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Dialsimple : Earn Credit and Make Free Calls

Dialsimple was reviewed on this blog in 2008 then we covered a post on Dialsimple n 2009. And again after two years we are discussing Dialsimple voip service. That time, Dialsimple was just another voip service offering competitive calling rates, however now Dialsimple offers a different way to make free calls.

Dialsimple now offers free calls by earning credit. No it does not offer Free trial credit, but yes it offers a way by which you can get free voip credit and make free calls.

Many voip providers offer free trial credit which can be used to make free calls, a few offer advertisement based voip calls, however a less popular but a working offer is to earn voip credit by completing some offers and make free calls.

Lets first talk about getting or rather earning voip credit from Dialsimple :
1. Register with Dialsimple, it takes just few minutes to create an account with Dialsimple. Yes you can register from any country in the world. And credit card is also not required!
2. Now earning credit : You just need to complete surveys and similar offer and you will get some free credit. These surveys depends on the country you are from. I tried from India and two offer offers were available (which did not required credit card). One was from Zynga and a similar offer for installing toolbar and sharing on facebook. So yes it works from India as well.
3. For USA people, many surveys are available.
4. When you have earned some credit, you can make free calls!

Some other Dialsimple Features :
  • Experience crystal clear voice.
  • Call from any Phone, any Network. Instant and PIN-less!
  • Pay ONLY for the minutes you talk, no other charges ever.
  • SIMPLEST ways to make calls - Regular Dialing, Speed Dialing.
  • Recharge directly over the phone or Auto recharge.
  • Dialsimpe, also offers free voicemail and voice messaging.
If you are using Dialsimple then please share your feedback with us!Link

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