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Pingo Trial Card | Trial Code : Pingo Calling Cards

Apart from Rebtel & Localphone, Pingo Calling Cards is another widely used calling cards to make cheap voip calls. Pingo Calling Cards offer many different offers by which you can get free credit or bonus credit.

The best offer by Pingo Calling Card is their bonus $5 credit offer : Pingo Trial card worth $5 on purchase of just $1. If you are a new user, then Pingo will offer you $5 talktime or credit on purchase of just $1 credit. You can use this credit to make calls to any part of the world.

Pingo Calling Card rate to India is just 1.9 cents per minute, so your $5 card will give you talkime of 256 minutes. Now since you are paying just $1 for the calling card, your effective calling rate turns out to be just 0.39 cents per minute.

Yes your effective calling rate to India with this Pingo Trial card offer will come to be just 0.0039$ (one third of a cent!!!). I guess this is the cheapest rate to call India!

With Pingo, comes the call quality, good customer support and an easy way to make calls. Its just a calling card, but the one which offer very cheap rates.

So what you need in order to get this offer :

1. Register with Pingo Calling Card. Use this special link.
2. Enter your correct details, and confirm your email address.
3. Pay the amount worth $1 and you will get $5 credit in your account.

You can Download Pingo Calling Card EZ Dial application FREE on your smart phone to make calls or you can use local access number to make calls from your mobile!

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