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Rebtel Free Minutes to Pakistan Offer : Make Unlimited Calls

Pakistan is one of most called Asain countries, as lot of people from Paksitan are living abroad who want to connect with their loved ones back home. If you check the current call rates offered by various voip providers, calling cards and telecom companies, you will find that call rates ain't cheap. Infact I would say it is costly. But as you are following FPPC, you will have access of promotions and offers which will allow you to call Pakistan for free.

Today we will be discussing about yet another promotion which will allow you to get free minutes to Pakistan.We are talking about the latest promotional offer by voip giant Rebtel. This voip provider is certainly not new to this blog. So many of our blog readers have been successfully using Rebtel for making cheap and free international calls.

Sometime back, we posted about Rebtel 100% bonus offer and it is already a very big hit. And we are back again with yet another promotion, named "Rebtel 2 Million Minutes to Pakistan Giveaway". Lets check some details about this promotion.

Rebtel Free Minutes to Pakistan Offer

Rebtel Free Minutes to Pakistan Giveaway

- Rebtel has created a pool of 2 million minutes to Pakistan and it is giving them all away to you.
- This promotion is applicable to both old and new customers.
- If you are still not a Rebtel customer, you still have a chance to register with them (create a free account) and make use of this promotion.
- You cannot use these free minutes to call any other country. (In the past, it has run other similar promotions.. viz.. Calling Nigeria using Rebtel). 
- You don't need any voucher code or deposits to avail this offer.
- This promotion is valid until the free minutes run out.
- To make this promotion fair, it has limited the calling to 400 minutes per user. This is to ensure that as many as possible can get a chance to make use of the giveaway.
- Though the number of minutes are restricted, however you can make as many calls as you would like.

How to Free 400 Minutes to Pakistan

For existing users
If you’ve ever called to Pakistan with Rebtel, or have a contact in your account with a Pakistan number, you don’t have to do anything. Simply call and start talking for free.

For new Users
- Sign up with Rebtel using this special link.
- Make use of first free call (just call anywhere in world)
- Add a contact in Pakistan
- Make free calls to Pakistan.

Making Calls with Rebtel

- Make PC to Phone Calls using their PC App
- Make use of smartphone application for iPhone, Android or Blackberry Mobiles
- Make use of local access numbers to make calls

The choice is yours. Certainly this is one of the best offers to make free calls to Pakistan. You should definitely not miss this amazing promotion.

This promotion has expired now.

Voipnow Callback Android | Voipnow Free Credit iPhone

If you are having a smartphone be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows based : using mobile voip you can make very cheap calls. And with so many mobile voip providers offering free calls or free test credit, you can very easily lower your phone bills!

We have already discussed about Viber, Tango Video Calls, Mobyler and today we discuss about Voipnow callback for Android. VoipNow Callback application gives you a possibility to phone at a low cost to you! Now you can make calls to any fixed-line and mobile phones, around the world, and it is very cheap! There is available a function of callback request over 3G/WiFi connection, and in that case all your calls become incoming calls.

So, even if you don't have high speed internet on your mobile, still you can make calls using callback method. Voipnow is offering $2 free calling credit to try its android based voip service. What’s more, you can get additional $3 for a simple comment and good rate in the Android Market. So with few simple steps you can get $5 credit.

1. Register with Voipnow. Download and install Voipnow on your android mobile.
2. Dial outbound number and wait for an incoming call.

Some of other Voipnow features :
  • Convenient refill: Visa / Mastercard / PayPal
  • Rate plans Economy : Premium
  • $2 for all new clients
  • Fastest technical support
  • Instant Registration
  • Per-second billing
  • Call Detail Records
  • Substitution of the CallerID
So all those having a android based mobile, should try Voipnow service!

How to transfer android apps from computer to phone

A lot many people are now switching to smartphones with many opting for Android based mobile phones over iPhone and Blackberry. And if you are having Android mobile and not trying and using various Android apps then you are not making most use of your mobile.

