX] 0.5 ct/min
India [MOB] 0.5 ct/min

Oman [FIX] 6.0 ct/min
Oman [MOB] 15.0 ct/min

Saudi Arabia [FIX] 4.0 ct/min
Saudi Arabia [MOB] 8.0 ct/min

The calling rate to India offered by Scydo is really low, very competitive to what other voip provider and calling cards have been offering. Its a tough competition for IndiaLD Quater calls, where you have to pay 25 cents per call (pay per call)!

Free Mobile Group Video Calling | Video Conferencing

Group chat, voice conference are popular but I wonder how many people do group video chat on your PC. And now we are talking about Group video chat or group video calling or mobile video conferencing! Yes you can now do mobile video conferencing for free.

Fring has luanched group video calling. Now 4 friends can Group Video call each other at the same time for FREE! iPhone & Android fringsters can Group Video call all their friends and family (on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi). What you need to do is just download Fring on your iPhone or Android phone and start calling.

I hope you and your friend have been calling each other free on fring. Its time for video call on fring and group video calling on fring!

Check the Fring Video Conference youtube video :

Mobile Video conferencing is going to be very popular. Imagine you can have a business conference with associates for free and that you video conference. Imagine you can now talk and see your multiple relatives simultaneously. I am gonna try Fring Mobile Group Video Calling on Android and iPhone and will let you know my review.

Call Nigeria Cheap from Mobile : USA UK

If you have been looking for making cheap calls to Nigeria. Calling Nigeria Cheap from Mobile, from USA, UK or Canada : Rebtel is a very good option. The recent rate drop by Rebtel to Call Nigeria makes Rebtel one of the best voip provider to call Nigeria.

And offcourse, Rebtel is one of the most widely used voip provider to call India as well. Coming back to rate drop by Rebtel to Nigeria : Rebtel has reduced its calling rate to Nigeria from 8.9c to 6.9c!

Rebtel has also lowered the calling rates to Algeria, Bangladesh, Israel, Poland and Turkey. Rebtel also offers first call free, so if you have not even tried Rebtel : give it a try!

If you know any other voip provider to call Nigeria from USA, UK or Canada or any other please share with us. Many other people are looking for cheap options to call Nigeria!
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