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Scydo : Free iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad calls

Scydo, a mobile app which allows you to make free voip calls. Android users have been kept waiting for Viber so long! Tango, Mobyler, Skype and now you have Scydo for your android and iPhones.

Scydo can be installed on your iPhone, Android mobile, iPod Touch, iPad and it enables you to call your friends for free. In order to make free calls, your friend also need to get Scydo installed on his/her phone.

Scydo offers International Free calls to other Scydo users using 3G or Wi-Fi. Scydo mentions that "they does not use your contact details or contact list for advertising purposes, nor do they share these details with third parties!"

You can also make cheap international mobile voip calls to non Scydo users.

Some of Scydo features :
- Scydo works both on iPhone AND Android
- iPhone and Android users can call for free amongst each other
- Scydo has a perfect sound quality!
- It is also possible to call non-Scydo contacts at the lowest rates possible by buying a little credit
- Scydo gives each NEW user €2.50 FREE credit for calls to non-Scydo contacts.

The thing to notice is that Scydo offers free trial credit worth 2.50 euro to try out Scydo calling to your non Scydo friends. It is for sure that if you have been using your regular telecom operator for making International calls, then switching to mobile voip (be it Scydo, Rebtel, Localphone or any other) will save you a lot of money!

To celebrate first 350.000 Scydo users, Scydo has lowered its calling rates. Check out its rates as below :

Bahrain [FIX] 0.5 ct/min
Bahrain [MOB] 2.0 ct/min

India [FIX] 0.5 ct/min
India [MOB] 0.5 ct/min

Oman [FIX] 6.0 ct/min
Oman [MOB] 15.0 ct/min

Saudi Arabia [FIX] 4.0 ct/min
Saudi Arabia [MOB] 8.0 ct/min

The calling rate to India offered by Scydo is really low, very competitive to what other voip provider and calling cards have been offering. Its a tough competition for IndiaLD Quater calls, where you have to pay 25 cents per call (pay per call)!

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May 6, 2011 at 6:00 PM

this profuct works wonderful on my iphone 3gs, over wifi with no at&t servic, I called my girl-friend in th philippines, and I still have some free credit left, i kinda like this service :) thank you for finding it for all of us that read your blog. I'm Happy once again, untill my free credit runs out. lol

February 12, 2012 at 2:14 PM

then it is not free calling if you have to pay for credits?

May 15, 2014 at 6:43 AM

I downloaded this software on my Iphone 4 and credited my account. When I call I can hear the person on the other side but he cannot hear me. Can this be solved?

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