Android Market has now a good number of free android apps and some of them are really useful. However I still feel that searching the apps using your mobile phone in the android market and finding the right one is not that easy! This is one thing I like with Apple store (iPhone app market). Top apps, best apps, best free apps, close matches all things on your mobile and really fast.

But, finding the android apps on your PC is lot more easier task. Searching the Android App market on your computer is very easy task and you will find many useful apps straightaway! Also, when reading a review, reading blogs you come across many android apps which you want to try.

Android Market has a very good feature : Just visit the Android Market on your PC/Computer. Login with your gmail account. You will see that your mobile is already listed. You just need to click install on the android app of your choice. Yes, just click install on your Computer!
The next time your mobile is connected with Wifi or Gprs or 3G, the app will automatically get downloaded and installed on your Android Mobile. I guess this is really a good feature and very useful too.

Just try it out and you will like it.

For those who came looking for a solution to transfer apps from computer without wifi or internet connectivity on phone :
If you have an SD memory card you can connect your Android phone to the computer as USB Mass Storage device. After connecting the phone via USB pull down the notification bar, make sure that USB Debugging is turned on, tap on USB connected and select to Mount your SD card as storage. Two important things: Eject the device on your operating system and then hit Unmount on the Android phone before disconnecting the cable.

Google Voice International Call Forwarding by Keku

Many of our blog readers are using Google Voice voip service. If you are in USA, then Google Voice is a must have. The feature which Google Voice lacks is Call forwarding (international call forwarding). However wiLinkth the Keku voip service, you can achieve Google Voice call forwarding.
You just need to combine the two services.

So how to achieve Google Voice Call forwarding :
1. Register with Keku voip service. Create an account.
2. Add your Google Voice number in your Keku account.
3. Keku assigns a local number for each of your contact. As you need to forward your Google Voice calls, create a contact with your own number (cell phone) and choose a local access number nearby to your cell phone local area.
4. Log into your Google Voice account, go to settings, and click "Add another phone". Add the local access number you got from Keku here.
5. When anyone calls your Google Voice number, call will get forwarded to your Keku number. And this call will then forward to your cellphone.

For adding the number to your Google voice number, you need to verify it (Google Voice system will call you).

So how does international call forward work.

Suppose you are on international travel (say India) and have a new international number. Now you want that when people call your Google Voice number, the call gets forwarded to your international mobile number (India number).

Just your Keku account, go to the contact your created for Google Voice and click the edit at the top of the contact page. Just change your mobile number (previous) to your new international number.

This way whenever anyone calls you on Google Voice number, call will get forward to your international number.

Nimbuzz reaches 50 Million users

Nimuzz voip service, a free call & chat messaging software for your iPhone, Android, and Pc has hit 50 Million registered users. According to Nimbuzz official blog, it has added more than 28 million new users since july 1010 , with an amazing 100,000 new users every day.

Nimbuzz is a very popular IM client, as it supports Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, Google Talk, AIM, and others. In the past too, we have covered a tutorial on Nimbuzz SIP calls, that is how to configure Nimbuzz client to make SIP calls. Nimbuzz PC client is a great option for making SIP calls from PC.

With Microsoft taking over Skype and Fring also growing, it will be difficult for Nimbuzz to keep the growing rate. Nimbuzz writes on its blog "Our goal is to create a new experience for you so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. By doing this we hope to redefine the way users interact with their mobile social applications and pioneer a whole new app category".

It is really good to see that more and more people are switching to voip for making calls, rather free calls!

Dialsimple : Earn Credit and Make Free Calls

Dialsimple was reviewed on this blog in 2008 then we covered a post on Dialsimple n 2009. And again after two years we are discussing Dialsimple voip service. That time, Dialsimple was just another voip service offering competitive calling rates, however now Dialsimple offers a different way to make free calls.

Dialsimple now offers free calls by earning credit. No it does not offer Free trial credit, but yes it offers a way by which you can get free voip credit and make free calls.

