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Hiboo : Free Calls from France | Call Mobile Landline

Today we will discuss about a voip provider from France, Hiboo. You can use Hiboo to make cheap voip international calls. Actually you can also make Free calls using Hiboo. Hiboo is offering some free trial credit so that you can test their service and make some free international calls.

Using a special promo code which Hiboo is offering, you will get 2 Euro free credit. As its a voip provider from France, you can make free calls to France/Free Calls from France very easily.
This does not mean that you can use it only from France. You can use Hiboo from any country using the web initiated callback method.

How to get Free 2 Euro credit from Hiboo :
1. Register with Hiboo.
2.Use 2€TEST promo code while registration to get €2 Free Test Bonus.
3. When redirected to payment page. Just ignore it.
4. You will soon receive the confirmation email from Hiboo with your account details.
5. Enjoy the free 2 Euro credit and make free international calls.

How to make calls using Hiboo :
1. You can use Web initiated callback method to make free calls fro any part of the world. Just visit Hiboo website, enter your number, enter your destination number. Hiboo will call you first and then connect your call to the destination number.

2. On the Hiboo website, fill in your own mobile number.
Enter the 10 international numbers you call most often. For each of them, you get a free 'replacement number' (a regular fixed line number in Belgium).
10 friends abroad = 10 free 'Hiboo Preferred Numbers'.
To call one of your 10 friends, dial the corresponding Hiboo Preferred Number from your mobile phone. That call won't be picked up so there is no cost at all !
Hiboo Mobile calls you back immediately on your mobile, and connects you with your friend's real number.

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