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How to transfer android apps from computer to phone

A lot many people are now switching to smartphones with many opting for Android based mobile phones over iPhone and Blackberry. And if you are having Android mobile and not trying and using various Android apps then you are not making most use of your mobile.

Android Market has now a good number of free android apps and some of them are really useful. However I still feel that searching the apps using your mobile phone in the android market and finding the right one is not that easy! This is one thing I like with Apple store (iPhone app market). Top apps, best apps, best free apps, close matches all things on your mobile and really fast.

But, finding the android apps on your PC is lot more easier task. Searching the Android App market on your computer is very easy task and you will find many useful apps straightaway! Also, when reading a review, reading blogs you come across many android apps which you want to try.

Android Market has a very good feature : Just visit the Android Market on your PC/Computer. Login with your gmail account. You will see that your mobile is already listed. You just need to click install on the android app of your choice. Yes, just click install on your Computer!
The next time your mobile is connected with Wifi or Gprs or 3G, the app will automatically get downloaded and installed on your Android Mobile. I guess this is really a good feature and very useful too.

Just try it out and you will like it.

For those who came looking for a solution to transfer apps from computer without wifi or internet connectivity on phone :
If you have an SD memory card you can connect your Android phone to the computer as USB Mass Storage device. After connecting the phone via USB pull down the notification bar, make sure that USB Debugging is turned on, tap on USB connected and select to Mount your SD card as storage. Two important things: Eject the device on your operating system and then hit Unmount on the Android phone before disconnecting the cable.

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