Many voip providers offer free trial credit which can be used to make free calls, a few offer advertisement based voip calls, however a less popular but a working offer is to earn voip credit by completing some offers and make free calls.

Lets first talk about getting or rather earning voip credit from Dialsimple :
1. Register with Dialsimple, it takes just few minutes to create an account with Dialsimple. Yes you can register from any country in the world. And credit card is also not required!
2. Now earning credit : You just need to complete surveys and similar offer and you will get some free credit. These surveys depends on the country you are from. I tried from India and two offer offers were available (which did not required credit card). One was from Zynga and a similar offer for installing toolbar and sharing on facebook. So yes it works from India as well.
3. For USA people, many surveys are available.
4. When you have earned some credit, you can make free calls!

Some other Dialsimple Features :
  • Experience crystal clear voice.
  • Call from any Phone, any Network. Instant and PIN-less!
  • Pay ONLY for the minutes you talk, no other charges ever.
  • SIMPLEST ways to make calls - Regular Dialing, Speed Dialing.
  • Recharge directly over the phone or Auto recharge.
  • Dialsimpe, also offers free voicemail and voice messaging.
If you are using Dialsimple then please share your feedback with us!Link

Spokn SIP, review | Spokn app for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch

Today we will discuss about Spokn voip service and its application for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phones. The good thing about Spokn is that it can be used from UAE and other countries for making cheap voip international calls.

calling rate to India is around 2 cent per minute. Offcourse if you are from USA/Canada or any other country where Localphone and Rebtel works for you (PC to Phone will definitely work) then these are the best options.

It works with regular phones for free. Your friends can call you from their regular phones. Your friend has to dial local access number. On prompt they punch in your Spokn ID. If you are online, your dialer rings otherwise, they leave you a VMS (Voice message).

Spokn has an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Similarly Skopn provides an application for Mac users, Java app, Application for blackberry, Nokia & Windows mobile.

Spokn does not have an application for Android mobile but Spokn allows SIP calls, which in turn means that you can use Spokn on your Android mobile. Just configure Spokn SIP on your mobile (any SIP client like Fring!).

Spokn SIP settings :
  • SIP userid: (Your 7-digit Spokn ID)
  • SIP password: (Your Spokn password)
  • SIP server:
If you are using Spokn then please share your feedback with us.

Youtelo Calling Card : Unlimited Calls to Phillipines

Making calls to Phillipines is a costly deal. There are few voip provider like Rebtel which keep offering some good deals to Phillipines, but with others voip providers the calling rate is still high.
Today we will discuss about Youtelo calling card which is offering one plan with unlimited calls to Phillipines. The best part about Youtelo is, it is offering Free $1 trial credit which can be used to call any country!

First lets talk about registering with Youtelo to get free $1 credit :
1. Visit Youtelo and sign up for a new account. You need to provide a valid email address and phone number. Youtelo will send an activation link to your mail address.
2. After verifying, you will get password as SMS.
3. You will get free $1 credit to make free calls.

Now to make calls using Youtelo, you just need to input your international destination number. You will be provided with a local number (just like Rebtel service). Dial this local number, your call will be connected to your destination. Please note that you will be charged for your local call depending on your telecom provider.

Now lets talk about the Youtelo unlimited calling card to Phillipines :
YouTelo's $5 Bayani Unlimited Card.
You get 24 Hours Of Unlimited Calling To Any Two PLDT Numbers In The Philippines!

Features of Youtelo unlimited plan to Phillipines :
  • Only $5
  • Premium Call Quality
  • Network in the Philippines Provided By PLDT
  • From Any Phone in the US (landline or mobile)
  • Share Your Bayani Card With Friends and Family
  • Get Two FREE For Every Friend You Refer

Most other Philippines calling cards give less than 30 minutes for $5. So, probably Youtelo unlimited calls to Phillipines is a good plan and worth trying!

Cheap Calls to Pakistan | Thai | Iranian | South Africa | Spain Mobile

With the massive rate drop by Localphone, making calls to India, Pakistan, Thailand, Iran, South Africa Mobile is now more cheap. One of the leading voip provider Localphone has reduced its calling rates to many countries.

I don't think we need to describe much about Localphone. It offers very cheap rates, good call quality, no expiry of calling credit, first call free & best part is that you can register with Localphone with as low as $1. That's not all, it also offers Localphone voucher code with extra bonus credit.

Localphone June 2011 Voucher Code : LP2011JUN15
This will begin on 00:00 GMT on 1st June 2011 and expire at 23:59 GMT on 30th June 2011.)
15% Free credit on First Order.

Localphone has reduced as high as 50% off to some countries. Following is the localphone rate reduction :
  • 51% off calls to Pakistani landlines and mobiles
  • 12% off calls to Thai mobiles
  • 9% off calls to Iranian mobiles
  • 28% off calls to South African landlines
  • 32% off calls to Spanish mobiles
Lets see the localphone calling rates to these countries :
Calls to Pakistan Mobile & Landline : 3.9 cents per minute.
Calls to Thailand Mobile & Landline : 1.5 cents per minutes.
Calls to Iran Landline : 6.9 cents per minute.
Calls to South Africa Landline : 2.9 cents per minute.

These offer have made Localphone worth trying. Try Localphone now!

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


Voxtrot Android App | Voxtrot for iPhone | Voxtrot Free Calls

Making Free Calls on your Android Phone has become so easy. With the smartphones taking over the mobile market, the day is not far when all your calls will be free. How ? Using Voip!
Yes, you can use voip in your mobile : Mobile voip to make free calls on your smartphone be it Android based, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPad, Android Tabs, or Nokia based. Today we discuss another such app for making free calls on your mobile : Voxtrox. Voxtrot for Android and very soon Voxtrot for iPhone, Voxtrot for Blackberry!

Just like Whatsapp Messenger is for making text SMS, Voxtrot is a app for making free mobile to mobile using voip. Voxtrot is a free mobile network.

Here the best part about Voxtrot :
Voxtrot is a super easy to use service - no need to create new username or add contacts again. Voxtrot use your phone number as your ID and your phonebook as your contactlist.

That simply means, you just have to install Voxtrot in your Android Mobile and it does the rest part itself. You get registered with your mobile number as ID, when you start the application. All your contacts using Voxtrot will be shown in your contact list. And when you call your friend using Voxtrot your call will be free!

You just require internet on your phone. It works great on Wifi or 3G!

Presently Voxtrot is avialable for Android devices : You can search it in the app store (Android Market). Voxtrot people say that they are working on Voxtrot for iPhone and it will be available very soon. That means it will work as a cross platform application for make free calls over different platforms.

Another good thing about Voxtrot is that you don't even have to open the app to make calls. All the contacts which have voxtrot installed will automatically be called using Voxtrot. This makes the application very easy to use. You don't even have to pay any attention and you make all your calls as you normally do. Since all your calls are placed using Voxtrot, your phone bill potentially can go to zero!!

Voxtrot for PC is something which Voxtrot people also have to be considered. This way users will be able to make free Pc to Phone calls as well. Then only Voxtrot will be total cross platform application.

Vtok : Gtalk Video calls, voice calls and text chat

Looking for a solution to make Gtalk Video Calls or Gtalk Voice calls using your iPhone or Android Phone ? We all have been using Gtalk on our Pc for Video Chat or Voice chat, however Gtalk on mobile does not support Voice or Video calls! Sometime back we discussed about Fring coupled with your Gmail account for making voice and video calls, but today we will discuss about another such app which enables to do Gtalk Video Chat or Gtalk Voice chat on mobile. allow free voice and video calls with our Google Talk contacts. Vtok is available for Mac as well as Windows. Vtok on mobile is available for both iPhone and Android Users. Yeah, works on iPad and Android Tab as well.

Vtok does not require to sign up, it just uses your Google account. Vtok works good on 3G or Wifi! And yes, it allows calls to other Vtok or Gtalk users. You can call to your friend on Pc using Vtok on Mobile. This way make Pc to Phone Calls or Phone to Pc calls!

Install Vtok in your mobile, Just sign into the app using your Google (gmail) username and password and start calling your gmail contacts.

Vtok is supported on iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPad2, the 4th generation iPod touch (with a front facing camera) and all Android phones running OS version 2.1 or later. Vtok is a cross platform app. You can choose between front and back camera on your device.

Please note that Vtok is an independent application that inter operates with Google video chat and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google.

Zadarma Bonus : Free SIP Credit to make SIP Calls

Few days back, we posted about Zadarma : a voip provider offering free trial credit to make free international calls. I hope many of our blog readers must have made use of this offer to make free calls, however as Zadarma offered only 20-50 cents as trial credit so your calls would not have last long! But don't worry Zadarma has a new promotion in which it is offering free $14 trial credit.

As stated in the previous post, Zadarma offers Free SIP calls (Server : You can use Zadarma on your Android, iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry to make free calls. Now lets see how can you use Zadarma promotional offer to get upto $14 free trial credit.

1. First you need to have a Zadarma account. Check this post about Free Trial credit from Zadarma and register with them.
2.Then you need is a facebook account (which I assume most of you have).
3. Visit Zadarma Facebook page.
4. On the left column, you will see Zadarma Bonus. Just click that! You should be getting a code. Just make note of it.
5. Go to your Zadarma account, and enter the gift code you got on Facebook page. (My account --> Pay --> Add Money).
6. You will see the additional bonus credit from Zadarma.

Now the question is how much credit will you get from Zadarma :
1. You have less than 500 facebook friends, you will get $3 credit.
2. You have Facebook friends greater than 500 less then 1000, you get $7.
3. Ahh you have more than 1000 friends, you get $14 credit.

Actually, Zadarma is simple promotion its voip service on facebook and to promote its service : Zadarma is offering free credit to facebook users.

PS : If you are looking for very cheap calls to India, then try Rebtel 100% bonus code.

Whatsapp Tutorial | Whatsapp for Blackberry, Android, iPhone Application | Descargar

Mobile text messaging is something which has become essential part of our life now. Chatting with friends on PC is getting old and what's favorable is chatting or texting on mobile. Off course you are charged by your telecom provider for text sms. And if the friend to whom you want to send SMS is in another country, then you will be charged heavily for international messages. Getting all this for free is the best deal you can get : and yes this is all possible with Whatsapp Messenger!

I guess many our of blog readers may already be using Whatsapp Messenger. Please note that the application became so popular that Facebook has purchased this application for a whooping $19 billion. But the ones who have not used Whatsapp messenger then just read on. This new application completely replaces the conventional method of sending SMS. Whatsapp Messenger enables you to message international text free of charge on smartphones using internet facility, your data plan!

Whats best about Whatsapp is that its a cross platform based instant messenger client for mobile phone. Whatsapp Messenger is for your Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPhone, Android Tab and even available for Nokia Mobiles. Whatsapp application is available for all these devices.

Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. And yes I have been using Whatsapp on my Android Mobile, trust me its awesome. Infact I have installed Whatsapp on my computer as well, so in short I am chatting with my friends all the time. 

How is Whatsapp different from regular SMS service ?
SMS service usually have limitation of 160 characters per message (depending upon the carrier).
Whatsapp has no such limit. SMS messages route through your regular telecom provider, no internet connectivity required to use SMS service. Whatsapp messages are routed through data plan basically it uses internet connectivity. You will be charged for sending SMS (per SMS basis). Whatsapp messages are free!

How is Whatsapp different from Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or other IM!

All the messenger services require you to add contacts, they have the concepts of being online when sending messages. Though free, but many lack group chat or broadcasting messages!

More about Whatsapp : You just need to install the app. No need to add any contacts. All those your phone contacts (yes your mobile contacts) who have whatsapp installed on their phone will automatically be shown in your Whatsapp buddy list. Its so simple that you just need to install it, rest you will know automatically. Connecting of Whatsapp is based on phone numbers just like SMS messaging.

Another good thing about Whatsapp is that just like SMS message, you can send the message even if your friend is offline. Message will be sent to server and it will get delivered when your friend gets online.

On which mobiles (Smartphones) does Whatsapp work ?
WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other.

Download Whatsapp on your SmartPhone

Whatsapp for iPhone: Download Link : It can be used on iPhone. To use Whatsapp on iPhone you need iOS 3.1 or later. Regarding using Whatsapp on iPad and iPhone touch, we will blog soon.

Whatsapp for Nokia: It works on Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition or Symbian3 Operating System.

Whatsapp for Android: Download Link : Donut and above it works : Android OS 2.1 or above! Works great on Froyo.

Whatsapp for BlackBerry: Download Link : It works on BlackBerry OS 4.5 or above with BlackBerry Internet Service or BLackBerry Enterprise Service.

Whatsapp for Windows Mobile : Download Link : Whatsapp application can work on windows based mobiles as well. So if you are having Nokia Lumia phones, you should be able to use this app to send free messages.

Distinguishing features of Whatsapp Messenger

- Group Chat with Whatsapp Messenger : You on your Android, your friends using Whatsapp on their iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia!
- Broadcast Message : Send a joke to a list of friends!
- Multimedia Message for Free : Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
- Free Whatsapp Service : One year free. After first year, a nominal charges of about $0.99-$1.99/per year. But yes, first year free.
- No charges for SMS : No charges for messages, it just uses data plan connectivity! Basically you just require data (internet) plan on your phone. Works with Wifi!
- No Usernames required : Contacts added based on mobile number. No need for you to add any contacts, the process is automated.
- Status : Just like other IM!
- Offline Messages : Does not require to remain connected to internet all the time.

Its time for you to try Whatsapp on your mobile. If you are facing any problems regarding whatsapp, any questions regarding Whatsapp : just share in the comment section. We will try to answer them all!

Maimepin : Free Calling From US to Anywhere

Though limited calls of limited duration, but still Maimepin free trial credit allows you to make free calling from US to Uk, India, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Singapore or any part of world. Using Maimepin simply call from USA to anywhere in the world.

Maimepin is a voip provider offering cheap international calls from US. Its a simple similar calling card service. But the good thing about Maimepin is : its free trial credit. Maimepin is offering free credit worth $1 to test their service. This $1 credit will last about 50 minutes to India as its calling rate to India is about 2cent per minute.

Have you tried Rebtel Voucher Code : with 100% bonus (Presently one of the best offers in the market) ?

To get your free 1$ credit with Maimepin, just register with them. However you are required to register with your US number. Great if you are in USA, else you can enjoy free calls by registering with your virtual US number (the one which you can easily get from other voip services). After completing registration, a free credit of $1 will be added to your account. No credit card required, no string attached, no contract signed

You can call to anywhere for a $1 free trial (upto 100 minutes for a country rate of 1c/min) via local access number. Once receiving a prompt message, please enter 011 followed by your destination country code and phone number (011 + Country code + Phone number).

Calling rate shown on does not include the rate calling from your phone to's local access number.

Some Maimepin features :
1. Simple rate with no additional fees, no strange minute rounding, no expiration dates, and no gimmick.
2. You can setup telephone numbers that you dial often for your account. That way, when you call you only have to press the speed dial code followed by the pound key (#).
3. Easy and convenient. No PIN to remember and never dial a PIN number again as we remember you. Just dial local access number and then your destination number.

I would suggest you to register with Maimepin, try your Free $1 free credit. If you like the service, then you may continue with it. However as its calling rate are not so cheap as compared to the current ones in the market, you may switch to some other voip provider.
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